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Burlington Library Association

Regular Meeting Minutes 2005 - 2007

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           Annual Meetings 

Board Meeting: Wednesday Dec. 12, 2007 in the Anne Walluk Community Room

Call to order: 1:40 PM Meeting led by Vice President, Nancy Winter. Attendance: Small, Mazeau, Ragaisis, Miller, Merriman, Walluk, and Library Director Hasskarl. Absent: Berton, Mantel, Eberhard, & German .

Correspondence: Hasskarl heard from Main Street Community Foundation that the library will receive $2400 grant from the Parker Trust for an LCD projector and a Comcast line.

Minutes: Motion to accept with changes was made by Mazeau seconded by Ragaisis. Motion was approved.

Treasurer's report: Mazeau handed out the attached report. We have $4300 in checking. Marie is ordering three new PCs for $3228. Ragaisis is reviewing the order. The staff and board memorial donations for Ann Mazeau's brother were added to the local history room account. Earnings for the year from FSB, TSB, Main Street and Vanguard are over $4100 compared with $2400 in 2006. Motion to approve was made by Walluk, seconded by Small. Report was approved.

Library Director's report: Marie is going to continue to look for folding tables that meet desired requirements. Elaine has donated a used coffee maker and Kecia is giving the staff a new coffee pot as her annual donation to the Association. Marie might consider using the Maccalous memorial donations for a new camera or for a paperback spinning rack.

Webmaster report: Nancy reported that Len had nothing outside the usual monthly additions to report, except that he added German to the board page.

Old Business: a) The new Life Member Plaque was put up. b) A motion was made by Walluk and seconded by Winter to add Charles Maccalous to the Memorial plaque. Motion was approved. c) Although we were expecting the book buyer from Springfield, MA to arrive in Dec., his men showed up in Nov. and the volunteers directed them to take the leftover book sale books for which we received $100. d) Berton, Eberhard and Walluk worked on the end-of-year letters Sat. Dec. 8. 180 letters (to 2005 and 2006 members) were sent. e) Hasskarl, Mantel, and Walluk will be visiting winery within the next week.

New Business: Hasskarl will notify Mantel about electrician for the basement lighting as soon as Mantel returns from trip. The group discussed the possibility of having a "geranium" & "willow" sale and cookie walk around Mother's Day. Nancy will get more information for next meeting.

Adjourned: 3:00 PM Motion made by Small and seconded by Miller.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Walluk

Board Meeting:   Wednesday Nov. 14, 2007 in the Anne Walluk Community Room

Call to order:  1:35 PM           Attendance:  Berton, Small, Mazeau, Eberhard, Ragaisis, Mantel, Winter (arrived at 2:20) Walluk, Library Director Hasskarl.  Guest: Kecia German  Absent:  Miller and Merriman

Kecia German, a 25 year town resident with a strong interest in the library, was unanimously voted (motion made by Small & seconded by Mazeau) to serve a term of three years (2007 to 2010) on the Association Board of Directors.  Kecia has valuable experience serving other volunteer organizations and we are very fortunate to have her join us.

Correspondence: Berton read Sarah McCusker’s letter to the Library Director and Town Board announcing her resignation.  Sarah who has been with the library on and off since she was in sixth grade will be taking a position as Head of Technical Services in the neighboring Town of Canton.  Her services will be greatly missed.

Mazeau reported that the IRS now requires yearly electronic filing of our tax status.  Although we do not have to file (we fall below the $25,000 yearly income requirement) Mazeau will complete the annual on-line filing to notify the government that the BLA is still an active organization.

Minutes:  Motion to accept was made by Mantel and seconded by Ragaisis.  Motion was approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Mazeau handed out attached report. To date, all but 98 residents have renewed their annual membership for 2007.  The pie sale made $576 and the book sales are $168.66 over budget for the year. Books being sold off the cart in the main library (which contributes significantly to the income) will continue through the winter. Elaine has been doing a wonderful job keeping it in order.  The income on our CD’s is not noted until January.  Total income for the year has been good and Mazeau reports that we will not have to use much of the accumulated income of previous years.     The Farmington Savings Bank CD is maturing and Small made a motion, seconded by Eberhard, to appoint Berton to move it to a 13 month 5% APY CD.

Library Director’s report:  Marie should be hearing soon whether or not the library will receive a $9000 grant (LCD projector, Comcast line, etc.) from the Parker Fund of the Main Street Community Foundation.  She made a request that the Association consider buying new tables, new coffee maker, and mike system.  German said she would be happy to check out the coffee makers at BJ’s.  A request for an artificial Christmas tree was filled by Jenny Mantel. 

Webmaster report:  Len has posted the minutes from the October meeting and Nancy ’s report on the pie sale (including a list of volunteer bakers).  

Old Business:  The Life Member Plaque has arrived and the Walluks will put it up before the next meeting.  

Book Sale :  Mantel reported that the fall sale made $2033.15.  Attendance was brisk, especially Thursday and Saturday.  The spring sale made $1289.95.  Everyone agreed that it would be best if she arranged for Glen to come in Dec. to pick up the surplus.  

Pie Sale :  Nancy expressed her special thanks to Elaine for helping Friday and Saturday, and to the Ragaisis family, Miller and Walluk for helping on Sat.   Samantha Sebastian has agreed to be her co-chair for the sale next year.  We made $576.  Needed next year are cherry pies, new tablecloths, and fall note pads.  We applaud Nancy and her crew for a successful sale.  

Miscellaneous Old business:  The Friends’ Logo idea has been dropped.  Mantel, Walluk and Hasskarl plan to visit the Jerram Winery in New Hartford after Dec. 12.  The Meet the Candidates Night was a great success.  Things to consider for next big local election would be a) invite Nutmeg TV to cover event,  b) have a second night for candidates running for other commissions.    Linda Krezinski has started a BLOG: www.theBurlingtonblog.com for local comments.  Berton passed around copies of the “Friends of the Library” week proclamation signed by First Selectman Ted Scheidel and the other Selectmen.  

New Business:  Walluk suggested that the downstairs needs additional lighting for the book sale and would like to put it in next year’s budget.  Marie will e-mail Jenny the name and contact information of the electrician she has been using for work upstairs.  

It was suggested that the new Board of Selectmen be invited to schedule a meeting at the library during 2008.  

Marie passed out fliers and discussed an exciting array of upcoming programs.  

Adjourned:  3:14 PM  

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Walluk

Meeting: Wednesday October 10, 2007
Location:  Anne Walluk Community Room, Burlington Public Library

Meeting was called to order at 1:31 pm .  In attendance were Berton, Mazeau, Winter, Ragaisis, Mantel, Miller, Merriman, Eberhard, Small, Walluk and Library Director Hasskarl. Invited guest Kecia German was also in attendance.

Correspondence:  Berton received a letter from the United Way asking that the Association verify that no funds received from the 2007 United Way Campaign will be used to support anti-terrorism efforts.  He responded via their website and attested that they shall not be so used.

Minutes: Miller moved and Eberhard seconded a motion to approve the September, 2007 minutes.  Motion passed.

Treasurer: Our income is slightly lagging behind our budget but Mazeau pointed out that during the last three months of the year membership brings in about $2,500 and the book and pie sale bring in over $2,000.  Small made a motion to approve this report, Miller seconded.  Motion passed.

Director:  Marie has submitted a grant request to the Parker Trust of the Main Street Community Foundation for funds to help replace the LCD projector that was stolen.  Also, Marie is planning on replacing a PC and possibly adding another before the year end. She is looking at cost.

Webmaster:  Berton reported that he posted the minutes approved at the Sept. meeting and will now post the approved Sept. minutes.   He also added a link to a scholarship site, pictures of two new library staff members, and the Association donation form.

OLD BUSINESS:  The fall newsletter has been sent.   The cost for printing was just under $300 for 3,600 copies.  The cost of mailing has doubled since spring bringing the cost to over $550. This is due to new bulk non-profit rates and categories established by the USPS.    Pat Small suggested that we check with FAFARH before spring to see if their service of stuffing and mailing would be any cheaper.  We will monitor the amount of donations we get between now and the end of the year to see if it would be cost effective to continue a second mailing.

Walluk reported that the membership plaque is on order.  It will cost under $500 for 100 names.  Sign Source will donate the engraving.

Jenny reported that Len, Sandy and Tom Small were able to put together additional slat shelving donated by the local video store that closed.  She is all set for volunteers to work the sale.

Nancy reported that she has lots of help for the pie sale but not enough bakers.   She wonders if people have started to lose interest in the sale and perhaps we should look again at having a “chocolate and cherry” bake sale in February as we did a few years ago.

Winter and Walluk spoke to Sara Lo Presti about making the Association logo something to put on book bags, hats, etc.  Lo Presti will work on simplifying the design and our organization will decide whether to pursue a book bag project.  If our sole reason for getting the design is to make something to give volunteers, it was agreed that the volunteers do appreciate being recognized but do not expect a gift for their services.

It was agreed to pursue the wine tasting at Jerrams’ winery in New Hartford in June, 2008.  Mazeau recommended that we do not agree to make up for any unsold tickets.

The “2007 Meet the Candidates” program will be held at the library on October 25.  Marie will send out details.  Berton will submit a “Friends of Libraries Week” proclamation to Ted Scheidel.  The Association has a new sign over the copier near the library desk.  Ragaisis will make a foam board sign with information from Mazeau regarding the amount of funding the “Friends” have given the library since 1994.  We will display this information at programs and in the building.

NEW BUSINESS:  Berton asked how we can get email addresses which come in on donation envelopes into the Library’s new distribution system (which asks that interested people enter their own addresses).  It was determined that Berton & Walluk would enter this information for donors so they would not have to submit the same information again.

Meeting adjourned at 3:03 PM .

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Walluk

September 12, 2007 Time: 1:35 PM
Anne Walluk Community Room, Burlington Public Library

Meeting was called to order at 1:35 pm. In attendance were Berton, Mazeau, Winter, Ragaisis, Mantel, Miller, Merriman, Walluk and Library Director Hasskarl. Eberhard and Small notified Berton they would be out-of-town. Invited guest, Kecia German, was unable to attend but will be at Oct. meeting.

Correspondence: There has been a $100 donation from Howard Porter, an out-of-town relative of Jenny Mantel. The CT Friends of the Library annual membership form and newsletter has arrived. Berton will fill out forms and renew our membership. Winter reported that she sent a letter of sympathy to the family of Walt Landgraf. She also passed around a lovely thank you note from staff member Sheila McCallum who received a gift from us all after her summer surgery. Sandy and Anne reported that we have filed the papers and money for our incorporation with the Secretary of State.

Minutes: A motion to approve the April and June, 2007 minutes as corrected was made by Walluk and seconded by Winter. Both were approved and Berton will post. May annual meeting minutes will be approved at the next annual meeting.

Treasurer: The treasurer's report shows that we are close to meeting our budget. Donations are short $1,735 but we still have the end-of-the-year letter that usually brings in over $2000. Donations for the history room are up. Membership stands at 168 families/individuals for 2007 with 177 donations. (some are matching corporate donations) Some museum passes are being discontinued due to lack of use. New ones are being made available and cost is up slightly. It was agreed that individual Board members can donate to Walt Landgraf's memorial fund, but as an organization a donation would be in violation of our bylaws.

Director: Marie reported that the LCD overhead projector has been missing since May or July. The Town has a $3000 deductible on insurance so we cannot file a claim. Marie will file a theft report with local police. And Mazeau will seek out the cost of replacement with Bob Cole.

Marie also reported programs being sponsored with the Women's and Girls' Fund, i.e., "Dames and Dangers" Oct. 17 and Jen Rizzotti on Sept. 6, and basketball tickets.
Quarterly newsletter has been replaced by e-mail service "Constant Contact". This will save money and time. New library cards and key tags with library picture are being ordered. Library would like "friends" to sponsor a CT Opera Express program… Members agreed to sponsor for $350. Library is organizing a "Meet the Candidates" night. "Friends" will provide refreshments.

OLD BUSINESS: It was agreed that we would put together a one page fall newsletter to be mailed to all Town residents. Walluk will try to get this done by first of Oct. so we can promote the book sale, pie sale, meet the candidates, and other. Our Life Member plaque is full thanks to two more life donations this year. Walluk will arrange to get another (which will hold about 100 names) for around $500. The Fall Book Sale is Oct. 25, 26, and 27. The Pie sale will be Sat. Oct. 27 and Nancy would like have a co-chair. Walluk will get her some names and Ragaisis will talk to daughter Katie. Walluk will notify newspapers.

NEW BUSINESS: It was decided that no criteria will be set for determining whose name will go on the Memorial plaque. Each name will be discussed on a case by case basis. It was agreed that Earl Carini, a past member of the Association and Elizabeth Lowrey, a past Library Board member, will be added to the plaque. Walluk will see this through.

A logo that could be put on book bags or other PR items was discussed. Nancy and Anne will talk to Sarah LoPresti about making our letterhead into a more attractive symbol that could be used.

Marie passed out a letter proposing that we hold a wine tasting fund raiser with the Jerram family in New Hartford. All agreed it would be a fun event. Walluk will call Harwinton library to see if they had much success and Miller will call Land Trust to see if they had much success with theirs.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Walluk

Meeting: June 13, 2007 Approx. time 3:15 PM
Location: Anne Walluk Community Room, Burlington Public Library

Between 2 and 3 PM a reception was held for 25 individuals who volunteered for the library in some aspect during 2006. 20 of the honorees were able to attend. The reception was organized by Nancy Winter and Anne Walluk. Nancy Winter presented the group with a song adaptation of "You Are My Sunshine" followed by the presentation of gifts. Almost 40 people attended, including members of the Library Association, the Town Library Board, Library Staff and First Selectman Ted Scheidel.

Following the reception, the Association Board held an impromptu meeting. Present were Pat Miller, Pat Small, Mike Ragaisis, Len Berton, Anne Walluk, Nancy Winter, Elaine Eberhard, Bob Merriman, Jenny Mantel, Sandy Mazeau and Marie Spratlin Hasskarl.

It was agreed that the Association would pay for 20 rainforest tee-shirts to be distributed as prizes for the Summer Reading Program, Wild About Reading.

It was agreed that we should consider a second, smaller newsletter to be distributed before the end of the year. We will start planning for this at the Sept. meeting.

The next meeting will be September 12.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Walluk

Meeting of Wednesday April 11, 2007

CALL TO ORDER: President Berton called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Community Room .

ATTENDENCE: Berton, Mazeau, Ragaisis, Walluk, Hasskarl, Winter, Miller, Merriman, Small. By invitation Elaine Eberhard and absent Jenny Mantel.

BOARD MEMBERS: Board member Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu has had to resign due to personal conflicts. A very nice letter was read from Gjyl and she has left on a positive note. Len noted that it is difficult for board members who have young children to find the time to serve.

Elaine Eberhard who had volunteered at book sales and loves being involved with books has attended the last two meeting of the Board. She has recently retired from Pratt and Whitney and has lived in Burlington for 17 years. Pat Small moved that Elaine be nominated to join the Board. Mike seconded the motion and it was so voted.

With the need for a new secretary, Anne Walluk volunteered to fill the position. Nancy Winters nominated Anne as secretary, Sandy Mazeau seconded and it was so voted.

CORRESPONDENCE: Len Berton, as President, was served notices of easements on Library Lane along with all who have ever owned property there. Berton advised that the Town will settle the easement problem. There was much discussion of the laws that must be settled making communication a necessity with the property owners.

A letter and donation to the History Room was received from the Burlington
Historical Society. A letter and donation was received from Kathy Brochu with a donation from the Bicentennial Committee. On April 18th at 8:00 p.m. the Board of Finance will hear a presentation from the Library Board on the needs for the next year. There are staffing needs and an increase of $10,000 for books. The decision may have to be made between staff needs or books. Mike stated that that the Selectmen have voiced their appreciation for the Friends' contribution but stated that other towns also have Friends groups. The Board was encouraged to attend the Finance Committee meeting in support of the Library and its needs.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Nancy Winter stated that the motion regarding the CD at Torrington Savings should have shown that the 2nd was to leave the CD to the best interest and continue the relationship with Torrington Savings. Pat Miller moved to accept the minutes as amended. Seconded by Mazeau and voted to accept.

TREASURER'S REPORT: A motion to accept the budget as presented by Mazeau was made by Winter and seconded by Walluk. It passed. Mike has reservations because he felt that the amount is too aggressive. He pointed out that the donor base is less and the demographic is getting older.

The CD was transferred from Torrington Savings to Vanguard. The CD is due to mature on Friday at Farmington Savings. A motion was made by Mazeau and seconded by Miller to go into a 7-month at 5 percent. Majority approved with Mike opposed.

LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: There was an email vote approval for Marie to purchase the computer for the children's room. The self checkout is working well and the quilt has been hung on the wall. She requested approval for $1,202 for Martin Landscaping for work needing to be done. The stone will be picked up by the town crew. Sandy Mazeau made the motion to approve the landscaping bill and it was seconded by Elaine. It was approved. Marie also has $742 in bills for books and audio materials.

There was discussion on the procedure for accepting Marie's expenses. The Board agreed that for routine and within budget a vote is not necessary. Routine - report only. Within budget but not routine or over budget by $1,500 would need a motion to accept.

The Board will attempt not to micro-manage and will have Marie report on her expenses. The Board voted to spend $1180 for 2 children and adult programs in the summer reading. It was agreed that we would contribute to
only the programs.

It was agreed that we would contribute $150 to Walter Landgraf for his presentation at the annual meeting. It will be presented in the larger room and refreshments will be served in the community room. We will have the annual meeting first and then the lecture. We will set up at 6:00 for the program.

WEBMASTER'S REPORT: Len reported that the minutes have been posted, Gjyl has been removed from the Board page, the book sale has been posted, and Sarah Lawson, the new employee, will be posted, and Marie will supply her photo. Elaine will also supply her photo for the Board page.

The signs are ready for the book sale and members will track them. Nancy Winter brought up an idea of making the back entrance more attractive.

"Honor the Volunteers" will be June 13th, Wednesday, at 2 p.m. We will have an afternoon tea to recognize and honor the library volunteers. Anne Walluk and Nancy Winters will manage the arrangements.

Mr. Merriman made us all a gift of a bunch of Tantail Willow branches, Salix Sakhslinensis, a native plant of Japan.

The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.

Pat Small
Acting secretary

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm in the Anne Walluk Community Room by President Len Berton. Pat Miller, Pat Small, Nancy Winters, Sandy Mazeau, Mike Ragaisis, Jenny Mantel, and Marie Spratlin Hasskarl were in attendance. Visitor: Elaine Eberhard

There was a discussion of the possibility of changing the meeting time to during the day in order for Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu to be able to attend the meetings. Len will discuss this with members who were not present to see if 1:30 on the second Wednesday of the month would work. Those in attendance were in agreement with this time.

Correspondence: A $200 donation from the Burlington Historical Society was received from Jackie Shadford.

Information of the Friends of the CT Libraries CLA Pre-Conference on April 16th was shared. Pat Miller and Pat Small plan to attend.

The Burlington Bicentennial Committee has returned the balance of $431.95 to the library to be used in the History Room.

Minutes: Sandy made a motion to accept the February minutes. Motion was seconded by Mike. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Sandy passed out a worksheet for the 2007 budget and members worked on putting in amounts for the budget to be presented at the May meeting.

A CD had matured at Torrington Savings Bank. A motion was made by Pat Small and seconded by Nancy Winter to put the money in the Vanguard Money Market Fund for now. Motion carried.

Len will check on possibilities for the CD that is maturing on April 13 at the Farmington Savings Bank and will be discussed at the April 11th meeting.

Librarian's Report: Marie reported that Ted Scheidel is anxious to get the Bicentennial quilt hung in the library. There is still a concern about hanging it without a covering. The Historical Society will be contacted to see if they could apply for a grant to cover the expense. In the meantime the quilt will be hung.

Marie reported that Love Your Library is still going on, and there are still magazine subscriptions available for patrons to donate.

Jenny Mantel will contact BookSaleFinders.com to advertise the book sale on April 26th ,27th , and 28th..

A locksmith was called to fix the door in the basement so it can be used for the book sale.

A statue was purchased with the memorial donation for Kim Alvarez. It is called Imagine and will be on the checkout desk.

Marie had continued to investigate desks for the new computer in the staff room. She found one at Staples for $630 which is a workstation with two working areas and a file cabinet. It was suggested that Marie contact David Fortin with Region 10 to see if there were any desks that would work if they were discarding any. A motion was made by Pat Small and seconded by Nancy Winters to approve the $630 after Marie had talked to David Fortin if the Staples desk seemed the better choice. Motion carried.

Marie asked for support from the board for the Summer Reading Programs for children and adults. Details will follow later.

There was a discussion about buying a new Dell computer for the children's room. Mike will help Marie configure what is needed. A vote on amount to be approved will be sent by email to board members.

There was a reception and check for $5000 presented from the Main Street Fund. This grant is for Women's and Girls' Fund. Many exciting things are planned. On April 19th Gina Barrecca will speak at the firehouse and a presentation by Jen Rizzotti is also planned at a future date.

The Self Check Out will soon be available for patrons.

Webmaster Report: Len has posted the February minutes.

Old Business: Anne has posted a schedule and is looking for volunteers to help with the mailing. The following members volunteered: Nancy, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Sandy, Len and (Jenny, 27th-30th.)

Pat Small has contacted bookprospector.com about old books and set up an account with them. Pat and Jenny will be meeting with the person in charge of the Farmington Book Sales to get ideas of what to do with some old books.

Len is going to contact the speaker for the Annual May meeting to check on his fee.

New Business: The board would like to host a party for volunteers of the library. Nancy Winters has agreed to work with Ann Walluk on plans.

Meeting adjourned: 9:55 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jenny Mantel
Acting Secretary

Friday, February 16, 2007

CALL TO ORDER: President Berton called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM

ATTENDANCE: Berton, Mazeau, Miller, Ragaisis, Small, Walluk, Hasskarl. The problem of mothers of young children participating, and the challenge of attracting new board members were discussed. Walluk will send some names and numbers of LIFE members that might be prospective Board members.

CORRESPONDENCE: Membership letters from Clock Museum and Carousel Museum. It was decided that we would not subscribe to them at this time. Letter from Main Street Foundation announcing that the Children's staff had been awarded a $5000 grant from the Women's and Girl's Fund. Also offered and accepted was a $250 area literacy grant. Marie is working out details for both funds.

MINUTES: A motion was made by Pat Miller to accept the minutes of the January meeting. Mike Ragaisis seconded. The minutes were accepted.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Mazeau handed out an accounting for 2006. $4,000 - Capital reserve, $3,410 - Walluk's retirement, mailings - $2,837 and approximately $15,200 given to the Library for audio and print materials, equipment, landscaping, history room items, special events and museum passes. Total expenses for the year were $25,174.60.

Donors responded well to the end-of-the year letter with $2,817 coming in compared to $1,970 last year. The Association funds total $83,148.67. The general fund has $33,515.25. The balance is made up of $18,152.30 in the Main Street Foundation, $17,153.24 in the Capital Reserve fund, $7,492.50 in the Arthur Main Fund, $5,020.38 in the Schwarzmann Mill Fund. $1,815 in designated memorial funds for Mader and Petersen will be spent by Hasskarl. Mazeau will report to First Selectman Scheidel the status on the Arthur Main and Schwarzmann funds. (The Library and the Association are invited to participate in a Long Range Town Plan in March.) Walluk made a motion to accept the report. Miller seconded. The report was accepted.

DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Marie discussed the grant from the Main Street Women's & Girls' Fund. The BLA is receiving the grant because it was submitted in the Assoc. name because of the 501(C)3 status. Materials are being purchased and programs are being planned, such as Jen Rizotti and/or Gina Barecca. The Board is invited to the check presentation on March 1, 2007, 6:30PM. -- The new computer has arrived but not yet installed. A desk and chair are on back-order. -- Love Your Library Magazine campaign is under way with a new attractive display.
-- Pat Small volunteered to look up old books on the Internet to determine value.
-- The self-checkout came to $1,858. The Peterson and Mader donations will be spent on this item and a small balance will be paid by the Assoc. -- The Association passed a motion to spend up to $500 on a spring program for the library. (Gilchrist - $400 and Ray Olsen - $100). -- $1400 is needed to pay COMCAST to install a cable for free Internet service. The Board did not feel that this was needed at this time and we would look at this request again in the future. -- A request for four new PCs for the children's room was tabled until other quotes for PCs could be obtained by Hasskarl.

WEB SITE REPORT: Berton expressed his frustration with the switchover of the Library website to a new host. The "Friends" pages were not moved as expected, and he had to upload everything to the new site after discovering it was out of service. There was a discussion about the cost of the new site and of the charge for the domain name. Updates to the site this month included adding Mantel to the Board page with her photo, the December minutes, and the Pie Sale results (including a photo and a list of all the volunteers).

ANNUAL MEETING: Walt Landgraf has accepted our invitation to speak at our May 9 annual meeting. His topic will be Parks and Forests of northwestern CT. The board will pay him an honorarium, and Berton will find out what the Burlington Land Trust donated for his recent presentation for them.

NEWSLETTER: Walluk passed out the first draft of the May newsletter. She is waiting for two additional articles. We agreed that the news of the Women's and Girl's Fund grant should be mentioned. The Calendar for the newsletter is as follows. MARCH 15 - deadline for news articles. MARCH 19 to 23 - newsletter goes to Sir Speedy; MARCH 26 to 30 - volunteers stuff envelopes and sort mailings; APRIL 2 to 4 - Mailings go back to Sir Speedy for wafer closing; APRIL 9 to 13 Mailings go to POST OFFICE and should be in boxes by third week of April. Walluk will send this schedule to all members.

NEW BUSINESS: A volunteer appreciation party was discussed. It was thought that we need a plan in order to proceed. A date later in the year was discussed but nothing decided at this time. It was also suggested that we combine it with a membership drive.

MEETING Adjourned: 9:55 PM

Respectfully submitted, Anne Walluk, Acting Secretary

Date: Jan 10, 2007
Time: Call to Order 7:52 p.m.
Place: 11 Cricket Lane ( Miller residence )
Regular Meeting
Present: Berton, Mazeau, Miller, Small, Ragaisis
Absent/excused: Mustafa-Kozlu, Walluk, Winter
Library Staff: Hasskarl
Visitors/Observers: Jenny Mantel

President Len Berton called the regular meeting to order.

Correspondence: Mazeau reported the Vanguard checkbook arrived and is in the possession of Berton.

Minutes of Dec. 2006 were reviewed with one 'typo' change; Ragaisis moved to accept and Small seconded, motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: Farmington Savings Bank: C.D. @ 4.75% / 9 mos. Approx. $3954 and approx. $200 in savings account. Berton will renew this C.D. for highest rate within 1 (one) year term. Mazeau added an Earnings column to the financial report. Revenue results increased from $1700 to $2300 due to excellent Book Sale income. Currently the income increase is $2300. Expenses are currently $5900 under budget. Mazeau reported a total of 186 donors to date (Berton/Mazeau 1/12/2007 email updated this total to 206) in comparison to 242 donors in 2005. A discussion developed on strategies and tactics to help reverse the donor decline: day and evening program attendee solicitation, BLA promotion during 'town events', a BLA kiosk, matching library program attendees with known donors lists to mine for potential new donors, promotion of BLA during National Library Month, posters /banners promoting the BLA on display inside (and outside? ) the library building. Hasskarl and Ragaisis will investigate the posters/banners tactic. The Board will track the performance of the Vanguard S&P 500 index fund in consideration of the maturity (50 mos.) of the broad market advance.

Library Director: Hasskarl reported new Dell computer for staff office area will cost approx. $1200. Computer will have Win XP OS,2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive and will be enabled for the Vista OS update. Small moved to approve the computer purchase, Miller seconded, the motion was approved. Hasskarl provided the Board with her new Burlington address and her cell phone number. The Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency requested a copy of the 2006 BLA Library Patron Survey and copy of the Burlington Community Center Proposal-this is in reference to the newly organized Town planning committee. (Berton will send.) A renewal of the passes for The Connecticut Children's Museum was approved-Mazeau moved to accept and Small seconded.

Webmaster: Berton reported most recent minutes were corrected and posted to BLA site.

Old Business: Berton reminded everyone of the need for articles/coordination for the spring newsletter. Newsletter action items are: Berton-President's Report, Winter-Bake Sale, Hasskarl-First year leadership experiences, Mazeau-Financial Report, Mantel- Book Sale, Miller-Books for Babies, Walluk- overall coordination and assembly, Ragaisis-Donor dilemma, Small-History Room. Newsletter contributions probably due in mid March - Berton will ask Walluk to prepare a Timeline. Annual Meeting set for May 9, 2007. Discussion of Annual Meeting program / presenter / subject ensued. Mr. Walt Landgraf, the curator of the Stone Museum, was mentioned as a potential meeting speaker-Berton will contact him. Discussion of Acrobat software and its current monthly fees vs new fee-free Acrobat Composer now on the Web. Library associate S. McCusker could use this software for library and BLA PDF documents.

New Business: Heartfelt Thanks to Pat Miller for sharing her home with the BLA board for this meeting! A motion was made by Small to elect Jenny Mantel to fill one of the vacancies on the BLA board, Mazeau seconded; the motion was approved. Welcome Jenny! There was a discussion of the potential of Marie Spratlin Hasskarl becoming a BLA board member; deferred until after the annual meeting to try to attract another interested citizen. Mazeau indicated a new IRS filing requirement change only impacted the BLA notice procedure with the IRS and NOT our filing status.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:52 p.m.

Submitted by P. Michael Ragaisis

The meeting of December 13, 2006 was called to order at 7:35 by President Len Berton in the Anne Walluk Community Room. Len Berton, Mike Ragaisis, Sandy Mazeau, Nancy Winter, Pat Miller, Bob Merriman and Marie Spratlin Hasskarl were in attendance.

Correspondence: The obituary for Dorothy Mader was noted, Donations could be made to the Burlington Library Association or Region 10.

Secretary's Report: There was an additional $30 donation in the total pie sale. Sandy however added it as a membership for Barbara Pinto. In reference to the success of the pie sale, Nancy requested the wording abetted be changed to "because of" in the minutes. Pies should be sold for $9-12. Mike made a motion to accept the minutes as adjusted; seconded by Sandy. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: Book sales, bake sale, dvd's, designated contributions, history room and bank income over budget. Membership dues are under budget - $2486- Sandy noted we brought in $2200 in the end of last year. The number of donors is down, amount is up. We have money available for books and equipment - spent only $23,654 of the $27680 approved in the budget.

Len left $3,000 in the TSB checking and transferred $1000 from the passbook to a statement checking with overdraft protection. He sent $10,000 to a Vanguard Money Market account at about 5.05%. The TSB checking and Vanguard accounts are linked. Transfers are done by phone. Len, Nancy and Sandy are authorized to sign for the Vanguard account, but Sandy will not have access to the checkbook. Len will verify if he is receiving a checkbook for the Vanguard account.

Farmington Savings CD will mature on January 10, 2007. Available interest rates will be checked for next meeting.

Bob Merriman informed Sandy that the rules regarding Federal reports for non profits have changed and everyone will be required to file regardless of income.

Librarian's Report: The community room has been booked for January 10 - next meeting will be at Pat Miller's house.

Marie has requested money for a new Dell computer. Quote was presented. It was suggested that the purchase be postponed until January when the new Vista operating system is released, with a larger hard drive to accommodate Vista and speakers capable of being mounted on the bottom of the monitor. The amended quote and purchase will be discussed next meeting.

A motion was made by Sandy and seconded by Nancy to purchase a printer w/toner for $207; sponsor Keith Johnson's bubbles program on 12/27 for approximately $400; and purchase a desk and chair for approx. $600. Motion approved.

Self checkout proposal - Marie is still working on pricing. A board member objected - on basis it was a town expense. But family agreed to the purchase and specifically did not want to purchase books. Motion was made by Sandy to spend $1715 on the self checkout; seconded by Mike. Motion approved.

Program for pizza and politicians for high school students proposed for the spring in honor of Doug McCallum. Marie will try to schedule it after Carolyn McCallum returns from Florida, probably April.

Webmaster's Report: October minutes were posted. Life members were updated as well as staff photos and titles.

Old Business: Net amount from retirement party was $788 - Len will write a check in that amount to Anne Walluk.

Doug McCallum memorial plaque - he already appears on the existing plaque. No further action.

Len expressed thanks to Pat Small and Jenny Mantel for helping him in mailing the 150 letters sent to those who had donated in 2005 but not in 2006.

The quilt will be accepted by the town during a ceremony Dec 16 in the community room and eventually hung by the fireplace. Framing/protection if needed should be provided by the town or the historical society.

Anne Walluk would like members to start thinking about the spring newsletter and submitting articles by e-mail to her. We need a speaker for the annual meeting in May.

Len mentioned 50% of the survey respondents requested notices by e-mail. The library already has started to develop an e-mail list. Marie will ask Sarah M. to send Len the list. During discussion the need for Adobe Acrobat was noted.

There was a brief discussion of Ct Main Street Center's workshop for non profits.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Miller

The meeting of November 8, 2006 was called to order by President Len Berton at 7:34 in the Anne Walluk Community Room. Attending were L. Berton, M. Spratlin Hasskarl, M. Ragaisis, P. Miller, S. Mazeau, P. Small and G. Mustafa-Kozlu. J. Mantel and R. Radikas attended as visitors.

Correspondence: No correspondence.

Secretary's Report: Change spelling of M. Spratlin Hasskarl in October 11, 2006 meeting minutes. There is no hyphen in the last name. P. Small moved to accept last month's meeting minutes, M. Ragaisis seconded, motion approved.

Pie Sale Results: It was a Blue Ribbon pie sale as reported by N. Winter (via a note read by L. Berton). Total in sales, $566.00. There were 48 pies and two donations. N. Winter felt the success of the pie sale because of the following:
1) Phoning bakers one week in advance.
2) Asking bakers to bring in pies on Friday evening.
3) Volunteers arriving at the library at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.
4) Keeping a tally card.
5) Using festively decorated sign up sheets.
6) Having recipes available.

Wish list for next year's Pie Sale:
1) Apple cinnamon spice candle to scent the room.
2) Classical music.

N. Winter thanks all the volunteers for their generous help in making the Pie Sale a success, particularly Anne W, Pat S., Mike, Katy & Michaela R. She wrote thank you notes to almost all of the bakers.

Treasurer's Report: We are behind in donations by $2,716.00. It is felt that we should be meeting our contribution goal. Museum passes now have their own budget line. Marie will report usage for each pass as they come up for renewal. The used book sale is 1/3 of the income for the total year.

Please refer to the budget report for more details.

L. Berton expressed a concern that the checking account balance has not been less than $7,000 for the past two years, earning less than 1%. He proposed that we leave $3,700.00 in the checking account and put $10,000.00 into a Vanguard money market account which is paying over 5% interest. A few members expressed concern that money might not be readily available for expenses if so much went into a Vanguard account. L Berton said we could get a Vanguard checkbook, and also could transfer money back in a few days via a phone call. S. Mazeau suggested that we convert the passbook savings account at TSB to a statement savings account which is paying about 3% and request overdraft protection. A motion was made by P. Miller to leave $7,500.00 in TSB ($3000 in the checking account and $4500 in a statement Money Market savings account). $10,000 would then be available to deposit in the Vanguard account. M. Ragaisis seconded, and the motion was approved. L. Berton will execute these transfers.

Librarian's Report: M. Spratlin Hasskarl spoke with Mrs. Peterson about how she would like us to spend the $1,715.00 her husband Paul left to the library. She stated that she would not want just books.

M. Spratlin Hasskarl talked about purchasing a self-checkout for books (automated). She is currently looking into it and is hoping to purchase one under $1,700.00.

Barnes and Noble is holding a love-your-library fundraiser. 12%-20% of
purchases goes to CT libraries.

Fred Reedy, a represenative of puppet sales, has a fundraiser where the library could sell puppets and receive 15% of the proceeds. The puppets have a range of prices, and they could be bought on-site.

Webmaster's Report: L. Berton updated the staff changes. Changed Sarah's picture and added Marie's. M. Spratlin Hasskarl is working on other, more recent, staff pictures to add to the website. He also added a new picture of A. Walluk and pictures of the book carts in the Bicentennial parade.

Old Business: J. Mantel reported that the book sale raised $1289. She was disappointed that many dealers who usually come didn't show up this time.

A. Walluk's gift from the funds remaining from her party is $1088: She would like to use the money for a membership at a swim club. It was agreed that we would give her the money to pay for her membership, and she can use the balance as she wishes.

New Business: The recent passing of Doug McCallum was discussed. He was very active in the early stages of the library. The Friends would like to remember him and honor him with some sort of memorial. There was a suggestion that an American History book be purchased and a memorial plaque hung. G. Mustafa-Kozlu suggested that a contemporary print of an American Flag with a plaque be hung in the library in his honor. More discussion at the next meeting to follow on this subject.

December 16th: Reception for Bicentennial quilt at Library. The Library will be home to the recently completed Burlington Bicentenial quilt. There was discussion on how the quilt needs to be protected from the sun as well as dust. It was agreed that a cover or encasing of some sort was needed. Hopefully, money could be obtained from the Town Hall. More discussion to follow on this subject.

L. Berton will send out a year end appeal to 2005 contributors who have not yet given in 2006. He will also generate letters to send out to life members. He will add personal notes to donors who have given over $25.00.

A. Walluk will begin to prepare the May newsletter; she is looking for ideas.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu

The meeting of October 11, 2006 was called to order by President Len Berton at 7:45 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Community Room. Attending were L. Berton, R. Merriman, A. Walluk, S. Mazeau, M. Ragaisis, M. Spratlin Hasskarl, P. Small, N. Winter and G. Mustafa-Kozlu.

No visitors. Seeking to obtain new members. A. Walluk considering calling some life members.

Correspondence: Thank you card from A. Walluk received on August 27th.

Secretary's Report: Report was reviewed, there were no changes. P. Small moved to accept, N. Winter seconded, motion approved.

Pie Sale: Several volunteers signed up to bake pies. After Columbus Day N. Winter will call the pie bakers to confirm. The cost for Nancy's pie materials are $30. She will volunteer her time, but due to the amount of pies she bakes, she will be reimbursed for supplies. There is a need for volunteers for Friday evening to tally the pies. M. Ragaisis, A. Walluk and P. Small will be available to help. Library staff can place orders and purchase at 10:00 a.m. when the doors to the pie sale are opened.

Treasurer's Report: All signatures for the TSB check-signing authority are complete. The Vanguard backup does not need an in house resolution. It allows for three people to sign and move money around. There will be no checks, it is not a money market. The three people authorized to sign are N. Winter, L. Berton and S. Mazeau.

The Capital Reserve has about $12,000.00. Another $4,000.00 will be put in at year's end. Vanguard has $19,000.00 and the Main Street Foundation has about $18,000.00. There is about $76,000.00 in the investment and checking account. R. Merriman expressed concern about whether the assets are appropriate. Board agreed that they are.

In the last 12 years the friends have donated around $310,000.00 to the library. If the Friends did not receive generous amounts from donors, this would not have been possible. For the annual newsletter, S. Mazeau will put in a clear paragraph explaining our investments.

To date, we have made our goals for the year. We are over our income budget, so it has been a very good year. The Book Sale exceeded the budget. There is money left over from the retirement party for A. Walluk. There is $2,200.00 left for books and magazines. If the money is not spent it can be reallocated to other categories or carried over to future years.

To date, there have been 148 donors to the library. Please refer to the budget report for more details.

Librarian's Report: The Library purchased a cart for the LCD projector at $315.00. M. Hasskarl asked the Friends if they could pay for it. The Library also purchased three new receipt printers and scanners at a cost of $225.75. M. Hasskarl also asked if the Friends could fund these as well as the cart. P. Small stated that the Library budget should pay for the printers/scanners, but that the cart could be funded by the Friends. Other members of the Board agreed. P. Small moved that we purchase the cart and N. Winter seconded. Approved.

Burlington Resident Paul Petersen who recently passed away had left $1715.00 for the Library in his will. His wife Esther was on the Library Board. M. Hasskarl will talk with his wife on how she would like that money to be spent and/or allocated. Any designated gifts or money does not have to be spent this year.

Webmaster: L. Berton did a clean up of the website. Pictures of the Book Cart Brigade from the Bicentenial Parad are posted. Updated of staff and Board Members pages.

Old Business:

*Donation envelopes: The bill came to $455.66 for 5,000 redesigned envelopes.
*Book Sale: Still collecting books. Have schedule for volunteers working the Book Sale. New signs were made.
*Discussed placement of Book Sale signs. Will check on Chamber of Commerce and Town Hall to put sign up on their sign boards.
Additional Gift: Amount left on A. Walluk's retirement gift is $1088.

New Business:
*A Walluk suggested that we have a Volunteer's Day: Do in honor of volunteers in March. Take pictures of them and have available for newsletter. The volunteers are Book Sale organizers (a quarter of the Friends income comes from the Book Sale), a woman who comes to the Library to do some typing and file books...there are ten people altogether who volunteer for the Library. The Friends of the Library as well as the Library Board would also be included. There was general agreement, and the matter will be placed on the agenda early in 2007.

Membership Database: L. Berton and A. Walluk took the data from Access and put it onto an Excel database. Word will reach into Excel and get addresses for printing mailing labels. There is a need for a list to track who donated last year, this year and so on to maintain information. Once they're confident that the list is accurate they can generate mailing information for the year-end appeal. Email addresses would also be added to announce events and presentations so that donors are aware of Library happenings.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu

President Len Berton called the September 13, 2006 meeting of the Burlington Library Association to order at 7:40PM in the Anne L Walluk Community Room of the Burlington Public Library.

In attendance were Berton, Pat Small, Nancy Winter, Mike Ragaisis, Bob Merriman, Sandy Mazeau, Anne Walluk, and new Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl. Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu and Pat Miller were absent.

CORRESPONDENCE: Berton reported that he had received the FOCL (Friends of CT Libraries) renewal. Small moved that we renew our membership and Walluk seconded. All approved and Berton said he would take care of the renewal. Hasskarl talked about a possible fundraiser (puppets by Fred Reidy) for the Association to think about. She will follow up with more details at a later meeting. Winter reported that she had contacted a member of the Book Cart Drill Team to invite her to attend a "Friends" meeting. The individual is unable to commit because she and her husband travel south for half the year. Winter also asked Denise Murphy to attend a meeting to see if she would be interested in joining. Berton reported he has left messages at home of Nicole Simmons but has not heard from her. Anne Walluk will try to call. Mazeau received papers from the Secretary of State offering to sell us a paper copy of our Inc. documents. He said it was not necessary to have a paper copy and that he would check on-line to confirm that our status is up-to-date.

MINUTES: The minutes of the April 12, 2006 meeting were amended to change the amount of $500 to $500,000 under the paragraph on correspondence. Mike R. moved that we accept and Sandy M. seconded. Minutes were approved as amended.

BAKE SALE: Nancy reported that she attended Tavern Day on Sun. Sept 11 and has already obtained some names of pie bakers. She requested a volunteer to help price and tally pies as people bring them in the evening before and the morning of the sale. Walluk has prepared a flyer to advertise the pie sale and book sale. Pat Small volunteered.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Mazeau distributed the latest financial report showing the income and balance in each line item. We have 144 members with $5,637.54 received in membership dues. Another $1,380 was accepted in memory of Paul Petersen. Since we do not need to spend as much money on events as budgeted, the group discussed letting Director Hasskarl purchase a new computer for the staff. Winter moved we accept the Treasurer's report and Ragaisis seconded. Approved.

LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: Marie introduced two new services that the library now subscribes to. 1) infoAnytime, a 24/7 Reference service that can be accessed by going to the library website and logging on. 2) NoveList, a digital resource that assists patrons and staff in literature recommendations. Both of these have recently been made available at attractively affordable prices. Marie presented Nancy Winter with a gift in recognition of her dedication and time organizing the Bicentennial Parade Book Cart Drill Team.

WEBSITE REPORT: Berton reported that he has been cleaning up the site with by-law changes, museum pass information, board and staff changes/photos, pie sale and used book sale information. The members agreed that we should keep the survey results hidden, but Walluk suggested we write a summary and respond to some of the comments made on the surveys. She also suggested that we send the summary into the Tri-town Post which, from the survey, seems to be the best source of communication with the public.

OLD BUSINESS: Nancy brought forth a plaque that the Bicentennial Committee presented to all parade participants. We will hang it near the other "Association" items near the new books. The response was very positive to seeing the Library represented in the parade. Berton distributed and went over the survey results. Only 5% were returned which he said was disappointing but the survey is a first step in preparing a new five year long-range plan for the library. He suggested that the results be used in setting priorities for use of the library's limited resources, and that board members read and consider the comments submitted by many respondents. Bob Merriman suggested renewing our connection with the John Martin Foundation and the Hartford Courant Foundation to strengthen our relationship with these funding sources.

BY-LAWS: Berton reviewed the problem with the old by-laws and a motion was made to change Section 3 describing check signing privileges. (See attached copy of wording) Mazeau moved to accept and Winter seconded. Members approved motion. Changes will be posted on web site, to be dated effective Sept. 13, 2006.

NEW MEMBERSHIP LEVELS: Berton will contact Sir Speedy in Bristol to get a quote on printing new envelopes that will have new membership levels listed and some other minor changes. All old envelopes will be discarded.

NEW BUSINESS: Walluk and Small will see that the book sale publicity and schedule of volunteers are taken care of. Mazeau reported that funds remain for an additional gift for Anne, and the possibility of a statue was discussed. Small suggested that something more personal might be more appropriate, and Anne agreed to think about it and let us know what she would like.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Walluk
Acting Secretary

April 12, 2006

President Berton called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm in the Community Room. Attending were Len Berton, Sandy Mazeau, Bob Merriman, Pat Miller, Mke Ragaisis, Pat Small, Anne Walluk and Nancy Winter.

Correspondence: Anne read a letter from Kathy Cockcroft of the Canton library, thanking us for our support of our bi-library Frank Howard Moser book program, "A Stranger in the Kingdom". Sandy announced the arrival of a letter from the state of CT, raising the library construction grant to $500K per year. The Burlington Bicentennial committee has sent us a form listing all specifications for the parade in Sept. We will put in our application for our Book Cart Brigade before the June 15th deadline. We hope to use about 12 carts. (Now to find that many "drivers".) Volunteers are being solicited in our newsletter, and there is a sign-up sheet in the library. Nancy offered to work on decorations; perhaps flowers, flags & balloons. Help and ideas welcomed.

Secretary's Report: In paragraph 8, line 3, Librarian's Report of March 8 Minutes, change "service is free to CT library card holders" to "service is free to BURLINGTON card holders." Motion to accept the minutes by Nancy; seconded by Pat M.; all approved.

Treasurer's Report: Accumulated income has grown from $22,000 to $26,300; this number will be presented at Annual Meeting. Revenue has increased in several areas; see report. There are 4 different restricted funds available for spending in areas where funding is less than adequate for our needs. Total funds at present = $77,868.80, a healthy figure after this year's expenditures. Sandy will designate a slot for incoming donations honoring resident Paul Peterson. Sandy will present our budget briefly at the Annual Meeting, since the Leatherman presentation will be lengthy. Anne moved that copies of our budget be made available to interested parties at the Meeting. Pat S. seconded. Approved. Following discussion, it was agreed to move our Main Street Foundation fund from "Restricted Funds", to an "Endowment" category.

Librarian's Report: Myriad projects: working on a summer brochure before school is out; in the process of hooking up CEN to increase our internet speed. Book Voyagers is a 4-week program. Our summer theme is "Our Town is Your Town" (a la Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land"). Musician Josh Black is writing lyrics to fit, and we plan to begin each Tuesday night's family program learning them. The summer reading list will undergo a re-do this year. There was standing room only for UConn's Dr. Robert Thorsen's excellent, engaging presentation on New England stone walls. Using beautiful photos he covered the areas of geology, history, culture, art and geography.

Webmaster's Report: Len has removed Kim's picture and posted the amended
minutes. Sarah is working on the survey with our new high-speed equipment.

Old Business: Newsletters are ready to fold and stuff. Our goal is to complete this task by 8pm Thursday. We hope to get "wafered" at Sir Speedy and then mailed in time to be received by all residents before our Book Sale, which begins Thursday, April 20th. The amount of writing seems to be at limit; future newsletters will require more pages or fewer words. Ideally, Anne would like to send 2 newsletters per year, if affordable.

Board Vacancies: Nomination of Nancy Winter for Vice-president by Mike;
seconded by Pat S. Approved unanimously. Len will move her to the V.P. slot on the Board page on our website.

Search Committee Progress Update for Anne's replacement: Anne worked on the preparation, but did not interview candidates. Len reported that a prepared
list of the same interview questions was used for all candidates. 23 resumes received; 6 selected for interview; 1 withdrew; therefore, 5 interviews just completed. 3 candidates were selected to recommend to First Selectman Ted Scheidel, including preferences. Ted usually sets a probationary period. The goal is to have someone in place by June 1st with 3 months working transitionally with Anne, and also to have time for the new librarian's salary to be recognized in the town budget.

New Business: Need to change our bylaws & contribution envelopes to include new category "Couples" membership. Pat M. moved to add this category to our bylaws. Sandy seconded. All approved. Len will update bylaws page on website. Lengthy discussion re: increasing membership fees due to inflation. Proposed changes of Individual from $10 to $15; Couples from $15 to $20; Family from $25 to $30; new category Patron $100; Benefactor $200; Life Member from $200 to $300; new wording of Sustaining Life Member: blank space ___; and Other: blank space ___. Motion to accept by Pat S. Seconded by Mike. Close vote passed (2/3 needed). Agreed to announce this decision at annual meeting and implement after that.

Life Members: The board previously voted unanimously via e-mail to make Bob Merriman an Honorary Life Member. His name will appear on our plaque. Bob accepted with pleasure!

Nominating Committee: Bylaw Article V Section 2 states that the President plus another board member act as a committee to contact officers 6 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting ("AM") to find out interest in renewing terms, and then present the slate of officers to the board. Nancy volunteered and will assist Len. Also, board member terms expiring at this year's AM are those of Mazeau, Small, Walluk & Winter. They all agreed to stand for renewal at the AM.

Consensus was that there is no need for our regularly scheduled May 10th meeting, since our AM is May 17th. We agreed to keep in contact via e-mail re: Book Sale results, Survey responses, and Anne will notify us with the date of the Town Budget Meeting, where a show of Friends supporters should be in attendance. A reminder for those interested: the FOCL Spring Workshop is on April 26th from 7-9 pm at the Farmington library.

Next Meeting: May 17, 2006 Annual Meeting

Adjournment: 9:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Winter, acting Secretary

March 8, 2006

The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:40 p.m. in the Library Community Room. Attending were Merriman, Walluk, Miller, Mazeau, Berton, and Mustafa-Kozlu.

Correspondence: April is Friends of the Library month. Anne will put up the poster.
On Wed. April 26, FOCL's Spring Workshop session will be held at Farmington library - board members are welcome to attend. Mazeau showed updated report from the state he had received recently.

Secretary's Report: Made a few changes where needed. Mazeau moved to accept, Miller seconded, motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: Budget is balanced in 2005 results. Did not use accumulated income. Currently, in the Torrington Bank there is $852.00 with an interest rate of 4.26%, and in the Farmington Savings Bank there is $3,958.23 with an interest rate of 4%.

Walluk proposed that we accept a sales quote for a Power Point Projector by Coleprojectors.com. She did some research and found the quote of $2,084.00 to be the most reasonable. Walluk asked that there be a vote to change the equipment budget line to $6,000. Mazeau abstained from the vote since he is a friend of the vendor. Proposal was accepted.

Landscape contract for 2006: $1,200.00 includes mulching, crab grass control, pesticides, etc.

Please refer to the budget report for more details.

Librarian's Report: Audio Books - Free audio book downloads are available at libraryconnection.lib.overdrive.com . To become members, the library has to pay $900.00. The service is free to Burlington library card holders. Miller moved to spend this $900.00, Mazeau seconded, motion approved. Mazeau will add this item to the Books Line.

Looking ahead to Tavern Day - Six Burlington Girl Scout Troops would like to do research on the one-room school classroom and do a presentation on what they have learned. Since the group felt it was a good idea, Ann Mazeau will be asked to contact the troop leaders, and have them prepare a presentation for Tavern Day 2006.

Webmaster's Report: There has been trouble using the website on Tripod. Berton asked library staff if we (Friends) could have a folder on their website and coexist. Thanks to Sarah McCusker's assistance, the Friends site was successfully moved and is operational. Also added item for May meeting, the Leatherman talk and the Stone Walls talk. Did not make any changes to the Board Members as yet except for deleting Kim Robinson.

Old Business: Strategic Planning - A committee was formed to create a survey (jointly with Town Library Board Members). Berton, Ragaisis, Miller, Small, and Mazeau developed the draft, and Walluk and her staff made improvements. Walluk will look into return postage paid envelopes, there is a sense that more people will respond. Need to identify who is sponsoring the survey by adding a heading at the top.

Board Vacancies - Vice President Kim Robinson resigned from the board. A thank-you letter from Berton & Walluk has been sent.

May Newsletter - Waiting on Terry's article about Anne. Once completed, the newsletter will be ready to go to print, and by the end of March for folding & envelope stuffing. Walluk will notify the Board members via e-mail when they are ready to pick up letters and envelopes so the work can be done at home.

New Business: Library Director Search Committee update - Berton was invited to be the representative for the Friends. There is a March 30th deadline for applications. Walluk stated that to date, there are three quality candidates. The candidates must have at a minimum MLS degrees and supervisory experience. Interviews are to begin early April
The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

February 8, 2006

The meeting was called to order by President Len Berton at 7:40 p.m. in the Library Community Room. Attending were Berton, Mazeau, Miller, Ragaisis, Small, Walluk and Winter.

The minutes of the December meeting were accepted as presented.

Correspondence: Renewal notice for the American Clock & Watch Museum was received and it was decided that we would not renew for this year.

Treasurer’s report as of January 11, 2006 was accepted as presented and explained. It was decided after discussion of expenses for this bicentennial year that we increase special events from the projected $2,500 to $3,000 for 2006.

Results of the December solicitation campaign: of the 131 letters sent, 47 (36%) contributed $2035. Of the 15 Life Members, 9 gave a total of $925 (45% of total). So it was worth the effort and the postage cost.

A motion was made and seconded to move $20,000 from the savings account at the Torrington Savings Bank into a 13 month CD. It was voted to accept this and Pres. Berton will take care of the banking details.

A motion to move all except the minimum amount required from the money market account in the Farmington Savings into a 1yr to 24 month CD at the Farmington Savings Bank. The motion was seconded and after discussion of the importance of reallocating these funds the vote was to accept.

Librarian report: Ann Walluk explained that the network printer can not be repaired. She has the monies available to purchase a new printer. She also described the new book discussion club corner.

Webmaster report: Berton reported that he inserted Bob Merriman’s photo on the Board page, and made all the portraits smaller per request of several board members. The approved November minutes were posted. New staff member Sara LoPresti’s photo was added the the Staff page, but then removed at her request. Life members’ Cozzolongo spelling was corrected.

Old business: Strategic Plan minutes of the meeting of January 11, 206 were presented.

The survey committee has met and has a draft in the works. It will be sent to the Board when the committee completes it.

Anne Walluk told that the United Way is promoting activities to catch children in interest transition.

At the town library board meeting of 2-6-06, Berton and Small represented the BLA. Ted Scheidel announced that he agrees with the joint boards’ recommendation that a town community center is a priority and adjacent/connected to the Library would be the best plan.

A vacancy on the Board still exists and needs to be filled. Trish Hart responded that her work schedule precludes her ability to serve.

Newsletter: topics for coverage suggested: the book cart drill for parade, book sale, Leatherman, survey, strategic plan, library usage, honorary member (Bob Merriman), books for babies, museum passes, Ann Walluk’s retirement. Volunteers: Berton -- accomplishments, strategic plan progress, Merriman, and Life Members. Sandy -- what the Assoc has done for the Burlington Room; Anne -- book sale dates and times, museum passes, annual meeting date and Leatherman; Nancy -- book cart drill team for Bicentennial parade, bake sale; Pat -- babies.

Nepaug Dam lecture scheduled for this Sunday may have to be postponed because of the weather forecast.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 8, 2006.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Small

Burlington Library Board and Library Association
Joint Meeting
January 11, 2006

Call to Order: 6:45 pm

Place: BPL Community Room

Attendance: Len Berton, Beryl Chard, Jenny Mantel, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu, Marie Purcell, Mike Ragaisis, Kim Robinson, Pat Small, Carol Troiani, Anne Walluk

Library Association President Len Berton opened the meeting by reviewing the agenda and a discussion of strategic goals.

A brainstorming session followed with the following discussed.

Members discussed whether a Needs Assessment would be helpful. Walluk mentioned the following things that would probably be needed by the library:
Large program space
Small meeting rooms
Storage for multimedia materials
Study Areas
Reading Room
Larger children's area
Larger history room
More space for staff

All the above would require more staffing. The discussion also revolved around the possibility of having a Community Center attached to the library and some of the above spaces mentioned could be shared. * Having a Community Center with the library was one of the goals from the first planning session.

Mazeau mentioned that the capital fund and Main Fund from the Library Association had balance of approximately $19,000. This could possibly help fund a study and a strategic plan.

A discussion followed about long-range planning so that the town would know the boards are very interested in the community center concept. This would save the town money if the expansion of the library could be financially combined with the community center. Having a CC adjacent to or next to the library was one of the goals from the first planning session. Either an integrated building, or at least a heated/cooled connection between the structures would be desirable. A long term goal was discussed about helping the Town management understand that the CC next to or adjacent to ( NOT PART OF ) the library would be beneficial.

Walluk said that the state runs workshops on planning and she would check into this. Miller is willing to attend a workshop at a later date.

The members felt the next step was to develop an Action Plan for long- range planning.

1) A subcommittee was set up with: Mazeau, Berton, Miller, Small, Ragaisis.
2) This committee will determine how many surveys will be sent out, content, etc.
3) Walluk will give the committee samples of other surveys.
4) The surveys can use different media such as on-line, paper, telephone, etc. The survey will be included in the May Library Newsletter.
5) The target date for the committee to finish the survey is Feb. 1, 2006

Another goal from the first planning sessions was discussed. How do the boards get more support from the town?

A short-term goal was discussed. Should board members ask to be on the agenda at a Selectmen's meeting? What would be brought to this meeting? Should a letter be written and signed by board members concerning issues? Should we ask the Board of Finance to hold a meeting at the library? Much discussion followed.

Berton asked if anyone would like to serve on a second committee. At this time no one wanted to do this until the first committee finished the survey.

Association Board members were invited to attend the Tuesday, January 17th meeting if Ted Scheidel is coming to discuss the State of the Town. Walluk will notify members if Scheidel is planning to attend.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Mantel
Recording Secretary

December 14, 2005

Meeting called to order by President Len Berton at 7:47 pm . Members in attendance were Berton, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Ragaisis, Small, Walluk, Winter.

Correspondence: Reviewed thank you note from Friends of Sessions Woods for contribution from this Board in consideration of the use of Sessions Woods meeting hall for the November Library Seminar.

Secretary Report: Miller moved to accept the minutes of the November 5 board meeting. Motion second by Winter. Motion approved

Treasurer Report; Mazeau stated income for current year is $ 600 over projection. Board has received 3 additional contributions in past month which are not yet reflected in the income. A landscaping bill is still outstanding. Walluk moved the report be accepted. Miller provided the second. Motion approved

Librarian Report: Walluk stated the the Leatherman Program has been confirmed for the annual meeting. The presenter will offer the program at no charge. PowerPoint program projection equipment will be required. Program is scheduled for May 17 -the 3rd Weds. In May. Annual meeting is usually the 2nd Weds. In May. A discussion ensued, final plan TBD.
Discussion of museum passes including various attraction highlights vs. popularity and patronage:
#1 Science Center, #2 Wadsworth Atheneum, #3 Mystic Aquarium
#4 N. B. Museum of American Art #5 Mashantucket Pequot Museum
Discussion indicated that Peabody at Yale and Eric Carle passes have a history of patronage that is inadequate but the passes should be continued. The Air Museum is important. Florence Griswald Museum under consideration.
Total cost of current pass program is $995.

Webmaster: Berton reported; New member P. Small added to site. November minutes on site. Need of R. Merriman photo. Need photo of new library staff associate Sara Lopresti.

Old Business; Berton, Small, Walluk provided great effort working on contributor mailing for end of year donors. Mail to 104 regular members, 15 Life Members. Discussion of joint meeting with Library Board of Directors scheduled for January 11, 2006. Meeting plan: fast food at 6:00 pm and meeting start at 6:30pm . Mazeau suggested a meeting topic of a funding campaign for a survey of library expansion needs . Miller provided in-depth web-based information on the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving funding of a needs survey for the Richmond Memorial Library in Marlborough, CT. Ragaisis reminded the board of its previous interest in the goal of Diverse Funding-Revenue for the library ( action item 4A from the joint library seminar ) for a topic at upcoming January 11 meeting. There was further discussion of library expansion and of a potential Community Center.

New Business: Members should make every effort to attend Town Economic Development Meeting Monday December 19, 2005 at 7 pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:57pm

Respectfully submitted, P. Michael Ragaisis

November 9, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:35 pm. In attendance were L. Berton, S. Mazeau, P. Miller, M. Ragaisis, A. Walluk, G. Mustafa-Kozlu, N. Winter. Visitors this evening were Bob Merriman, Pat Small and Trish Hart.

Correspondence: Received solicitation from a Jazz Band & sent email declining their offer.

Secretary's Report: Miller moved to accept the minutes from the last meeting, Ragaisis seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: As of November 8th, everything is up to date. For the end of year income there will be $28,000. We are over in everything except for dues. If we are to receive an additional $4,500.00 in donations we will be doing very well. A letter will go out to past members who have not yet sent in a donation this year. Berton wrote a letter last year, and has offered to do so again this year.

It was suggested that a separate letter go out to the 15 Life Members who contributed last year to ask for a donation. Berton was not comfortable with sending a letter out to Life Members since they are not expected to continue contributing. Mazeau suggested sending them a letter with a sample budget for review, as well as telling them about all the good things we have done for the library. Mazeau will draft this letter for the next meeting so that we can all vote on sending it or not.

The bake sales this year brought in $854.00, and the Book Sales brought in almost $5,000.00. The Sonny and Perley concert did not do so well, bringing in $429.00. Please refer to the treasurer's report for further detail. Winter moved to accept the treasurer's report, Ragaisis seconded. Motion approved.

Librarian's Report: Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme has passes available for $100.00. People who like art find this museum a gem. We have passes to the Wadsworth and New Britain and they get little activitiy. The Science Center pass has always been $200.00 for four people. That has now changed to $100.00 for one person. Imagination in Bristol has passes available. The discounts are not as attractive as they once were. Passes are restricted to Burlington residents because the Friends pay for them out of their budget. A survey is conducted yearly to determine which passes circulate and which do not. Anne will have a staff member do an analysis and report.

Web Master: Added minutes approved at the last meeting. Sonny and Perley concert photos are on the web site.

Old Business:

1) Sonny and Perley Concert: The concert had 28 patrons. There were tickets sold, but we had some no shows. It was felt that the weather played a role in keeping some people away. This was the first time it was not held in the library. It was a disappointment because in the past we had to turn people away because there wasn't enough room in the library although it was very well publicized. It took Winter five months to organize the event. She suggested that for next year we keep the event at the library, since it's not worth all the trouble to have it off site. Discussed the demographics of the local community. Thank you notes to be sent out to Ron Provost and to the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department. Mustafa-Kozlu will compose a draft for Berton's review before sending them out.

2) Examples of some events for the Burlington Bicentenial:

* February: Dr. Carlson, Nepaug Dam
* March: Heather Munroe Prescott will do something on the women of Burlington.
* April: A presentation of the stone walls.
* May: Tom Turek, History of the Tavern

3) We need the name of the person who will do a presentation on the Leatherman at the annual meeting in May. We also need to know the cost. If he is $300.00 or less, the group voted to have him present. Ragaisis moved to agree to spend $300.00 or less, Winter seconded. Motion approved.

4) Pie Sale: This year the Pie Sale brought in $450.00. The pies were sold out by noon. Participation was at its lowest this year. Some people who had offered to make pies did not. To keep a track of sign up sheets, Winter would like a tally sheet to prove who brought in something that was promised. Walluk gave WInter a small box of Godiva chocolates to show her appreciation.

5) In response to a proposal received by the Library Board, the Friends are not interested in purchasing solar panels for the library at this time. It would take 18 to 20 years to get money back on initial investment. The group felt that if the investment paid itself back in less than 5 years, then it could make sense. There is an interest in looking at the current heating and cooling system to see how it can be made more efficient.

6) The Book Sale had one bounced check by an out of state patron. It was recommended that for future sales, a driver's license be requested for out of state checks (to get phone number and address).

7) Pat Small to join the Friends Board. She has been a Burlington resident for the past 18 years. After retiring, she joined the library as a volunteer upstairs; now she is downstairs at the book sale. She currently holds a position as Treasurer for the Historical Society. Miller moved to nominate Pat Small to the Board, Winter seconded. Motion approved.

8) Bob Merriman, a Life Member and frequent visitor at our meetings, was proposed as an Honorary Board Member by Mazeau. Winter moved to nominate Bob, Miller seconded. Motion approved.

9) Strategic Planning Meeting: Mazeau moved that we donate $100.00 to Sessions Woods for the use of their facility. Walluk seconded. Motion approved. There was a feeling of dissatisfaction. Facilitator spent more time talking about herself. The meeting however did bring the two library boards together. By meeting together, there was a feeling that there is a bigger picture out there. Small suggested that we invite groups from town to visit the library and make presentations. Ragaisis suggested that we as a group need to brainstorm to figure out how to hook people in to see us from the other groups within the community. A document was produced after the meeting; Ragaisis asked where do we go from here using this document? It does reflect three to four themes we are thinking about. The Community Center was of mutual interest for both groups. It was suggested that we combine the two groups' strengths to work together. Berton proposed that we have a joint meeting of the groups to discuss the issues. Walluk suggested the second Wednesday in January. It will be a combination Pot Luck Dinner and Strategic Planning. It was suggested that we begin at 7:00 p.m. Ragaisis, Miller, and Mazeau will carry this invitation to their next Library Board meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:55.

October 12, 2005:
The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:35 pm. In attendance were L. Berton, S. Mazeau, P. Miller, M. Ragaisis, A. Walluk, G. Mustafa-Kozlu. Visitors this evening were Bob Merriman and Pat Small.

Correspondence: Received thank you note from Eileen Rubino.

Secretary's Report: Walluk moved to accept the minutes from the last meeting , Mazeau seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: To date, income is over budget for Vanguard and the History Room. Income may be over budget for the year and our expenses may be under budget for the year. The used book sales in the main library have brought in $1,000.00 to date. There is still $2,000.00 available for equipment. To date, there are 184 donors. Please refer to the treasurer's report for further detail. Miller moved to accept the treasurer's report, Mustafa-Kozlu seconded. Motion approved.

Librarian's Report: New person on staff. Sara Lopresti began in October filling the vacant clerk position. Her background is in graphic design. She is interested in pursuing a degree in library studies. Berton requested picture for website.

Web Master: Berton to put a Sonny and Perley announcement on the website.

Old Business: Several topics covered:

1) Sonny and Perley Concert: Mailing went out Friday October 7th. To date, 25 tickets were sold. Walluk stated that there may be lighting need, she had researched some options, but thinks we may have to rent them. Robinson left a message to let us know that her father-in-law played a demo on his radio show.

2) Fall Pie Sale: 25 pies signed up for donations. Some may bring two pies. In the past, there were usually 40 pies to sell. Mazeau to receive pies on Saturday morning and help sell them. There are five people available to help sell the pies.

3) Book Sale: All is set into motion for the sale.

4) Retreat: Questionnaire for the facilitator distributed; they need to be returned to Walluk by October 22. The retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:00. The facilitator is Susan Dantino, Associate Dean of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness. Ms. Dantino requested a mission statement, as well as learning all of our current or past professions. The technique she uses is Appreciative Inquiry (IA). Rather than be paid directly, she would accept a donation. She will be paid with an honorarium. The group proposed $250.00, Mazeau moved to accept, Walluk seconded. Motion approved.

New Business: There are two board vacancies available, we are looking for qualified people to fill them.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

September 14, 2005:
The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:40 pm. In attendance were L. Berton, S. Mazeau, M. Ragaisis, N. Winter, A. Walluk, G. Mustafa-Kozlu, and K. Robinson. P. Miller was traveling. Visitors this evening were Bob Merriman, Priscilla Bown, and Sia Bauer.

Correspondence: Received form to renew membership in Friends of CT Libraries. Berton gave updated form to Walluk who will complete the form, and send it in with a dues check. The rest was solicitations to sell materials.

Secretary's Report: Mazeau moved to accept the minutes from the August 24 meeting, Ragaisis seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: Little activity since last meeting. To date, donors are up by 250 compared to last year. If donor activity continues the way it has been in prior years, we should expect to see $27,000.00. Please refer to the treasurer's report for further detail. Winter moved to accept the report, Robinson seconded. Motion approved.

Librarian's Report: Little activity since last meeting.

Web Master: Little activity since last meeting. List of 2005 Life Members added to the website. Walluk requested some changes to be made on the home page. She would like to have information on activities listed at top rather than having to scroll down. Berton will make the changes.

Old Business: Big topic of the evening, the Sonny and Perley concert. The theme for the evening is "I'll Take Romance". The concert is to focus on the many facets of love. They are charging $450.

Main concern was the advertising. Walluk had looked into taking out an ad in the Foothills Trader and the Yankee Flyer. She found the cost would be too expensive, the group agreed. A press release needs to go out to area radio and television stations. Small posters will be posted around town as well as neighboring towns.

Don Provost, who is the sponsor from the firehouse, will help set up the sign. We need to contact him to set up a day and time.

Robinson stressed that we should make a point that this event is not a library function, but rather a fundraiser. Point well received. She also said that she has contacted her father-in-law, Dick Robinson, to mention the concert on his weekly radio show.

The group agreed that the price for tickets would be $12.00 for advance tickets, and $15.00 at the door. Checks for the advance tickets should be dropped off or sent to the library.

Winter expressed her discomfort in charging for refreshments. The group agreed. She volunteered to organize the refreshments. She will present a fall theme, and will request various bakers from the group to follow her lead.

Berton will take on the responsibility for publicity. Walluk will take on the responsibility of tickets plus the posters. Requests for more help will be conveyed through e-mail contact.

Other Old Business:

Eileen Rubino was very active before she left the Friends Board. Winter passed around a card for all to sign. She will present Eileen with a gift of two gardening books and sing her a song she wrote for the occasion.

Pie Sale: Winter will be organizing the Pie Sale. Rebecca Calvo will assist her in selling the pies. The pie sale will be October 23, 10:00 a.m. 'til gone.

Used book sale is scheduled: October 20, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. October 21 and 22, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Early bird sale will be on the 20th, a $4.00 fee will be collected at the door on that day only. On October 22, it is $5.00 for a bag all day. Jenny Mantel will be organizing the sale.

Retreat: There is no date for the retreat at this time. Ragaisis, who also sits on the appointed Library Board of Directors as well as the Friends of the Library, presented an outline on what he feels the two boards should focus on at the retreat. He feels that we should be armed and ready with an agenda. [See addendum below for his notes.]

Retirement: A. Walluk will be retiring in June. Ragaisis said that there is a selection committee of the Town Board which will be involved in the interviewing and evaluating the candidates for the position. He asked if anyone wanted to be considered to join this panel. Robinson expressed interest.

New Business: Ann Mazeau suggested the Leatherman as a topic for the next annual meeting in May, which would tie in to the Historical Society's preparation for the Bicentennial. It was necessary to put this on the 2006 calendar of events now, so after emailing the Board, Walluk did so.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

ADDENDUM: Notes from Ragaisis on "Retreat" Topics

Library Board of Directors -- Coaching Seminar Agenda ideas

Increase the Board of Directors power, passion, enthusiasm

Power = town survey, program / material selection, patron contact

Passion = meet changing patron behavior / needs and media

Enthusiasm = IS the town cultural center, 21 st century programs and funding

Budget " locked - in " by Town Boards ( do municipal boards really have time to read our handout materials) and a few distorted perceptions of a information age facility and its staffing requirements

funding roadblocks; Town Library gets < 1.5 % of Region 10 funding, town's small industrial /commercial base, adjacent "big' libraries

Town Growth / Expansion

o library role

o Town-Wide Support: Town Survey / Planning Committee

o Community Center??

o 2005 Summer programs received commercial support!

o Library 10 yr. Plan ??

o Largest customer focused endeavor in Burlington (excluding the town government-residents)

o more patrons/ "customers" than all the schools

o Library Expansion or future regional libraries ??

o 21st Century Funding Ideas

August 24, 2005: Len Berton called the meeting to order at 7:35. Board members Sandy Mazeau, Anne Walluk, Kim Robinson, Nancy Winter, Mike Ragaisis and Pat Miller were present. Priscilla Bown, Sia Bauer and Bob Merriman also attended.

Thank you note from Mary Rose Fiore for refreshments provided for the Senior Book Club program.
FOCL Point - state friends newsletter.

Minutes: A motion was made by Anne Walluk; seconded by Nancy Winter to accept the minutes from the April meeting. Accepted.

Treasurer's Report:
Sandy will send letters to those who contributed to Kathy Smith's retirement party (if their total contributions for the year exceed $250) stating it was not a charitable donation -
Contributions are down as well as expenses. To date the total number of donors is 181. Donations picked up at the end of last year, totaling 250.Under Income, there is a line item "Contributions - Designated $3,000" This was actually a grant. Len requested that it be clearly shown as a grant category in both expenditures and contributions.

Librarian's Report:
Coming Attractions Video store donated 7 sections of slat rack shelving - will be used for the book sale in the basement. Anne also purchased used videos 2/$5 for a total of $170.
The library received a large donation of books from an estate. (40 boxes)
Tavern Day, this year the friends will not be opening the schoolhouse as in the past but will definitely be present at the bicentennial next year. It will require a volunteer to attend the Chamber of Commerce meetings next summer.
Books for Babies: Someone is needed to combine the national programs brochures and inserts into the Burlington library's own plastic bags. Kim volunteered.

Webmaster Report:
By-law amendments were added. Board member changes along with pictures of individual board members were added. The navigation links were reorganized in the left border. Life members were listed. Anne's new pictures of Library replaced old homepage image. Two new museums added to Passes. Staff pictures updated. Averaging 2 hits per day.

Old Business:
Sonny & Perley Concert. Scheduled for Friday, October 14. at the firehouse.
Need to determine the room capacity, the seating arrangement, refreshments and cost of tickets. There was a discussion on advertising the event - flyer, radio ads, Tri-town ad. A motion was made, seconded and accepted to spend up to $600 over the actual cost of Sonny & Perley Concert.

New Business:

Bicentennial: The Saturday before Tavern Day in 2006 there will be a parade. It was suggested that we enter 10 book trucks -that could be decorated.

Motion was made by Pat Miller, seconded by Mike Ragaisis to spend $75 on a book as a thank you gift for Eileen Rubino. She has contributed a lot of time and effort to the used book sales over the years. Nancy volunteered to purchase and present it.

Pie Sale - Oct 22. Nancy will organize it.

Landscaping - Bob Merriman has suggested that the trees/ junipers be pruned. He has offered the services of his grandchildren. There is money in the budget to pay them.

Retreat - Bob Merriman has suggested that the board is at a point where the members would benefit from a "retreat" whose goals would be long-term strategic planning for the Boards' future directions. We could extend an invitation to the appointed Library Board of Directors and perhaps past board officers/members. It could be a week night from 5-8 with a certified moderator - Susan Dantino has agreed to moderate in return for a donation to a scholarship fund at Tunxis Community College. There would also be a small charge for the informational packets and food. Preferably it would be held in October or November. Sessions Woods and Main Street Foundation were suggested as possible locations. This would be an opportunity to explore the direction of library services in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 pm

April 13, 2005: The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:40 pm. In attendance were Berton, Mazeau, Miller, Ragaisis, Winter, Walluk, and Mustafa-Kozlu. Nancy Winter was kind enough to share homemade hermits and strawberries with the group this evening.

There was no correspondence to report this evening. Made change to minutes from last month's meeting, changed "wonder" to "wonderful". Miller moved, Winter seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer: At the annual meeting we will show 2004 actual income. Draft of 2005 to be approved at annual meeting. $500 will be moved from equipment to the history room, making the budget for the history room $1,500.00. In 2004, the group spent $16,000.00 rather than $22,000. due to the increase in donations. Please refer to the treasurer's report for further detail. Walluk moved to accept the treasurer's report, Winter seconded. Motion approved.

Librarian's Report: Library has passes to the Eric Carle museum. Currently working on obtaining passes to the Peabody museum. A brochure is being worked on to list all the museum passes available at the library.

Ann Mazeau needs all the surveys regarding the Bicentenial to be returned to her as soon as possible. An 18-month Burlington calendar with all relevant activities on it is currently being put together. This needs to be completed in the next three weeks to get it to the printer. One of the issues regarding scheduling activities is when to hold all the events. Some ideas being worked on: Thorsen to talk about stone walls. Carlson to talk about the Historical Society. History of the Tavern and History of the Women of Burlington.

Web Master: March meeting minutes posted on the web site. Future meeting minutes will be posted as well. Nancy gave Len pictures from the Black Forest Bake Sale to post. New link with college scholarships is now posted. Currently, there are two hits a day.

Old Business: Sonny and Perley have been booked for Friday, October 14, 2005. A decision needs to made if they are to perform at the library or elsewhere. A decision also needs to be made if there is to be a charge to patrons, or will it be an open event. Winter will talk with Marianne Schwarzman to see if the event could be held at the firehouse. Coffee and light refreshments will be served at the performance.

Used book sale is scheduled: April 28, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. April 29 and 30, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed. Several members of the group offered their time. Walluk took names and will pass on names and phone numbers to Alice Taricani who is coordinating volunteers for the book sale.

Annual newsletter has been sent to the printer, once they are ready Walluk will contact Board members to stuff envelopes to get them out before the annual meeting.

New Business: Walluk is currently planning a retirement lunch for Kathleen Smith. The luncheon buffet is scheduled for Sunday, May 22, 2005, 12:00 - 3:00 at the library. The guest list will include the following: Town Hall staff, Town Selectmen, Friends of the Library, past and present staff members of the library, and some of her friends and family. There will be a RSVP for the luncheon, and a charge of $15.00 for lunch per person and a donation of $10.00 for a retirement gift. Walluk asked if the association could pay for the invitations, which are estimated to cost $175.00. Miller moved to approve to pay up to $200.00 for the invitations, Ragaisis seconded. Motion approved.

New Business: Three terms are expiring next month, Berton, Ragaisis and Mazeau. All three have expressed an interest to continue in their current positions. These will be voted on at the annual meeting next month. Terms begin and end at annual meetings, that is why a vote is needed at the meeting. Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu was elected to take on the Secretary position; she will complete Anne Walluk's term (one year). Berton moved to approve, Winter seconded. Motion approved.

In preparation for next month's annual meeting, the Board feels that a recap of the past year's accomplishments should be presented. Berton will put together a report of the successes and where we're going. He will draft ideas and ask for feedback from the Board. He will also talk about shifting of funds, the History Room, landscaping cost, computer cost, etc. An agenda for the annual meeting will be put together by Anne.

Berton found a conflict in the bylaws recently. He asked the Board if changes could be made as follows:

IV. Section 2. "All of the Directors shall be elected for a term of three

changed to

"Each of the Directors shall be elected for a three year term at an annual
meeting by a simple majority of members present."

V. Section 1. " who shall be elected bi-annually for a term of two (2)
years by the Directors from among the Board of Directors."

changed to

" who shall be elected by a simple majority bi-annually for a term of two
years by the Directors from among the Board of Directors. In the event of a
vacancy during the term of any officer, the Board will elect a replacement
for that officer to serve for the balance of the term."

Walluk moved to approve the changes, Miller seconded. Motion approved.

Section 2. "At the annual meeting, the nomination committee will present a
slate of officers to be voted upon by the general membership. The
President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall perform such
duties and assume such responsibilities as normally develop upon their office"

changed to

"At the annual meeting, the nominating committee will present a slate of
officers to be voted upon by the Board. The President, Vice-President,
Secretary and Treasurer shall perform such duties and assume such
responsibilities as normally devolve upon their office"

Mazeau moved to approve the change, Ragaisis seconded. Motion approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes Meeting held March 9, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:35pm. In attendance were Berton, Mazeau, Rubino, Miller, Ragaisis, Walluk, Mustafa-Kozlu, and Robinson. Winter was absent. George Morants attended a guest. Also attending was Ann Mazeau, Local History Specialist at the Library. Ann discussed the Town bicentennial that will be celebrated in 2006. She reviewed a number of activities that could occur as part of the year-long celebration and asked for the "Friends" support. She also asked that members check and return an activity poll.

Correspondence: Mazeau reported that we received a letter from the IRS. It was the standard letter asking us if the organization is still in existence. We do not file income tax since we do not have an annual income of $25,000 or over. Walluk reported that the Association had received a thank you note from Kristine David, wife of the late Peter David who was honored by the Association by placing his name on our Memorial Plaque.

Minutes: Walluk noted that a correction should be made in the name Neil Beup.
Under treasurer's report the second paragraph was changed to read: The book budget was reduced due to the need for computers, shelving and other necessary equipment for the library. We hope that the Town budget can address the Association's shortfall .Motion was moved by Walluk to accept as changed, seconded by Ragaisis. Motion approved.

Treasurer: The $3000 grant from the Parker Trust was deposited. The budget for 2005 was discussed and approved for the annual meeting in May. (Motion Rubino, 2nd by Miller)

Librarian's report: Walluk said that Neil Beup of the Town Economic Development Commission has agreed to be the guest speaker at the Annual Meeting. She also asked for approval to expand the museum pass program to include the Eric Carle Museum. The Board agreed and also approved the Peabody Museum after additional discussion.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported that he made a number of changes in the site. The CCIC college resource link was added to the Resource Center page. Notice of the Annual Meeting was posted. Betsy Francischelli was removed from the Board page and a footnote inserted. Anne's photos of the Keith Johnson performance and the Morrissey painting were added. The museum page was updated to reflect the latest changes, and all the links to their own web sties were checked and corrected as needed. Old news items were deleted. The hit counter reached 2546, which continues to average 2 per day.

OLD BUSINESS: 1) The Black Forest Bake Sale raised $413. Volunteers like Nancy Winter, George Morants and all the volunteer bakers did a wonderful job. 2) Used book sale will be publicized as April 28-30. 3) Sonny Daye called to inquire if we would like to book the group for a return performance. We decided to try for October, and will discuss the details concerning venue and tickets later.

NEW BUSINESS: The annual newsletter is almost complete. Len has prepared a President's Message and Sandy has submitted a piece about the different funds and how an individual can donate. Len will attempt to get the logo art work from Sir Speedy in Avon.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12PM.

Respectfully submitted

Anne Walluk

February 9, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Berton at 7:39 p.m. In attendance were Berton, Ragaisis, Mazeau, Miller, Mustafa-Kozlu, Robinson and Winter.

Correspondence: Len spoke with Betsy regarding her staying on the board. Due to her schedule she is unable to continue on. Len asked if a letter could be sent thanking her for her services. Mazeau moved to accept, Winter seconded, and the motion was approved.

Ragaisis reported that Jim McKusker met with the Library Board of Directors in December 2004. He is proposing to create a Burlington Community Center. He asked for library support. The Library Board agreed to support the Community. This point in time it is just information, we do not have to take any action now.

Secretary's Report: Mazeau moved to accept minutes of last meeting. Winter seconded. Motion was approved.

Treasurer's Report: Overall the budget is doing well. Will not know final figures 'til May when the Vanguard and Main Street report comes in. Mazeau suggested that the newsletter should state that donators could designate money, otherwise it would go into a general fund for non-specified donations.

The books budget was reduced due to the need for computers, shelving, and other necessary equipment for the library. We hope that the Town budget can address the Association's shortfall.

Mazeau reported that the number of members for 2004 was 250 vs. 268 in 2003. These figures include corporate-matching dues received.

Robinson moved to accept the Treasurer's report; Winter seconded. Motion was approved.

Librarian's Report: Drymounts went to the State and are being displayed. The grant from the Parker Trust needs two signatures; then we will be receiving it, hopefully next week.

Web Report: Deleted old stuff, especially Spring 2004 (not to confuse things). Took out best seller request list. With input from Anne and figures from Sandy's report, brought the "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" up to date. Hit counter reached 2428, which is averaging 2.3 hits per day since the last meeting.

Old Business: Winter discussed plans for the Black Forest Bake Sale. She was very enthusiastic with responses from volunteer bakers. She asked for volunteers from the group to help with the event. George Morants is assisting her by baking and will work at the sale.

New Business: Discussed if we should meet on Sunday instead of Wednesday, nobody was interested in changing the day.

The annual meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2005. Neil Beup will be the guest speaker.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32.