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Burlington Library Association

Regular Meeting Minutes 2010-11

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           Annual Meetings 

Meeting: December 14, 2011
Call to order: 1:33 p.m. in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library
Attendance: Berton, Mazeau, Small, Eberhard, Winter, Merriman, Walluk, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Mantel. Absent: Miller.

Correspondence: Walluk shared a thank you note from Phil Smith for the Cat's Meow he was given. She has contacted some people who may be interested in joining the Board. It is hoped that the "How You Can Help" bookmark will result in more volunteer participation. Ann Mazeau sent a fundraising idea being implemented this year by the Unionville Museum. Local artists were asked to paint birdhouses which are now being bid on in a silent auction. Idea was passed on to Hasskarl for the Library to consider for their Teen Challenge fund raiser. Walluk has not yet received a reply from her inquiries about the Master Gardener Project.

Secretary's report: No changes noted. Motion to approve: Mazeau. Second: Krewalk. Approved

Treasurer's report: 30 responses to the end of the year letter have been received so far. It is expected that several more will donate before the end of the year. Mazeau reported 197 donors plus another received before the meeting. Book sales, magazines, etc. have generated $8200. We are ending the year with more than $27,000. While our income was less this year, so was our spending. Hasskarl was authorized to spend up to $4000 more for books and e-books. She noted that the e-book circulation is up 14% this year. A request was made to separate sales income and expenses from other income and expenses in the future budgets so we can see how much income we are generating from our book and product sales. Merriman noted that the boxwoods will need to be replaced in the spring and suggested additional funding for landscaping be included in the new budget. Mazeau offered a clarification of the spreadsheet in response to questions about it.
Motion to approve: Berton Second: Eberhard. Approved.

Webmaster's report: The website has been updated and approved minutes posted. Updates include changes to the position of secretary, details of the December Book Sale, a picture of the Cat's Meow, and listed events moved from upcoming to completed. Berton suggested we try a web page for online selling of products, but Mazeau cautioned that we would have to collect sales tax if we opened an online store. Berton will include pictures, descriptions, and prices of available products, but will not offer them for sale online. Hasskarl will assist with photos and descriptions. Walluk asked that a subscription feature be added to the online dues page.

Library Director's Report: Book sale room door: It would cost $1572 to replace the entire door, closer, bar, and trim. To replace just the closer, panic bar, and some finish work it would cost $913. Craig Winter offered to adapt the old front door for a cost of $500, but Walluk noted that the door downstairs must be a metal fire door. A decision on the door was tabled, but we will ask Craig if some sort of setscrew can be installed to keep the door from latching shut during book sales. A brief conversation was held about outdoor lighting for the area by the book sale room, and that decision was also tabled. A follow up meeting for book sale volunteers will be held in the future, and conversations about the lighting will be held then.
Programming for next year: Hasskarl requested money in the budget for programming. Programs have been paid for the past two years by the Congressional Direct Grant. She would like $700 for children's programs, $2000 for summer reading, and $100 for the G. Fox program. Walluk noted that we have paid for programming in the past and recommended an allocation of $3500 to cover both Hasskarl's requests and programs the Board would host. Consensus was that this spending is in keeping with our stated goal to bring the community into the library.
Wine for May meeting: Hasskarl was asked to resubmit this request in January as it will have to be considered by the new First Selectman.
Library Holiday Closings: The Library will be closed Dec. 23-26, Dec. 31, and Jan. 1-2.

Program Committee: Civil War Series: Walluk has been working to book State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellatoni to present The Search for Ezra Chamberlain, a Civil War program. Application for booking is made through the Museum of Natural History which requests a donation to the museum of $250. There is a matching grant of $100 to offset the cost. She is also trying to get further information about the program, They Call Me Lizzie, another Civil War program.
Annual Meeting: The meeting, which the bylaws require be held in May, will be a social event honoring life members. It was decided to hold the event on May 11, 2012, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The committee will continue to plan the event.

Old Business: Book Sale Dec. 3: Eberhard expressed thanks for all the help she received before and during the sale. The sale was very successful and something we will do again. Books will start to be separated out for the February sale accompanying the bake sale, and for the summer reading sale. Thank you, Elaine, for your hard work on these.
Cat's Meow: Thirteen were sold at the book sale. Small will ask for these to be available at the Historical Society, and she will have some available for sale in the Library. She is still waiting for the bill.
Donation Envelope: Draft copies of the revised donation envelope were presented. Changes were made to clarify electronic book donations, and corrections/changes were made to wording, capitalization, punctuation, and style. Walluk will make draft changes.

New Business: None

Meeting adjourned: 3:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Hierl

Meeting: November 9, 2011
Call to order: 1:33 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Room of the library
Attendance: Berton, Eberhard, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter

Correspondence: Walluk received a communication that the Unionville Post Office will no longer be processing bulk mail. She will complete the necessary paperwork to have our bulk mailing permit moved from Unionville to the Farmington Post Office.

Secretary's report: Mantel indicated her desire to focus on being the chairperson of the book sale and to resign as secretary of the board. Hierl was nominated as secretary by Small, seconded by Miller. Approved.
Changes to minutes of Oct. 12: 50, not 58, pieces were ordered of the Cat's Meow; sentence about pie sale was amended to read, "New idea for whoopee pies and extra blueberry pies." Motion to approve with changes made by Small, seconded by Winter. Approved.

Treasurer's report: Mazeau has received more than 20 new membership donations with several more expected. He is also expecting the regular December donations to be coming in during that month. Our income is down slightly, and it was agreed we will spend only what we actually have collected. To that, Mazeau asked that Marie and Diana cut back in their spending until we have the money in hand. Matching funds to donations are used for whatever purpose the donor indicated or greatest need if no area was designated. Mazeau indicated we should end the year with about $26,000. We have spent about $23,000. Motion to approve by Berton, seconded by Eberhard. Approved.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported changes to the website: approved minutes have been posted, the success of the Carolyn Ivanoff program was noted, information about the Dan Sickles program posted, photos from the Library website were copied and posted, and book and pie sale results and thank you to the volunteers were posted.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl reported that the library was without power for four days, and closed for three days. The phone system, computer printers, fax, and the emergency system are still not functioning fully. She indicated she feels the building needs a generator to assure the security system, computers, lights, and materials in the library are functional and safe. In the future, perhaps a STEAP grant will be written to underwrite the expense. During the storm Marie checked the library daily and came over in the middle of the night when the power returned. After so many days without power, the emergency light system failed. Once again, the board agreed the library and town need a facilities manager to oversee the building. Hasskarl reminded the board that the materials budget from the town was reduced this year.

Program Committee:
Book Sale: The October book sale made $1839, slightly less than the fall total of $2026.90. The $1839 amount only reflects downstairs sales. Advertising will continue for the December 3 book sale. Mantel requested that the book sale committee meet again after the December sale to talk about future sales. Glenn is coming Tuesday, Nov. 15 to pick up discarded books.

Pie Sale: The pie sale made an unprecedented $831 in 2-1/4 hours, a tribute to the wonderful donations of 29 bakers. Two new bakers donated this year, and special note was made of Sami Sebastian who baked and donated 11 pies. Winter noted the past totals ('10 $786 with 33 bakers, '09 $783 with 34 bakers, '08 $68 with 32 bakers, and '07 $576 with 24 bakers), and indicated that she feels we should increase the price of the pies by $2 a pie for next year. The highest price for any pie will be $14. It was agreed that seems a reasonable increase.

Dec. 3 sale: Eberhard continues to price, sort and box books for the Dec. 3 sale. She has 300-400 books already boxed. The sale will be from 10-4, and book prices will be from $1 to $6. She needs help to set up before and clean up after the December sale. The following offered to help set up tables, carry boxes upstairs, and arrange books: Pat and Tom Small, Pat Miller, Anne Walluk, Nancy and Craig Winter, and Ed Krewalk. They will meet at the library on Friday, Dec. 2 at 11:00. Help will be needed after the sale to rebox and move unsold books.
Small and Winter are making signs to help with pricing.

Civil War Series: The Carolyn Ivanoff program was very well attended. The Dan Sickles program is November 17th. We may have two more programs in the fall and spring of 2012.

Old Business:
Cat's Meow: Small has ordered and been promised delivery of the first 50 by November 28. Once she has the invoice, she will set the price.

Membership Campaign: We have more than 20 new members; raffles were a huge hit; we will continue to encourage people to join

Donation Envelope: Walluk and Hierl will work on updating the donation envelope. We will include a place for automatic Paypal donations. Mazeau requested the envelope be made larger to hold checks without having to fold them.

New Business:
Downstairs door: Door downstairs doesn't "unlock" properly. We may need a new crash bar mechanism, and the door frame is bent. Craig Winter will look at the door and give us an assessment.
Storm damage: During the storm plants were damaged by trucks driving over the island outside. We will need to repair in the spring.

Annual Meeting: Walluk asked if the by-laws require the annual meeting be held in May. Berton will look into it. Walluk suggested that instead of a program, we hold a celebration honoring life members. We would have a brief business meeting. We would look into holding this on a Friday evening. Attendance would not be limited to life members, but they would be the honored guests. It was discussed whether wine could be served. Berton suggested getting the actual liability insurance policy to see if it mentions anything about alcohol. Hasskarl offered to look into it. We will continue to discuss this.

Master Gardeners Program: Walluk has sent an email to determine if we qualify as a project to clean out the lily bed.

December mailing: Walluk is working on this.

Goals Update: Walluk reviewed her annual goals for the library board and the efforts and progress we have made. The general goals are to target new members, increase book sales, increase fundraising ideas, hold more programs, and increase visibility of the BLA. Progress has been made in all areas, and we will continue to work to further implement these goals.

Meeting adjourned at: 3:11 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Sandra Hierl, Secretary

Meeting: Oct. 12, 2011
Call to order: 1:31pm in the Library's Anne Walluk room

Attendance: Berton, Mazeau, Small, Eberhard, Miller, Winter, Merriman, Walluk, Hasskarl, Hierl. Krewalk and Mantel were absent.

Correspondence: Annual meeting of CT Friends in 11/5 at CCSU. Topic: do Friends groups need insurance? Nancy sent sympathy notes to Steve Romanzi and Terry and Dennis Foley.

Secretary's report: Change to minutes of September, 2011: candidates' night is Oct 13th, not 15th. Motion to approve with change made by Hierl and seconded by Winter. Approved.

Treasurer's report: Mazeau: we are seriously behind in revenue. Even if an estimate for December collections is factored in, it looks like we will be about $2000 below budget, and we may have to use accumulated income for the first time in years. Marie, Diana and Ann M. will be advised to curtail spending on books, history room and other discretionary items. Membership only at 136 vs. 245 last year. Motion to approve report made by Small, seconded by Miller. Approved.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported that he posted the approved minutes from April, 2011 meeting. He added the new Life Member list supplied by Walluk. Pie sale and Book sale posted. In addition to the resolution passed at the last meeting to post Annual Meeting minutes as drafts, Berton moved to post April minutes as drafts as well, due to the 5-month lag before review and approval. Seconded by Miller and approved.

Library Director's Report: The "Meet the Candidates" night to be held at the Lewis Mills High School. The selectmen will speak first and then the First Selectmen. Tom Monahan will be the moderator, and Pat Small the timekeeper. Nutmeg TV will record the program but it will not be shown live. Broadcasts will be at 7pm on Oct. 21, Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 on Comcast Ch. 96 and AT&T U-verse Ch. 99. Marie asked Board who was coming so she can prepare name tags, and she thanked those who are bringing refreshments. Marie will place labels by the 22nd on computers purchased by the Friends.

Program Committee: Anne reported for Jenny: a list has been prepared of newspapers to send notices for publication of the booksale. A page was prepared to have the schools put in kids' backpacks - Anne will do copies at Staples. Nancy reported she has 13 special-order pies @$12; 25 bakers to do about 30 pies for the regular sale. Craig made custom racks to store them in refrigerator. New idea: have whoopee pies, and also extra blueberry pies. Elaine will do special "like-new" book sale on Dec. 3; there will be a gift-wrap option by Nancy at $1 per book to maximum of $5. Civil War Speaker: Small will do gift basket for the Oct. 20th speaker, Carolyn Ivanoff, since she has not requested a fee. Committee may move the November presentation date to Nov. 3rd or 4th.

Old Business: Cat's Meow is ordered. Small to have 50 pieces ready to go by Dec. 3rd. Wholesale price is $10.49 each plus $140 set up cost. Selling price to be determined.
Membership Drive 10/22-29 will have raffle on for basket of goodies. Drawing 29th 2pm. Anne is making display using Small's mirror to encourage people to stop and sign up. Anne showed pledge card. Also will be a take-home envelope. She is preparing a script for those serving at the table for consistency.

New Business: Merriman suggested that someone be sought to organize a chess event, primarily for young people. No one knew anyone who is a chess expert.

Meeting adjourned at 3:06 pm.

Len Berton, Acting Secretary

Meeting: Sept. 7, 2011

Call to order: 1:55pm at the home of President Walluk. Library was closed for installation of new carpeting.

Attendance: Berton, Mazeau, Small, Eberhard, Miller, Winter, Merriman, Krewalk and Walluk. Hasskarl, Hierl and Mantel were absent. Congratulations were extended to Elaine for being appointed to Library Board at a recent Board of Selectmen's meeting.

Correspondence: FOCL Newsletters, newsletters from Brewster Cape Cod and Portland, ME friends, and Main Street. In early August, Walluk sent in annual registration to the Secretary of State for CT with $50 filing fee.

Secretary's report: Motion to approve minutes of April, 2011 made by Small and seconded by Mazeau. Approved.

Treasurer's report: We are $4000 behind in income compared to same time last year. The library has spent $15,000 to date which is well within our ability to pay. We anticipate having to draw from our accumulated fund if donations do not pick up by year end. Expenses for PayPal donations have reached $11.76 for donations totaling $315. Motion was made to approve report by Miller, seconded by Winter. Approved.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported that he posted the approved minutes from 2010 annual meeting. With one whole year between annual meetings a motion was made to post a draft of the annual meeting minutes on the website with "DRAFT" clearly marked. The motion was passed. A second motion to post draft minutes of our regular monthly meeting was rejected.

Library Director's Report: In absence of Marie (due to the carpet installation) Walluk reported that the library has a new roof and there have been no leaks with all the recent rain. Also repaired was the chimney. New front doors will be the next project. The Library Board has selected the date of October 13th to hold a "Meet the Candidates" night to be held at the Lewis Mills High School. After discussing how to promote the Library in the school setting, Miller suggested that the school auditorium might have a pull down screen that could be used to project by power point or something similar: "Sponsored by the Burlington Public Library." Mazeau and Eberhard can take suggestion to next Library Board meeting.

Program Committee: The committee met twice, July and August. BOOK SALE COMMITTEE: In June, Mantel and Walluk held a long range book sale planning meeting. Walluk handed out a report generated from this meeting and discussed how some of the suggested changes are slowly going to be put into effect. TAVERN DAY: Winter and Walluk have prepared handouts that volunteers will give to attendees of Tavern Day. Volunteers will be on hand to help Pat Small in the "little red schoolhouse" as well as distribute BLA handouts. PIE SALE: Winter will have a sign on Tavern Day to solicit volunteers to bake for the pie sale. Her request to purchase oversized pie plate bags was approved. Sale is Oct. 22 with preorders the week earlier. BOOK SALE PUBLICITY: Walluk and Mantel have been looking for a volunteer to coordinate all publicity of book sales, with no luck to date. SPECIAL HOLIDAY BOOK SALE: Elaine is going to organize volunteers to help collect, price and arrange a book sale for Dec. 3. Nancy has volunteered to gift wrap the books at the sale for an extra dollar. ($5.00 or more will wrap for free) VOTING on Nov. 8: Plans to have a table at voting polls was rejected.

Old Business: Cat's Meow can probably be done by Dec. 3 book sale if we get the picture and move along with plans. Pat Small is organizing the order.

New Business:
A. Are interested in Sonny and Perly concert? It was agreed that we do not receive a good turnout to justify the cost.
B. We need to re-do our donation envelopes to include PayPal option.
C. Membership Campaign: We will hold a member drive between Pie sale date (Oct. 22) and Book Sale date (Oct. 29). A gift basket, Nancy's best pie, and Sandy's special cake will be offered as drawings to anyone who joins or signs a pledge card to join during the week. Details to be discussed at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4pm.

Anne Walluk, Acting Secretary

April 13, 2011

Call to Order:  Anne Walluk's house at 1:35 pm

Attending:  Berton, Eberhard, Krewalk, Mantel, Miller, Hierl, Small, Walluk, Merriman, and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl.

Absent:   Mazeau and Winter

Correspondence:   Walluk shared an invitation from the Main Street Fund Friends Reception on July 7, 2011.

Secretary’s Report: A motion to accept the minutes was made by Miller and seconded by Hierl. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: In Mazeau’s absence, Walluk presented the report.  A motion to accept the report was made by Small and seconded by Miller.  Approved.

Library Director’s Report:  Hasskarl discussed a reception to be held on April 27, 2011 to honor Marie Purcell and Beryl Chard's retirement from the Library Board.  If anyone would like to make a contribution towards the gift, see Hasskarl. 

Lynn Thompson and JoEllen Flat will be filling the two vacancies on the board. 

Love Your Library campaign is ending. As of now 32 subscriptions have been donated with a total of $835.45.  Mantel will send out letters to previous donors and a thank you letter to those who contributed. 

Children's Challenge will be underway soon with a $4,000 donation from a donor to get the project started.

Snapshot Day was April 13, 2011 and Hasskarl passed out forms to be filled out.  She will send them to CLC to help record how important your library is to your community. 

Hasskarl discussed where the Library Board is in the budget process and could use support at the Board of Finance meeting.

Webmaster’s Report:  Berton reported that Memorial Donations similar to the envelope have been added to the website’s donation page.  Several other changes were made including adding email address.  A $300 life member donation (with corporate match) was received online. Walluk thanked Berton for keeping the website up to date and having one of the few Friends Associations that has a separate website.

Program Committee Report: 

Walluk shared information on a Disaster Plan program presented by the Red Cross .

A long discussion was held on ways to get advertising for events.  Hierl has been working diligently to get information to the public about the Civil War programs.  Mantel has explored different ways to advertise the book sales.  Walluk has submitted an ad for April to the local business flyer for a one time ad advertising the book sale at a cost of $145. We will not have Pat Small make up small signs to place around town.

A discussion was held about increasing revenues through membership drives and changes in the book sale structure.

Old Business:   The newsletter project has been completed.  It was a very time-consuming and tedious project with the insert page.  Walluk is looking for interested volunteers to help with the newsletter or be in charge of the newsletter.

Small discussed the Cat's Meow projected.  It was decided to order the less expensive model of the library.  A photo will be submitted after the lilies are in bloom.  Hierl volunteered her son-in-law, a professional photographer, to help with the final photo if needed. 

Hierl requested that the library put a link to the BLA website on the Library facebook page.  Marie said that could be done.

New Business:  Pat Small has agreed to head the nomination committee.

Tom Monahan will be the guest speaker at the annual meeting.  Walluk will check with Winter about arranging refreshments.

Adjourned: 3:25 pmRespectfully submitted,

Jenny Mantel. Recording Secretary


March 9, 2011

Call to Order: President Anne Walluk called the meeting to order in the Anne Walluk Community Room at 1:33 p.m.

Attending: Berton, Winter, Krewalk, Walluk, Mazeau, Miller, Small and Library Director Hasskarl. Absent: Mantel, Eberhard, Merriman, Hierl

Correspondence: Walluk announced that the Friends of CT Library "Boot Camp" would be on April 9 at U of Hartford, and explained the discussions panels would be held for new Presidents, Treasurer's and book sale chairpersons. She invited anyone on the Board interested in attending with her to come. She reminded the Board that copies of the FOCL newsletter would be in our office box. Mazeau informed us that all library used book sales are exempt from sales tax. Applications are being accepted for awards from the FOCL. Main Street Community Foundation has announced their audio conference on April 20, 2011 "Social Networking and Online Fundraising Success".

Secretary's Minutes: A motion was made by Miller and seconded by Berton that the minutes as presented for the last meeting be accepted. All agreed.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau presented for review the budget for the next year. After much discussion it was agreed to add e-books to books and materials with an increase to $10,000, an increase to $3,500 to capital reserve and only slight changes to other items. Any income that can not be met from donations would come from accumulated income. Mazeau will present a resolution for capital expense budget for future expansion up to $45,000. Miller made a motion, seconded by Winter, to accept the treasurer's report and it was so voted. Mazeau will update the budget for final review at our April meeting before proposing it at the May Annual Meeting.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported that the list of bakers and the success of the sale has been posted. The December minutes as approved and upcoming events are on the site. The town-wide newsletter will go onto the website.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl reported that the town budget is being worked on and that only $2,000 has been received for damage caused by the roof leaks. The roof is still a definite problem and has to be addressed. She warned that many of the shrubs have been damaged by snow loads and may need replacement. The quote for landscaping is $1,871. The "Love the Library" income to date is $450.00. Hasskarl also stressed the importance of writing our state reps regarding the value of book delivery, library to library. This program is a very valuable service. She announced that the "Meet the Candidates" session would be on a Thursday in October. It would, as last time, be a presentation of the contenders for the Board of Selectmen. Pat Small of the BLA Board volunteered to work with Marie and Library Board President on planning the program. She announced that Beryl Chard is retiring from the Library Board after many years of service. She wondered if we should honor her. No decision was addressed.

Program Committee: The Civil War programs will be included in the newsletter on a separate sheet. Tom Monahan has graciously agreed to be the speaker at our annual meeting to be held May 18th, 2011.

Old Business: Winter reported that she had 18 bakers and felt that the Black Forest Bake Sale had been very successful with income of $447.00. In the future she would like to have it again on a Saturday but with the hours of Noon to 4:30 P.M. We will discuss the Facebook page at the next meeting when Sandy Hierl is able to attend.

New Business: Walluk discussed ideas that she gleaned from a recent seminar on how to increase membership: 1. have pay pal, 2. newsletter on line,
3. membership tables at all events, 4. gift book marks, 5. a table at voting locations 6. visit Laurie's story ours with goodies and info about our organization 7. advertise business publications 8. be visible at all Town events and functions

Berton passed on a request from Joni's Antiques Center regarding having some of her items regarding the Civil War period displayed at library events. Ann Mazeau, the history room, has also been approached. Berton, Walluk and Mazeau will look into this.

Walluk presented the proof of the newsletter and requested that everyone help in looking it over, and explained that when mailed with multiple pages it might increase the cost. However she does not plan to include P.O. Boxes except by mailing directly to past donors that use a P.O. Box.
Walluk purchased several very worthwhile books and DVD's on the Civil War for the library's collection while on her winter travels and the Board agreed to reimburse her. (2 DVDs and 2 books)

The next meeting will be held at Walluk's home on April 13, 2011 because of a conflict with the library community room.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Pat Small, Acting Recording Secretary

February 9, 2011

Call to Order: Vice President Nancy Winter called the meeting to order in the Anne Walluk Community Room at 1:34 p.m.

Attending: Winter, Mazeau, Berton, Miller, Small, Eberhard, Krewalk, Hierl, Merriman, and Library Director Hasskarl. Absent: Walluk, Mantel.

Correspondence: Mazeau reported the IRS changed rules necessitating filing only if you have in excess of $50,000. He filed a non-return.
Hasskarl shared the Winter 2011 copy of FOCL newsletter (Friends of CT Library).

Secretary's Minutes: Correction made to include Hierl as in attendance. A motion to accept with correction by Miller was seconded by Mazeau and passed.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau gave the year-end report. Assets increased by $10,000 during the year for a total $96,003.18. Our checking account has a current balance of $13,536.73. Income for the year was $9,300 over budget. We had 245 donors, an increase of 5. PayPal has already generated several donations. Sandy will track PayPal expenses separately. We took in $3,600 more than we spent. A motion was made by Small, seconded by Eberhard and passed to increase our capital reserve by $3,500. A Farmington Bank savings balance of $46.70 was rolled into the CD account. Mazeau will meet with Walluk and Hasskarl to work on the 2011 budget for March. All money has been accounted for, and thanks were expressed to Sandy for his diligent handling of our finances. A motion to accept the treasurer's report was made by Winter, seconded by Small and passed.

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported that the online donation form is now on the website. It is designed to look like the donation envelope with the same choices available for directing donations and for volunteering. There is also a place for comments. After submitting the form, donors may pay via Paypal or by check. Paypal donations immediately go into our account and Sandy and Anne receive emails with donation amounts and copies of the form.
Berton has added the annual meeting photo of passing the presidency to Walluk, and has added the approved November minutes. He also removed some older material.

Facebook: Hierl gave a brief overview of Facebook and some ways we might use it to reach a different audience than those who access our website. A discussion was held about privacy concerns and ways we might use Facebook. Hierl will send links to several Friends' organization Facebook pages for everyone to view. We will hold a follow-up discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to view the pages.

Library Director's Report: There are issues with the roof. Ceiling tiles fell in Marie's office and in the music area. Because she had noticed water stains on the ceiling tiles, the staff had been covering equipment each evening, so damage to equipment was minimal. Town workers and Fire Department members came and shoveled the roof when the damage was found. Until all the ice melts, the situation will warrant monitoring.
Marie is working on spending STEAP money on TRANE HVAC system, carpet, and a new phone system. She has received a draft of the next newsletter from Anne, and is completing edits. Then she will send pdf's for board to review.

Program Committee: Civil War programs bookings have been set. Next one is Jo Hansling, A Tribute to Civil War Quilts, to be held on 3/24 at 7 p.m. The Newsletter will have the complete program schedule.

Old Business: The joint meeting with the Library Board and Board of Selectmen will be held Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
A decision was made to cancel the shredding this year due to insufficient return for effort involved.
Mazeau has copies of 4 boilerplate donation forms from Main St. A discussion was held as to the best way to implement this effort. Bob Merriman advised that various town groups all compete with each other for the same donors and suggested we do this independent of other organizations. Berton explained the tax advantage for those 70-1/2 and older who wish to donate directly from their IRA accounts and will include an explanation of this in the newsletter.
Winter updated information on the Bake Sale to be held Feb. 12. More bakers are needed. Drop off is during library hours on Friday and from 9-10 on Saturday. Krewalk will assist with table set up on Friday, and Small and Eberhard will help set up baked goods.

New Business: A donor has indicated a willingness to donate $4,000 toward the YA teen area. The library was not successful in receiving a grant to fund some of this, so they will be working on fund-raising to be held by next fall to match or exceed the donation. The library staff is working on ideas.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Hierl
Acting Recording Secretary

December 8, 2010

Call to Order: Anne Walluk Community Room at 1:35 PM

Attending: Berton, Hierl, Krewalk, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter, and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl.  Absent: Eberhard

Correspondence: Mantel received a thank you note from Wendy DeAngelo of Wheeler Clinic's Alternative in the Community Program for donations of health and self-help books.

Secretary's Report: A motion was made by Small and seconded by Berton to accept the minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau reported that we are approximately $6000 over budget. The surplus will be added to the Capital Reserve. The number of donors at this time is 195. *See Webmaster's report for discussion on PayPal. Motion was made by Miller and seconded by Hierl to accept the report. Motion carried.

Library Director's Report: Craig Winter has finished the frame for the quilt and it has been put up. Chris Taracani will be contacted to see if she would have her picture taken with the quilt to be sent to the papers. Marie will complete Main Street grant report now that project is finished. Hasskarl has applied for a $15,000 grant for the Children's Room/Teen. One thing the teens want is a Teen Zone sign. The budget is almost done. Salaries are the main focus. Proposed budget would increase by 10%

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported the website is up to date. He brought up the possibility of using Pay Pal for contributions. After a lengthy discussion, Berton made a motion, seconded by Hierl, to set up an account and a web page for on-line donations. Motion carried.

Program Committee Report: The following dates were discussed. Black Forest Bake Sale on February 12th, Shredding and recycling on April 30th, Spring Book Sale April 29-30, Annual Meeting-May 11, 2011 at 7:00. Walluk is going to ask Tom Monahan.  On the survey for ideas about programs, the Civil War received the most votes. The following programs are planned for Thursday evenings:
March 24th Jo Hansling--Tribute to Quilts of the Civil War
April 28th David Smith--Civil War Railroads
Oct. 20th Carolyn Ivanoff--Ghosts of Gettysburg
Nov. 17th David Smith--Outrageous Dan Sickles
Walluk suggested that these programs be advertised in the newspapers, school handouts, Nutmeg TV, flyers, history department at the high school, Historical Societies, Civil War Round Tables, etc. Sandy H. will assist with publicity. Walluk will be meeting with Jackie Shadford of the BHS to discuss coordination of programs.

Old Business: Bob Merriman brought up the topic of deferred giving plans. Since it is very complex he suggested a committee with experts such as Financial planners and lawyers. It could be in cooperation with the Land Trust, Sessions Woods, and the Historical Society. At the next meeting,  Sandy Mazeau will bring us up-to-date on the boilerplate forms available from the Main Street Community Foundation.

Adjourned: 3:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Mantel,Recording Secretary

November 10, 2010

Call to Order: Anne Walluk Community Room at 1:32 pm. The date on the agenda sent out should read November 10 not Oct. 13.

Attending: Berton, Miller, Small, Walluk, Mazeau, Hierl, Merriman and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl. Absent: Eberhard, Krewalk, Mantel, Winter,

Correspondence: Mazeau: Vanguard notified us that they are lowering the fee for our investment fund.
Walluk reported that Main Street is having another web conference regarding legal issues around conflict of interest projects. Board agreed that we do not hire or buy services or products so we would not attend.
Thank you letters were received from Bob Merriman and the Main Street Community Foundation regarding our contribution in Bob's honor. Walluk also informed the Board about the CT State LSTA grants.

Secretary's Report: A motion was made by Berton and seconded by Small to accept the minutes as changed. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau reported that we are over budget on the estimated income for the year in categories of dues, bake sales and book sales. The recent book sale results need to be reviewed and Mazeau will report back with an update. A motion to accept was made by Small and seconded by Miller.

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported that he updated the Board page with a picture of new member, Sandy Hierl. Posted minutes of Sept meeting.

Library Director's Report: A) Town is asking for a flat budget to be submitted by Nov. 15. Marie is working on budget with a small committee of Library Board members. B) Thank you for buying 5 new PC's to replace older ones. C) CT State Annual Library Report is due in Nov. and she is working on that statistical document as well as the library budget. D) Marie gave a media presentation of Town Library 5 Year Plan. Copies are available by contacting Marie.

Program Committee Report: We are still waiting for a few program surveys. The committee will plan to meet in Nov. Since Mantel was not available the discussion of the book sale (many of us worked the sale) was brief and off the record. Winter's pie sale report was made by Walluk. Final sales were $786 (up $3 from last year). 63 pies made by 33 bakers. Two teens (Sami and Ally) help with sales. Winter gave the girls a thank you gift. The goal is to sell 70 pies next year. Having the sale a week prior to the book sale seemed to have zero effect on sales. Thank yous have all been mailed.

Old Business: Joint meeting with the Library Board and Town BOF and Selectman will be postponed until some time in 2011. Walluk reported briefly about the topics discussed at the Annual FOCL Conference she attended at CCSU on Sat. Nov. 6. Getting members by being on Facebook was one topic. Sandy Hierl would be willing to get us up and going on Facebook. Hierl and Walluk will discuss ideas before next meeting.

New Business: A) Year-end letter will be done in the next few weeks. Mazeau will initiate mailing list, Berton will print mailing labels, Walluk will work on letter, and Walluk will contact a couple of volunteers to help stuff and mail letters. B) Walluk, Miller and Small attended a web conference offered by Main Street Community Foundation this past summer. Walluk described a "legacy society" and how it could help get larger donations for our organization. After a short discussion with Merriman and Mazeau it seemed best to inform residents about Main Street Foundation (Mazeau will investigate the "boiler plate" form available from Main Street)

Adjourned: 3:20 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Walluk, Acting Recording Secretary

October 13, 2010

Call to Order: Anne Walluk Community Room at 1:35 PM

Attending: Berton, Eberhard, Krewalk, Mantel, Mazeau, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter, and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl.

Nominations: Sandra Hierl has been nominated for the BLA board for the term 2010-2013. Walluk made a motion and was seconded by Eberhard to accept the nomination of Hierl. Motion carried.

Correspondence: Winter received a thank-you note from Bob Merriman for the flowers she delivered from BLA. Walluk received a letter from the Main Street Fund in appreciation of the donation honoring Bob Merriman. Mantel will send a thank-you note to Chris Roy, Harwinton Florist, for giving the library the mums for Tavern Day. Walluk received a notice about the Annual Friends of CT Library Conference on November 6, 2010. The topic will be Membership--Knowing Your Organization Will Help Acquaintances Become Friends. If anyone is interested let Walluk know.

Secretary's Report: The following corrections were made to the September minutes. Pies for the pie sale on October 23rd can be dropped off between 9-10 AM on Saturday and not until 1:00 PM. PM should be added after the time the meeting was called to order. Mazeau's name needed to be corrected.
Motion was made by Miller to accept the amended minutes and seconded by Small. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau reported that we have received more in membership dues than we budgeted. The book sale and bake sale should also be over budget by the completion of the October sales. The book cart upstairs continues to do well with approximately $2000 taken in so far this year. We continue to get member donations although the greater amounts will come in December when we complete the end-of-the-year letter. Small has purchased items for the old "Center School" house from a donation made to the BLA by an individual who attended "Center School". Motion was made by Small and seconded by Berton to accept the report. Motion carried.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl reported on the STEAP grant of $44,011. It will be used for repairing the front door, upgrading carpeting, lighting, and telephone system. There are five new computers that are being set up and older ones moved around. A mailbox has been set up in the staff room for BLA board members.

Webmaster's Report: Berton has posted the April minutes. He has added a photo of the new staff member and updated events. He will follow up to see that Sandy H. is added to the Board page, and will update the contacts list.

Program Committee Report: Pie Sale: Winter reported that she is all set for the Pie Sale and has already delivered some special orders. Sami Sebastian and a friend will help this year. Tavern Day: It went very smoothly and many visited the Old School House. BLA & BHS Program: It was well attended and enjoyable. Mantel sent a thank you to the presenter, Diana Ross McCain. Used Book Sale: Mantel reported on the sale and a discussion followed concerning advertising, hours, and volunteers. Survey: Walluk passed out a survey for board members to rank suggestions for future programs.

Old Business: There was further discussion on the motion to approve $35,000 for an architectural study. Mazeau reported that Art Johanson, Chairman of the Finance Board, would like to see just one referendum that would include the library addition, senior center, recreation center, and new fire truck. A discussion followed regarding spending the BLA reserve fund money. If applying for a state grant, an architectural study has to be done. The grant can be up to $1,000,000.
Members agreed that we should support a joint meeting between the Library Board, Art Johanson of the BOF and Cathy Bergstrom, First Selectman, for the purpose of discussing the future path of the library. At the next town Library Board meeting, Hasskarl will propose that both Boards meet with Johanson at the November town Board meeting to discuss this issue.
Winter wanted it reported that the date for the pie sale will always be the next to last Saturday in October. She is still working to have geraniums sold by a local nursery. It was suggested that they also be put out for sale in the Community Room at the Book Sale.

New Business: None at this time. Legacy Society tabled until further notice.

Adjourned: 3:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Mantel
Recording Secretary

September 8, 2010: Call to Order: Anne Walluk Community Room at 1:37 PM

Attending: Berton, Eberhard, Krewalk, Mantel, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter, and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl. Absent: Mazeau. Visitor: Sandy Hierl.

Correspondence: Walluk shared information from the CT Friends of the Library's mailings and the Main Street Fund for the quilt project. Walluk reported that she had received filing of corporation papers.

Secretary's Report: A motion was made by Berton and seconded by Small to accept the minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Walluk reported on the Treasurer's Report in Mazeau's absence. The following items were discussed: Geranium Sale, mailings, shredding fundraiser and computer purchase. A motion was made by Miller and seconded by Winter to accept the report. Motion carried.

Library Director's Report: There was not as much participation in the summer reading program as in
previous years. Alcoa donated $3300 towards the summer reading program. In general patronage was down for the summer.

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported that the Life Member page is up to date. Upcoming events have been posted. It was discussed and decided that Bob Merriman should remain an honorary member. Berton will update staff pictures.

Program Committee Report: Diana Ross McCain will be giving a talk about her book, Mysteries and Legends of New England at the Burlington Library on September 26, 2010, at 2 PM. This event will be the second in a series co-hosted with the Burlington Historical Society. Since it will be held at the library, Winter has asked for volunteers for refreshments. Walluk had two signs made up to be posted at BHS and the library.

Tavern Day is September 12, 2010. The library will have a table set up outside the old schoolhouse.

The Pie Sale will be held on October 23, 2010, and not the week of the Fall Used Book Sale. Pies may be dropped off on October 22, 2010, from 10 AM to 6 PM or from 9 AM to 10 AM on the day of the sale. A sign-up sheet will be on the library's table at Tavern Day and in the library.

The Used Book Sale will be on Thursday October 28, 2010 from 3 PM to 6 PM with a $4 admission fee. Friday hours are from 10 A M to 3 PM. Saturday hours are from 10 AM to 3 PM with a $5 bag sale. New signs will be made and some different advertising will be tried. Flyers will no longer be sent out.

The possibility of adding information on the check-out form such as events, sales, etc. will be investigated by Hasskarl.

Old Business: Craig Winter is working on the frame for the quilt.

New Business: Mazeau suggested that we invite Art Johanson, Chairman of the Board of Finance, to a joint meeting with the Library Board some evening this fall. Members would work closely with the board of Finance to gain support and understanding of the process regarding a future library expansion.

Mazeau has requested that we authorize up to $35,000 of the BLA funds to be spent on planning for expansion of the library. Members agreed that we would like the motion to be specific about what or what not the $35,000 could be used for. We need to discuss these in more detail when Mazeau returns. Berton will check the bylaws and email board members about the rules to authorize this money.

At the October meeting, Walluk, Miller, and Small will report to the board about a workshop on Legacy Societies they attended this past summer.

Adjourned: 3:15 PM
Respectfully submitted, Jenny Mantel, Recording Secretary

Regular Meeting: April 14, 2010. Called to order at 1:42pm. Held at the home of Anne Walluk due to construction in library community room.

Attending: Berton, Small, Miller, Mazeau, Walluk, Winter, Merriman, Hasskarl, Mantel, Krewalk and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl. Eberhard was unable to attend. : Dave Ellsworth regretfully will not be able to join our Board at this time due to business conflicts.

Correspondence: none

Secretary's Report: A motion was made by Small and seconded by Winter to accept the minutes of the March meeting.

Treasurer's Report: Final 2010 budget numbers for presentation at the annual meeting were reviewed. A motion was made by Walluk and seconded by Winter to approve the report. Motion was passed. Mazeau will simplify into three columns for presentation by Berton at annual meeting since Mazeau will be out-of-town.

Library Director's Report: a) The library budget has been presented to the Town. Marie expects some cuts but has heard nothing extreme. b) The magazine drive picked up momentum this past month with a total of $868 donated. c) Media center is being installed in the library community room. d) A Parker Trust Fund application for a grant to enclose the bicentennial quilt has been submitted. e) The library is receiving three CLA PR awards during the annual conference in April. f) 2010 summer reading theme is "Join the Green Team @ the BPL." $3000 funding from ALCOA will be used for summer programs. Shredding and recycling clinics will be held June 26. Volunteers will be needed. Possibly use boy scouts and girl scouts. g) Marie handed out invitations to the April 28 volunteer tea sponsored by the staff.
h) Diana R. & Ann M. are working on application for digitizing part of our historical collection (a State Library project)

Webmaster's Report: Berton posted the Feb. minutes and updated the Life Members list. He also scanned and posted the IRS report.

Program Committee: Walluk reviewed the notes taken at their meeting of March. Program planning encompasses May through Sept. 2010. Walluk moved that the Board approve up to $1000 for the Farmington One Book event to be held this fall. Mantel seconded and the motion was approved.

Old Business: Paper shredding was discussed under program committee report. Framing of the quilt will cost $2100 which includes 3M UV protective film. A grant from the Parker Trust Fund is being requested. Girls Scouts withdrew their idea to hold sale to raise money for the library. (As suspected, it is a GS of Am. policy that all fund raising events held by scouts must be for the scouts)

Pat Small (nominating committee) reported that Pat Miller will continue on the board, but since Elaine Eberhard has been out of the country, we haven't reached her yet. Len Berton has decided that he will step down from the presidency, but will continue on the board. Anne Walluk has agreed to be a candidate for this position. Jenny Mantel has agreed to be a candidate for Secretary. Nancy Winter has agreed to continue as Vice-president and Sandy Mazeau as Treasurer. The Board will vote on at the annual meeting, May 12, 2010.

New Business: There will be fewer Heirloom geraniums for sale. Nancy is working on taking orders for established plants as well as rootlings. Watering continues to be a problem. A copy of the annual meeting agenda was handed out. It was approved with slight changes in content (time and Berton presenting the Treasurer's report).

Adjourned: 3:15 PM
Respectfully Submitted, Anne Walluk, Secretary

Regular Meeting: March 10, 2010. 

Called to order at 1:31pm
Attending: Berton, Eberhard, Small, Miller, Mazeau, Walluk, Winter, Merriman and Library Director Hasskarl. Mantel, and Krewalk were unable to attend. Life member Dave Ellsworth attended as guest.

Correspondence: Main Street Foundation end-of-year report was received.

Secretary's Report: A motion was made by Small and seconded by Miller to accept the minutes of the February meeting as corrected.

Treasurer's Report: Changes in the 2010 column balanced the income and expenses at $31,950. Berton inquired about the need to purchase computers each year. Hasskarl noted that many are old and need to be replaced and that they are frequently being used 100%. A motion was made by Winter and seconded by Eberhard to approve this budget as the one to be presented at the annual meeting in May. Motion was passed.

Library Director's Report: The library budget has been presented to the Town BOF. A small increase was included. Members are invited to check out the library on FACEBOOK. No response regarding presentation by Tom Rubino on Negro Hill Brook. The library received the yearly contract from Martin Landscaping. There has been a rather slow response to the magazine drive this year. Walluk will be sending letters to stimulate donations. Summer reading theme is "Join the Green Team @ the BPL." $3000 funding from ALCOA will be used for summer programs.

Webmaster's Report: Berton posted the Jan. minutes and updated the Life Members list. We had 159 hits on the web site for the month. It was determined that the site should focus on being an archive for our minutes, our IRS reports and our by-laws but leave the sponsored activities on the library pages. The group also encouraged Hasskarl to look into a new service to host the library website when the current one expires.

Program Committee: Will meet at the end of March to discuss future activities. Winter is working on joint program with Historical Society.

Old Business: Bake Sale: Nancy was very pleased with the Feb. Chocolate and berries bake sale. It raised $430. She is not interested in working on an April cookie sale. It lacked the positive response that the Feb. sale had. Burl Hist Society: Nancy is in contact with D. Cole (BHS) about holding one or more joint programs together. i.e. Carolyn Ivanhoff and the Civil War lecture. Newsletter: The draft is almost complete and Walluk hopes to have the copies ready for stuffing envelopes at the next meeting. Quilt: Craig Winter is in contact with Dean Nelson from CT State Library about the plans to build an encasement for the Bicentennial Quilt. We need cost estimates so we can apply to the Parker Trust for funding. Shredder: Marie reported that shredding will cost about $350 to hold on a Sat. The "Green Monster" comes for free. Fees cannot be less than what Town recycling charges. She will check with Dwight Harris about using cul-de-sac. Date is set for June 26. Walluk will put a notice in the newsletter.

New Business: Pat Small will work on the Board nominating committee with Berton prior to our annual meeting. E. Eberhard and P. Miller's terms are expiring. Winter reported that D. Goncher has spoken to her about girl scout sales at the library. She will contact her regarding more details, but it may be possible for them to use the Community Room on Sat. of the April book sale.

The next meeting will be held Wed. April 14, 2010 at 1:30pm.

Adjourned: 2:42 PM
Respectfully Submitted, Anne Walluk, Secretary

February 12th, 2010

Call to Order: (1:33 PM)
Members Present: Len Berton, Sandy Mazeau, Nancy Winter, Elaine Eberhand, Pat Small, Ed Krewalk and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl. Not in attendance were Anne Walluk, Pat Miller and Jenny Mantel.

Solicitation from the American Clock and Watch Museum for admission for two adults for fifty dollars. Decision made not to accept offer. Also, Sandy Mazeau stated Farmington Savings Bank wrote to inform us that the checking account has been inactive. Ten dollars was deposited to ensure FSB that the account is still active.

Motion was made by Len Berton to approve January's minutes and that corrections made in spelling of Nancy's last name. Motion seconded by Sandy Mazeau. Also, conversations included possibility of Tom Rubino presenting an historical program on Negro Hill Brook with the Burlington Historical Society. Marie Spratlin Hasskarl will follow up.

Treasurer's Report:
Year end report by Sandy Mazeau reveals that as of 12/31/09 assets increased to 87,350.17 from 79,262.84 at the end of 12/31/08 showing an increase of almost 8,000.00. An increase in the Capitol Reserve Fund and Vanguard 500 Index Fund accomplished this.

The first draft for the 2010 Budget report appropriates 29,950.00 for expenses. Len asked to increase the Projected book sales to 7000.00 and contributions to 9000.00 to cover an increase of book expenses to 7000.00 and equipment increase to 7000.00 asked for by Marie Spratlin Hasskarl. Motion made by Nancy Winter and seconded by Elaine Eberhard to approve report.

Librarian's Report:
Marie stated the five year plan is finished and will be included in next month's meeting. This will be presented to the town's budget meeting on March 2nd. The Library will be closed March 15th. Calls have been made to provide additional volunteer shelvers. The Congressional Grant money will allow us to purchase an additional computer. A school volunteer will help to set up the Library page on Facebook. Discussion by Len and Marie about book purchases through Baker and Taylor and comparing other vendors.

Webmasters Report:
Len stated that the minutes from 2008 until now will be on a page of their own and earlier minutes and annual meeting minutes also on their own pages. Nancy Winter also stated that information for the bakers is also available. Len asked Sandy Mazeau to update him on 2009 life members so that they could be included.

Program Committee:
On March 11th Bill Conway will present program on New Mexico. On April 7, Jean Leblanc will present a program on the five best websites for travel. Also, a program about Mark Twain will be presented by Chris Hotchkiss prior to the Annual Meeting. Marie informed us that Alcoa will help fund a program on "going green" to be presented as an upcoming event.

Old Business:
Nancy Winter informed us about all the wonderful items at the Black Forest and Berry bakesale on Saturday, February 13th. Flyers will be posted on entrance to Library. Pat Small inquired how could we improve advertising the sale. Nancy also asked for help making calls to bakers.

New Business:
Marie spoke about a program Love Your Library. Pat Small spoke about possible ways to raise contributions for the upcoming program about the Civil War. Date to be determined after Anne Wolluk returns.

Discussion in regard to framing the Bicentennial quilt with protective glass to safeguard it was undertaken. Nancy Winter suggested possible framer and glass company and will follow up. Sandy suggested possibility of writing grant with Historical Society to appropriate funding.

Meeting Adjourned: 2:53 PM

Respectfully Submitted
Ed Krewalk
Acting Recording Secretary

January 13, 2010    Call to Order: 1:33 PM

Members Present: Len Berton, Sandy Mazeau, Jenny Mantel, Bob Merriman, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Nancy Winter, and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl

Correspondence: None

Minutes: Motion was made by Small and seconded by Winter to approve minutes of the December 09 meeting. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:
Membership is up to 240 from 206. $14,900.17 was collected in dues vs. $8,000.00 budgeted. Income minus expenditures was $3,784.85 for the year which will be transferred to the capital reserve. Motion was made by Small and seconded by Miller to approve report. Motion carried.

Librarian's Report:
The Congressional Grant money has finally started coming in after Hasskarl has worked hard on all the required paperwork. The magazine drive is coming up in February. Hasskarl passed out the children's program schedule and upcoming events at the library.

Old Business: There was a discussion on the possibility of awarding special bags to donating members for the Saturday bag sale at the book sales. It was decided to leave them the same as before. A discussion was held about giving members a free pass for the first night of the book sale. The board agreed and a check list of all members who paid dues since 2009 plus Life Members will be at the door.

New Business: Hasskarl has been investigating new fund raisers and suggested having a professional firm come and patrons could bring in papers to be shredded. It was suggested that it could be held the same day as the spring book sale.

The board is still seeking someone to fill the vacancy of Kecia German.

Program Committee: Winter reported that there were several suggestions for the Annual Meeting. It was decided that we would hire Chris Hotchkiss at $155 plus mileage charge to do a presentation about Mark Twain entitled "Growing Up" which shows his life as a man and writer reflected through Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. A motion was made by Winter and seconded by Miller to have the Mark Twain program for the annual meeting.

The other suggested speaker was Carolyn Ivanoff, who has a presentation about local participation in the Civil War. Since this relates to Burlington history, Pat Small will talk to Dyrinda Cole of the Burlington Historical Society about a joint meeting in the Spring featuring this topic. Marie will find out if Tom Rubino would do program on Negro Hill Brook, possibly jointly with Historical Society.

There will be a Black Forest and Berry Bake Sale held on February 13th from 12-4. Winters is looking for people to sign up to make "goodies" and to volunteer setting up, selling, etc.

Meeting Adjourned: 2:45 PM

Respectfully submitted

Jenny Mantel, Acting Recording Secretary