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Burlington Library Association

Regular Meeting Minutes

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Annual Meetings

March 8, 2017

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Ed Krewalk, Mary Ann Labadia, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Kristen Williams.

2. Correspondence
2a. Letter from Main Street Foundation to acknowledge our receipt of $800.
2b. Announcement of meeting of Regional Friends in Farmington on March 21.

3. Acceptance of February 8, 2017 Minutes as corrected.
3a. Motion to accept the minutes by Georgia, second by Sandy Hierl, unanimous.

4. Treasurer's Report.
4a. Budget spreadsheet presented by Sandy Mazeau.
4e. Motion to accept the treasurer's report by Georgia, second by Kristen, unanimous.

5. Library Board and Directors Report
5a. Working on the summer reading program.
5b. Downs construction has accepted bids from subcontractors for the renovations and is reviewing them.

6. Review of Bylaws
6a. Having reviewed the revised bylaws, motion to approve by Mary Ann Labadia, second by Sandy Mazeau,
vote was unanimous.

7. Membership
7a. A letter will be sent by Pat Miller for the annual membership renewal drive.
7b. The annual meeting will be held on Friday, May 19 at 6:30 PM. Location to be determined.

8. Fundraising
8a. Capital campaign. General discussion of how to proceed.

9. Old Business
9a. Review of insurance coverage for Directors.

10. New Business
10a. None.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

February 8, 2017
1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy
Hierl, Ed Krewalk, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small.
2. Correspondence
2a. Letter from Marie thanking the BLA for financial assistance with the new website.
2b. Advertisement for a “Declutter Your Life” program.
3. Acceptance of January 11, 2017 Minutes as corrected.
3a. Motion to accept the minutes by Georgia, second by Sandy Hierl, unanimous.
4. Treasurer’s Report.
4a. Sandy Mazeau presented a spreadsheet listing assets totaling $134,555.93 and approved expenditures of
4b. Sandy presented a spreadsheet with the proposed 2017 budget. Given the upcoming renovation of the library,
expenditures are not known exactly.
4c. Capital campaign letter would be sent out after the final building estimate is received.
4d. Main Street wants to know if we want the annual distribution of $800. Motion by Pat Small, second by Georgia,
unanimous to accept the money.
4e. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Pat Small, second by Sandy Hierl, unanimous.
5. Library Board and Directors Report
5a. Blog has been updated with a map of the proposed renovations.
5b. State budget means that the State will be providing less money to Burlington, which will mean less money to the
5c. Library is considering receiving mail here instead of at the post office.
5d. Summer programs: Laurie Meheran reports that we have received 2 months of donated gymnastics classes and a
free month of children’s art programs in 2017. Theme this summer is “Build a Better World” for all ages. Intent
is to involve children in raising additional funds for the renovation while earning prizes for reading. Requests
that the BLA investigate having a paypal reader available during events for immediate donations, and also the
option for repeating donations (monthly/yearly). Set a goal with a “thermometer” showing amount raised.
6. Membership
6a. Members seem to like changing to “$25, $50, $100, other” donation levels, without labels plus a “life”
membership at $300. Motion by Pat Small for new envelopes and website membership page without membership
levels other than “life” and suggested donations of $25, $50, $100, and other, with $300 for life. All donations
result in becoming a member. Second by Sandy Hierl.
6b. Pat Miller wants to clean up the donation envelopes by removing donation categories. BLA members suggest
that people may want to designate use of donations. Perhaps “Please use my donation for: Greatest Need__, or
Specifically for ____”.
6c. Annual meeting must be published at least 5 days in advance. This can be accomplished by posting a notice on
the BLA website and Facebook page.
7. Review of Bylaws
7a. Made a final review of suggested modifications and will make a decision at the March meeting.
8. Fundraising
8a. No action.
9. Old Business
9a. None.
10. New Business
10a. Tavern day planning meeting is February 22
Meeting adjourned at 3:27 pm.
Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

January 11, 2017

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Kristen Williams, Nancy Winter.

2. Correspondence
2a. None

3. Acceptance of December 14, 2016 Minutes as corrected.
3a. Amazon payments were only $543.67 through December.
3b. Motion to accept the corrected minutes by Sandy Hierl, second by Pat Small, unanimous.

4. Treasurer’s Report.
4a. Sandy filed the tax reports.
4b. December 2016 numbers provided.
4c. Noted that we received a $2,500 donation from the OMAM Charitable Foundation
4d. Discussion of budget for 2017
4e. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Nancy Winter, second by Bill, unanimous.

5. Library Board and Directors Report
5a. Downes Construction Co. will be in charge of the new building, with work proposed to start by April 1.
5b. Library website funding has come in from the Burlington Community Fund ($1,000), and the Parker Trust ($4,000). Marie is asking the BLA to assist. Motion by Jon Schwartz, second by Sandy Hierl, to grant up to an additional $2,000 to the library to hire Brown Bear to replace the website. Vote unanimous.

6. Fundraising
6a. Next capital campaign fundraising meeting will be held next Wednesday.
6b. Request from Burlington Historical Society if the BLA wants to join them in fundraising. Apparently they have lost tax free standing, so BLA declines.

7. Membership
7a. Discussed changing membership levels based on donation or eliminating levels. Envelopes to be changed to read $25, $50, $100, $200, $500 = life, other? Discussed a plaque for capital campaign donors.

8. Review of Bylaws
8a. To be continued.

9. Old Business
9a. None.

10. New Business
10a. Annual meeting scheduled for May 19 at 6:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

December 14, 2016

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Nancy Monahan, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Kristen Williams, Nancy Winter.

2. Correspondence
a. Letter from a donor.

3. Acceptance of Minutes
a. Noted that Pat Miller was NOT going to register with Giving Tuesday. Changed from 'Minutes of Annual Meeting" to 'Minutes of Regular Meeting'. Motion to accept November 9, 2016 minutes (as corrected) by Nancy Monahan, second by Nancy Winter, unanimous.

4. Treasurer's Report
a. Reported by Sandy Mazeau. We are ahead of last year in contributions. Year-end letters helped. Fewer people donated larger amounts.
b. There will not be a dollar amount assigned to the building campaign until we get more information about the cost of the new building.
c. Made $544 from book sales on Amazon in 2016.
d. Motion to accept the report by Pat Small, second Sandy Hierl. Vote unanimous.

5. Library Board and Director's Report
a. Marie provided the activity calendar for December and January.
b. The library will be removing DSL internet service and will use a grant from the State Library to get fiber optics. There will be a $2,000/year fee involved.
c. Marie will be presenting the new budget to Town Hall next week.
d. Getting closer to signing a contract with Downes Construction. Must sign by January 28 or lose the grant.
e. TAC group is interested in setting up a pancake breakfast.

6. Fund Raising
a. Nancy Winter suggests connecting the Cook the Book activity with fundraising.
b. Pat Small inquired about a spring newsletter with donation envelopes. Noted that because of the anticipated building there is not much to include in a separate newsletter, so might combine with capital campaign request.
c. Discussion of how to get people to open the mailer.
d. Discussion of setting up a GoFundMe page.
e. Discussion of having an 'Art Night' and other activity-related fundraisers.

7. Membership
a. Discussion re: honorary life memberships.
b. Pat Miller attended a meeting about increasing membership. Noted that members must be contacted, and people must be thanked for any assistance, monetary or not. Idea of not including membership levels when fundraising increased the amount donated as people gave what they wanted instead of what was requested.

8. Review of Bylaws
a. Suggested that Board of Directors will vote on the budget annually in January.
b. Discussion will continue.

9. Old Business
a. School house sign. The town has offered to assist.

10. New Business
a. None

Meeting adjourned at 3:25 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

November 9, 2016

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Mary Ann Labadia, Pat Miller, Nancy Monahan, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Anne Walluk, Nancy Winter, guest Kristin Williams

2. Correspondence
a. None.

3. Acceptance of Minutes
a. Motion to accept of September 14, 2016 minutes as corrected by Sandy Hierl, second by Nancy Winter, unanimous.
b. Review of October notes, no quorum.

4. Treasurer's Report
a. Treasurer Sandy Mazeau not present.
b. Total income is $1,472 over last year at this time.
c. $300 has been received and added to Children's Program designated fund.
d. Added one new life member.
e. Deposited $675 from the food sale and added to Bake Sale income.
f. Total donors to date are 131 vs. 197 at year end 2015.
g. Vanguard Funds have earned 5.22% so far.
h. Motion to approve the report by Bill Butler, second by Nancy Monahan, vote unanimous.

5. Library Board and Director's Report
a. Fundraising for TAC, discussed insurance for selling items off library grounds.
b. Met with Burlington Community Fund for funding for new website. Additional funding might come from community businesses.
c. Expansion is still in review for code compliance. April 1st is still expected to be groundbreaking.

6. Fund Raising
a. Sue Grant: One Dish Wonder Sale brought in $675. Sue's expenses were $157.64. Forty-four casseroles were donated by 27 persons and all items were sold at $15 each. Sue recommends scheduling on same day as children's program.
b. Giving Tuesday, November 29. How to contact members. Post on social media. Pat Miller is going through the process of registering. Discussion of using BLA web site to make donations using PayPal.

7. Membership
a. Problem of getting new members and keeping track of them. Motion to donate honorary life membership to Alice Taricani and Delores Ravenscroft by Sandy Hierl for services to the library, second by Mary Ann Labadia, vote unanimous.

8. Review of Bylaws
a. Include (dba Friends of the Library). Property should refer to "use and management of its physical and intellectual property". Reduce number of mandatory meetings to only one per year. Reduce number of signatures for large checks.

9. Old Business
a. None

10. New Business
a. None

Meeting adjourned at 3:25 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary


ATTENDANCE: P. Miller, S. Hierl, M.A. Labadia, L. Berton, E. Krewalk, G. Riberdy, M. Hasskarl, Guests: Sue Grant, Sara LoPresti


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:34 by President Pat Miller. At that time it was noted we did not have a quorum present and could not conduct any official business.

CORRESPONDENCE: Marie shared an email from FOCL and clarified how FOCL gets current board information. Len indicated he takes care of this.

MINUTES: We did not approve minutes due to lack of quorum.

TREASURER’S REPORT: There was no official report, but Sandy Mazeau did send Pat Miller the following information: Year to date we have raised $18,506.44 (same time last year $17,494.07); Memorial donations $1050; Contributors 128 (197 last year); Vanguard up 6.9%. A copy of the treasurer’s report will be sent with the agenda prior to meetings so members can review in advance.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT AND BOLD: An application was sent to the Burlington Community Fund to help with the funding for a new website. The interview will be held Thursday, October 13. The application for the new building permit is currently being reviewed by a code compliance officer. Anticipated groundbreaking is April 1. At the November BOLD meeting the slate of officers Sandy Mazeau, President; Sandra Hierl, Vice President; Jodi Kryzanski, Secretary; Craig Winter, Treasurer will be presented for approval.

FUNDRAISING: Sara LoPresti proposed developing and selling calendars with photos of sunsets outside the library. She would need $694.99 for 100 calendars. A discussion was held, but no vote could be taken. The biggest concerns were the short time to sell 100 calendars and the upfront cost. Sara also indicated that the TAC group would like to help raise funds for the teen room. No decisions have been made as to the type of fundraisers, but we assured her that TAC could designate any funds they raise to be used for the teen room exclusively. It was suggested that the TAC representative to BOLD also inform that board that the teens would like to raise funds for their room. Pat Miller indicated that so far Georgia Riberdy and Sandy Hierl have volunteered to serve on the fundraising committee. Marie will also be a part of the effort. She needs more volunteers.

MEMBERSHIP: FOCL November 19 fall meeting topic: Growing Your Membership. Pat Miller and Georgia to attend. Let Pat know if you are interested in joining them.

REVIEW OF BYLAWS: Some changes were suggested to Len’s proposal. He will make changes and send out a revised proposal.

TAVERN DAY: Mary Ann reported that the day went well. $24 was raised from the sale of books, and more than 70 magnets were made. She had some suggestions for future events including having better signage with times of performances, more highlighting of BLA, and bags for the crafts. She thanked all volunteers.

ONE DISH WONDER: Sue Grant reported on progress. She ordered pans and bags, made labels, and instruction sheets, and has those and sign up sheets by the front desk. She has volunteers for both set up and coverage on Saturday. If anyone else would like to help set up 11/4 2-4, or at the sale 11/5 beginning at 9 a.m., let Sue or Pat Miller know.

Sue is currently working on signs. There was a motion by Sandy Hierl, seconded by Georgia Riberdy to allow Sue up to $125 to pay for the necessary signs. Pat Miller will conduct an email vote if needed. SUE NEEDS MORE PEOPLE TO MAKE CASSEROLES. PLEASE VOLUNTEER.


Submitted by Sandy Hierl

September 14, 2016

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:35 PM by Pat Miller. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Ed Krewalk, Mary Ann Labadia, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, guest Sue Grant
2. Correspondence
News of Southington library.
3. Acceptance of August 10, 2016 Minutes
Motion by Pat Small to approve, second by Georgia, vote unanimous.
4. Treasurer's Report
Donations have increased this year.
Motion to approve Treasurer's Report by Sandy Hierl, second Mary Ann Labadia, vote unanimous.
5. Library Board and Director's Report
Marie will be at Tavern Day with other volunteers. Anticipated date to start construction will be in the
spring. Marie has created applications for support from Main Street and other foundations. TAC
members have been very active this summer, and have submitted suggestions for the teen room of the
new library.
6. Review of Bylaws
Sandy Mazeau reports that a group has met with Main Street about what might happen should the
Friends disband. Subject to review by their lawyers, Main Street could take over the funds, with the understanding that the money would be turned over should a new Friends group be formed. Bylaws need to be modified to allow flexibility with meetings and to allow for a satisfactory handling of the money should the BLA cease to exist. Members are requested to review the bylaws to discuss at October meeting.
7. Membership
Problem of getting new members and keeping track of them.
8. Fund Raising
Pat Miller suggests sending out a letter once construction starts. Ground-breaking ceremony can
provide an opportunity for publicity and fund-raising. Volunteers wanted for a fund-raising committee
to come up with ways to cover the costs not included in the renovation. Possible "Love Your Library" day in
9. Old Business
a. Tavern Day
Mary Ann reports progressing well. BLA will be in front of the Center Schoolhouse.
b. Casserole sale
Sue Grant will be in charge of the one-dish casserole sale on November 5. She is hoping for 70
donations. Needs volunteers, coolers, cold packs, and would like to have a flyer for Tavern Day
c. School house sign
No action to report.
10. New Business
Meeting adjourned at 3:22 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

AUGUST 10, 2016

Call to order: 1:30 p.m. Len Berton, Vice-President

Attendance: Anne Walluk, Len Berton, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Mazeau, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Ed Krewalk, Nancy Monahan, Bill Butler, Georgia Riberdy, Mary Ann Labadia

Election of Officers: Slate: Pat Miller, President, Len Berton, Vice-President, Sanford Mazeau, Treasurer; Jon Schwartz, Secretary. A motion to approve the new slate of officers was made by Pat Small and 2nd by Anne Walluk. Approved.
Following the election, Pat chaired the remainder of the meeting.

Secretary's Minutes: A motion to approve the April, 20, 2016 minutes was made by Pat Small and 2nd by Ed Krewalk. Approved.

Treasurer: Names have been changed at the Torrington Savings Bank to reflect the new officers. Miller, Berton and Winter are now approved as check signers. Donations envelopes to go in BLA mail box. Liane Walker to send thank you letters for donations. Sandy reviewed the budget and a motion to approve the budget by Nancy Monahan and 2nd by Pat Small. Approved.

Webmaster: One-hour signup slots for Tavern Day for BLA in front of the schoolhouse are set up on Sign-Up Genius. Berton will send link to the Board requesting signups.

Director's report: Two new Jr. Library Assistants have been hired and will be splitting the hours. The plan for a basement in the new addition has been dropped, however, there will still be 2 exits out of the present basement. There was a discussion regarding a new library web-site, one that will be user friendly for the staff. The town hall is having a new web-site built but it cannot fit the needs of the Library. Would a Main St. grant cover the $6,000.00 needed? Who would maintain the website? Lots of questions for now. A wish was made for a new service desk in the new addition and a discussion ensued, Bill Butler suggesting that the friends could make that a goal for our fund raising or using one of our funds could pay for it.

Old Business: Red School House: Pat Small talked about the school house having a new door, windows and new locks. Tavern Day: This is scheduled on September 18th from 10:00 to 4:00, which is 1 week later than previous years. Signup will be for 1 hour shifts. There will be a Friends of the Library table with a signup sheet for email addresses. A craft, make a word with scrabble tiles on a magnetic strip. Free bookmarks and newsletters. Mary Ann Labadia is liaison person.

New Business: Pat Miller proposed three goals: 1.) We need to recruit new members. 2.) Change and improve some of the bylaws. 3.) Form a committee to create new ideas for fundraising.
Regarding the Bylaws: do we want to continue to have 8 meetings a year? The bylaws now read that a member must not miss 3 consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse. May the board make changes via email? Have new officers begin their terms starting August 1st? Everyone should read the bylaws on the website and report on changes you wish to propose for the next meeting. In October or November there will be a casserole table, and volunteers are needed. The Board of Directors directory will be updated by Len and everyone will receive a copy.

Next meeting will be September 14th at 1:30.

Nancy Monahan,
Substitute Secretary for Jon Schwartz

MEETING April 20, 2016

Call to order: 1:40 p.m. Ann Walluk, President

Attendance: Anne Walluk, Len Berton, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Mazeau, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Ed Krewalk, Nancy Winter, Nancy Monahan, Bill Butler.

Correspondence: Books for Babies, $175 Program ordered from United for Libraries.

Secretary: A motion to approve the March, 2016 minutes was approved as amended by Len Berton and seconded by Pat Small.

Treasurer: Discussion about the Parker Trust being on the Proposed Resolutions. Sandy to remove for the time being. State Tax was filed. Budget was approved by Nancy Winter's motion, seconded by Pat Miller.
   A discussion was held regarding the bulk mailing permit at the post office in Farmington, renewing it, or using the New Hartford printer's permit. It was decided to continue with the post office as we don't know the future of the printing company.

Webmaster: Notice of the Annual Meeting will be on the BLA and library websites and on Facebook.

Library Board and Director's report: June 15th is the projected start date with Downes Construction Company for the expansion. Nothing is definite.
   Budget Requests: Requests increased from 19 to 24 hours for the teen director and the custodian from 10 to 20 hours from the town budget.
   Exercise is the theme for the Summer Program. Discussion for a sign for a traveling program was put on hold for the time being.
   Discussion regarding ancestry.com continuing. Cost is $1050 per year, possibility that we might be able to draw from the History Room budget to defray part of the cost.
   Connecticut State Library Connection is changing to allow no more than 5 holds at a time.

Old Business: Pat Small talked about the expense for the sign for the school house. There will be a plate with lettering to hang on posts already there at the school.

  After discussion, Bill Butler made a motion to keep the meeting time as is due to conflicts with driving at night and other obligations. Sandy Mazeau seconded and it passed.

The Annual Meeting is May 20, 2016. Ed Krewalk is in charge of refreshments. The Board is to meet at 6:30 p.m. and there is no program, so a social will be first followed by a short meeting.

New Business: A discussion was held about requesting a wish list on Library needs for the new expansion. Pat Miller and Pat Small will draft a letter before the annual meeting to the Library Board asking that they create a wish list so that we can respond with what items we can purchase for the project.
   Anne Walluk announced her retirement as president of the Friends and from the Board, and read the attached letter. We thank her for all her efforts all these years and appreciate what she has done for the organization and the library. However, that does mean that we have the presidency open, and if no one comes forward, the Friends of the Library may have to be disbanded.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 pm.
Nancy Monahan
Acting secretary

March 9, 2016

A. Call to order by Len Berton. Welcome visitor Kristen Williams. Present were members Len Berton, Marie Spratlin-Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Sandy Mazeau, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Ed Krewalk, Liane Walker, Mary Ann Labadia. Absent: Bill Butler, Nancy Winter, Nancy Monahan, Anne Walluk, Jonathan Schwartz

B. Correspondence
Thank You note received from the late Marie Purcell's family
Thank You email from Nancy Winter was forwarded to the board last week

C. Corrections and Approval of Secretary's Minutes of February 10, 2016
Motion to accept minutes by Pat Miller, second by Sandy Hierl. Vote unanimous.

D. Treasurer's Report: Sandy Mazeau
D1. An anonymous donation was made of $5,500 for children's books.
D2. $955 has been received in memory of Marie Purcell.
D3. $7,500 is estimate of a reasonable amount to put in the 2016 final budget for spending from the various designated funds we currently hold.
D4. Discussion on the use of Parker Trust for outdoor patio.
D5. It was decided that Main Street's $580 distribution will be taken and put into the general budget. Motion by Pat Small, second by Pat Miller. Approved.
D6. Motion by Sandy Hierl, second by Pat Miller to accept treasurer's report

E. Library Board and Directors report - Marie S.
E1. The Downes Construction Company has been selected as Construction Manager for Library Building. Breaking ground possible in May.
E2. Budget request includes 3 more staff members, increase in Sara's hours and $40,000 for books.
E3. Marie discussed the proposed cuts to the state budget which could affect the CED/Internet/Fiber Optic costs received from the state. Marie will check into connecting with Fiber Optic plan used elsewhere in town, and also Comcast as a possible provider.
E4. $1815 from Friends is supporting the Summer Reading Programs. March and April Calendar for Library Programs are available.
E5. Artist Karen Rossi has volunteered to make Alphabet Tiles with residents for possible use on Patio stairs. Discussion to use this as a Fund Raiser.

F. Old Business
F1. Annual Meeting will be held in Library, May, 20, 2016 at 7:00. The Tavern is the second option depending on building schedule. Annual Meeting food/drink will be chaired by Ed Krewalk. Plans for Library and status report will be presented.
F2. Pat Small received town approval for replacing the Red School House sign.
Discussion, using Pat's drawing of size and placement of sign, on Historical importance of Schoolhouse as well as cost, lettering, and labor discussed.
Unanimous vote approved on the sign idea and placement and to spend up to the amount in the budget.
F3. Increasing membership in BLA discussed.
Ideas include:
Have signs/stickers/posters at events in library stating this activity was "sponsored/purchased by Friends/YOU".
"Magazines paid for by Friends" on BL website.
Change button from DONATE to JOIN Friends on Facebook. Personalize, show and educate activities Friends offer using Facebook. Kristen W. and Marie S. will work on Facebook ideas.

F4. Online Book Sales
Len will email board the update on sales.

G. New Business
G1. Nominating Committee: Mary Ann: Good News...Pat Miller, Jonathan Schwartz, Liane Walker and Sandy Hierl will renew their 3 year terms. Jon will continue as Secretary and Len will be willing to accept Vice-President nomination. We need a nominee for the President's office which is a 2 year term. Anne has offered to co-chair. Please consider this office.
G2. Time Change - Discussion about whether BLA meetings should be held at 7:00 pm to encourage others to join, especially working people or parents. Deferred to next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:35.

M.A. Labadia, acting secretary

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Burlington Library Association February 10, 2016

A. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Len Berton. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Ed Krewalk, Mary Ann Labadia, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Liane Walker, new member Georgia Riberdy.

B. Correspondence:B1. From Nancy Winter re: extended absence due to surgery, and request for someone else to take over the next pie sale. Flowers will be sent. Motion by Sandy Hierl, second by Pat Miller to spend up to $100 for flowers. Unanimous.B2. Received tax information from Sandy Mazeau

C. Approval of Secretary’s minutes of January 2016.
C1. Motion to accept minutes by Pat Small, second by Sandy Mazeau , vote unanimous.

D. Treasurer’s Report: Sandy Mazeau.
D1. Sandy reports that 2015 expenses came in under budget.
D2. Parker Trust has sent money for the renovation in memory of Bob Merriman. Draft budget has been modified to reflect this.
D3. Motion by Bill, second by Georgia to accept the treasurer’s report. Vote unanimous.

E. Library Board / Library Director’s Report
E1. Building committee is interviewing construction managers.
E2. Considering of merging library web site with Town’s to save money.
E2. Have requested additional staff for when building has been enlarged.
E3. Sandy Hierl reminded Library Directors that fund-raising possibilities will be limited during construction and donations would be welcome from the Directors. They were all invited to the annual meeting.

F. Old Business.
F1. Pat Small’s Red School House Sign project: Pat is working with Highway Department for placement.
F2. Newsletter Status: Articles have been submitted and will be turned over to Jeanne LeBlanc.
F3. Annual Meeting May 20, 2016: Nat Walker contacted about holding meeting at Tavern. Cost will be $25 / hour or
sweat equity. Pat Small moved to spend $25/hour to hold the annual meeting at the Tavern. Second by Sandy Hierl. Unanimous. Request made for someone to organize plans for the meeting. No volunteers as of yet. Consideration having a smaller meeting this year with a larger party in 2017 when renovations are complete

G. New Business.
G1. Mini-golf event: Discussion
G2: How to get new BLA members: A possible campaign on Facebook to get people to join.
G3. Georgia Riberdy has offered her services as a member of the board. She will fill a term expiring 2017. Motion by Pat Miller, second by Mary Anne, vote unanimous to accept her as a member.

Meeting adjourned at 2:26 pm.
Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

Minutes of the Meeting of January 13, 2016

A. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Len Berton. Present were members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Ed Krewalk, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Liane Walker, Nancy Winter, guest Georgia Riberdy.

B. Correspondence:
B1. Thank you from library staff for a year end gift.
B2. Valley Press article re: Andrew Ouellette fundraising.

C. Approval of Secretary’s minutes of December 2015.
C1. Motion to accept corrected minutes by Pat Miller, second by Sandy Hierl, vote unanimous.

D. Treasurer’s Report: Sandy Mazeau.
D1. 2015 tax return postcard form 990N has been submitted and accepted by the IRS.
D2. Sales tax has been submitted to the state.
D3. 2015 almost final budget reviewed. Noted that there will be no used book sales during renovation in 2016.
D4. Reviewed assets report for 12/2014 in reference to proposed budget. There will be approximately $100,000 if needed.
D5. Reviewed draft budget for 2016. Sandy will increase the amount for purchasing books and materials to $12,000 and total income expenses to $30,200 to ensure that the library will be able to function during renovations.
D6. Motion by Pat Miller, second by Nancy Winter to accept the treasurer’s report. Vote unanimous.

E. Library Board Report
E1. Sandy Hierl and Sandy Mazeau reported: the Board was informed that the BLA would be doing targeted fundraising for the library. The BLA would decide which features it will pay for. The Town will be signing all contracts, with funding from the BLA.

F. Library Director’s Report.
F1. Marie reports that she is close to choosing a construction manager. The Building Committee will be meeting tomorrow evening. The engineering firm has been replaced because the old firm had to back out.

G. Old Business.
G1. Pat Small’s Red School House Sign project. No progress has been made.
G2. Many members of the BLA Directors have offered to write an article for the next newsletter. Len has been tracking volunteers. Ann Walluk has provided packets of information for each topic. Deadline is February 10.

H. New Business.
H1. Marie has found a source for small banks to set up for targeted fundraising. Pat Small recommended particularly that one be set up for the new Teen Room.
H2. Annual meeting. Planning for May 20, 2016. We will try to get the Historical Society Tavern. A general invitation to all members will be included in the spring newsletter.
H3. Donation envelopes will be included in the newsletter. It might be necessary to print more envelopes.
Meeting adjourned at 2:43 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary