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Burlington Library Association

Regular Meeting Minutes 2012-13

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           Annual Meetings 

December 11, 2013

Call to Order by Vice-president Miller: 1:35 in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library


Correspondence: None

Secretary's Report: Motion was made by Nancy Winter to accept the amended October minutes. Second: Sandy Mazeau Approved.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau reviewed the 2013 budget and, at this time, it is in good shape. Mazeau discussed the draft of the 2014 budget. He plans to change "Capital Reserve" to "Building Fund" and will present a draft with the 2014 proposed numbers at the January meeting. Mantel made a motion to accept the December treasurer's report. Second: Len Berton Approved

Webmaster's Report: Corrected minutes will be posted. Mantel will submit a report on the Almost Like New Book Sale. Berton reported that he added Schwartz, including his photo, to the Board page, and moved ALN Book Sale to Past Events. He posted the date of the Anniversary Event. There were 58 hits during the month.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl reported that the library received a million dollar construction grant from the State. The January programs are set and a schedule of the month's activities was passed out. The last day for the mitten tree will be December 18th. She is now working on the 2014 budget.

Anniversary Committee: The scheduled meeting was cancelled because of bad weather and has been rescheduled for December 16th at Walluk's house.

Old Business; There had been a concern brought up by Small at the October meeting about our insurance coverage. Walluk reported that no fiduciary coverage is needed at this time. She had difficulty getting answers because our agent left the company without notifying us, but she persevered until she received some answers and obtained a copy of our Directors & Officers policy.

Book Sales: The Almost Like New Book Sale only made $290. The committee and volunteers were disappointed because not many people attended compared to the previous two years. There were many wonderful books for sale. The books will remain on the carts until Christmas.

Because we are struggling to sell books at the regular sales, the committee has brainstormed some ideas. Starting in January, the Book Room in the basement will be open on Tuesday mornings from 10:30-11:30 for Book Giveaways. As part of the recycling process, free books will be offered. Hasskarl will post signs and Berton will post on the website. On the last Saturdays of January, February and March there will be $5 bag sales from 10-12. Berton has created a SignUp Genius for 2 volunteers for each of these dates, and Elaine Goucher will solicit volunteers after the new year.

New Business: Lotstein would like newly elected Selectmen and Finance Board members to be invited to a meeting of the BLA to familiarize them with our work.

Meeting Adjourned: 2:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jenny Mantel
Acting Secretary

Meeting: November 13, 2013.
Call to order by Vice-president Miller at 1:35 in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library


Election: Berton made a motion to nominate Jonathan Schwartz to the board with a term ending in 2016. Second: Pat Small Approved

Correspondence: Monahan read a card from Hasskarl thanking the board for the basket sent after her mother's death.

Secretary's report: Motion was made to accept the October minutes: Small Second: Miller. Approved.

Treasurer's report: Mazeau was absent. No report

Webmaster's report: Minutes have been posted along with pie sale and book sale. Sign up Genius is ready for the December Holiday As Good as New Sale on November 7, 2013.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl passed out coupons for the Friendly's Fundraiser on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The first one is 11/2/13. Bring the certificate to Friendly's in Unionville and 20% of your check will be donated to The Burlington Library. Hasskarl passed out the November 2013 Program Schedule.

Anniversary Committee: The committee is still considering different ideas. The event will be held at the library on Friday November 14, 2014.

Fall Book and Pie Sales: In Winter's absence, Monahan reported on the results of the pie sale.. A line of buyers was waiting for the pie sale to open.
34 bakers (4 new young bakers)
65 pies sold
15 special orders
82 pies sold in total
$1,150.00 *Highest total yet

Mantel reported on the book sale.
$55 Admission on Thursdays
$128.70 on Thursday
$633.00 on Sat.
Total $1286.50
Mantel, Walluk, and Goucher met on 11/12/13 to discuss some possible ideas and changes because profits continue to go down without as much traffic especially from book sellers. Some ideas were $5 sale the last Saturday of the month starting in January.

Free books giveaway on the 2nd Tuesday downstairs while volunteers are working. The possibility arose of having just one book sale (in April) since there are so many sales in the surrounding areas in October.

New Business: Small and Berton had questions about the insurance bill and coverage. This will be investigated further.

Meeting Adjourned: 2:25 

Respectfully submitted,
Jenny Mantel
Acting Secretary

Meeting: October 9, 2013 Call to order: 1:32 in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library

Correspondence: Walluk shared the most recent FOCL newsletter; Winter received a thank you from Marie for the basket from BLA.

Secretary's report: Hasskarl corrected her late mother's last name.
Motion to approve minutes as corrected: Miller Second: Small Approved
Treasurer's report: Mazeau reported there is $1300 in the Lauretta Schulz fund; income is slow this time of year, but we are at budget. Vanguard is up a bit, and it has made $15,000 since 2001. Hasskarl asked if the money budgeted for landscaping that was not used for that purpose could be used to purchase e-books. Miller made a motion to that effect seconded by Small. After a short discussion the motion was approved.

Motion to approve the treasurer's report: Winter Second: Mantel Approved

Webmaster's report: Berton reported posting the final copy of the approved Sept. minutes and final information about the book sale and pie sale. He set up Sign Up Genius for the book sale volunteers and reported that more volunteers are still needed. There were 43 hits in the past month.

Library Director's Report: October 18th is Meet the Candidates Night, sponsored by the Library; Lotstein is organizing a Friends' table for that event; Hasskarl needs help after 5 that night with room prep, food, and clean up. She shared the October and November calendars. Unionville Friendly's approached the library with a proposal for a coupon fundraiser with a percentage of sales going to the library. They will try this for three months beginning November and targeting the 3rd Thursday of the month. Coupons will be handed out at Stop and Shop in Unionville, and will be posted on Facebook. The grant for the proposed library expansion was filed, and the results should be announced by Dec.

Anniversary Committee: The committee is still in the planning stage, and no decisions have been made. Another meeting will be held Oct. 21, 6:30 p.m. at the library.

Fall Book and Pie Sales: Sign up genius is up and running for the book sale volunteers, and signs will be going up around town. Mantel is trying to get a coupon in the Courant, and organizers are trying to expand the volunteer base. Diana is helping with publicity in the Courant, and Walluk reported she is putting a paid ad in the Yankee Flyer. A suggestion was made to have the colored flags at both the book sale entrance and the front entrance and signs showing both sales events on Saturday, the 26th. Book sale is October 24-26.
Winter reported her progress on the pie sale. She has set a goal of 70 pies to be sold and is working with her bakers. She still needs people to make whoopie pies. She has people for pie sale set-up and sales.

Old Business: Investment Committee Policy Statement: The Executive Board met and drafted an investment statement. Walluk reported that after the meeting, those attending were not satisfied with the statement. A discussion was held about the mission of the BLA, how our money should be spent, and what our tolerance is for risk. The BLA has committed a significant amount of money to aid in the library expansion effort if the expansion is approved by town voters. A suggestion was made that we maintain the current status quo and postpone decisions about the long term investment of our money until we know about the expansion. The Executive Board will decide whether to meet again or to wait until we have more information about the expansion.

New Business: Small invited BLA members to a November 2 Burlington Bell fundraiser to be held at K C Dubliner.

Meeting adjourned at 3:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Hierl

MEETING: September 18, 2013  Call to order: 1:32 p.m.
Attendance: Berton, Hierl, Krewalk, Lotstein, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Monahan, Small, Walluk, Winter, Rudzinski absent Hasskarl, Mantel  Guest(s): prospective board members Jan Morris, Jonathan Schwartz, and Liane Walker

Correspondence: Walluk reported that the annual state report was completed in August, and Mazeau noted that it has been updated online; a bill was received for the General Liability insurance and it was noted the premium increased to $552 from $502. We are waiting for the bill for the Directors' and Officers' insurance.
Walluk noted the recent passing of Marie's mother, Rita Spratlin, and of long-time volunteer and library supporter Trudy Coleman.

Secretary's Report: The April 2013 minutes were passed with no additions or corrections.
Motion to approve: Lotstein Second: Winter APPROVED

Treasurer's Report: Winter has requested that her $100 FOCL award be added to memorial donations made in her mother's name (Lauretta Schulz) for future use. Mazeau reported that the Vanguard account is up to nearly $59,000. In response to questions, Mazeau clarified language in the written report and how invoices and bills are handled. Mazeau reported that we are close to making enough to cover our budget for this year. We have taken in about $22,000 and have spent about $21,000. The number of donors is 175, an increase from last year.
Motion to approve: Miller Second: Monahan APPROVED

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported that he has posted the following: the newsletter, approved March 2013 minutes, draft April 2013 minutes, and approved Annual Meeting May 2012 minutes. April book sale results and thank you to volunteers from Mantel were posted. Past and upcoming events were updated, the names of 2 new Life Members were added, information about the June Tent Sale as well as thank you to volunteers was posted, the new 3 year terms are updated on the Board page, and upcoming events appear at the top. Also, Sign Up Genius was set up for Tavern Day, and it will be set up for the October book sale. The website has had 323 hits since 4/17. Berton reported he was able to purchase 400 checks online and saved $69.20 from what the bank has charged.

Library Director's Report: Assistant Director Rudzinski reported on a very successful and well attended summer program. There are a host of programs already scheduled for the fall including beginning knitting classes, Ancestry.com, gardening, TAP art project, and book clubs. The library is hosting a Meet the Candidates night to present the two candidates for First Selectman. It will be held on Friday, Oct. 18, at 6:30 p.m., and Tom Monahan has agreed to serve as Moderator. The Backpack Project is moving forward. Burlington Bell donated money to fund the purchase of 14 backpacks as well as some themed books to begin filling the backpacks. Land Trust has a display in the front case this month.

Old Business: Executive Committee Meeting of 5/7/13: There was a report on the results of a meeting held to discuss an investment proposal by the Investment Committee Berton, Mazeau, and Mike Ragaisis. Prior to the meeting, board members were given notes taken at that meeting. The discussion elaborated on what was written in the notes primarily that the Executive Committee rejected the proposal as being too aggressive. The only changes were to get out of the bond fund and to invest $4000 in a REIT fund. At the May meeting, it was felt that the board needs to develop policies and strategies to determine how we use our money and how/if we invest. The need for such a policy was mentioned by a professional investment advisor to some of the members of the Investment Committee, and board members agreed this is a logical next step. The Executive Committee will meet again on October 2 at 1:30 to begin the process of writing the policies and strategies. Mazeau will have some recommendations at this meeting.

Anniversary Committee: Plans are being developed for a celebration of the 50th anniversary. Ideas include a 60s theme perhaps with a band or jukebox. Miller is researching the history of the friends. Planning will continue. Next meeting 9/23, 6:30 p.m. at the library.

October Book Sale and Pie Sale: October 24, 25, 26 is the book sale, and the pie sale is the 26th. Jeanne LaBlanc has volunteered to do publicity. We will have street signs and a paid ad. At Tavern Day 15 people volunteered to make pies. Sign up sheets will be put in the library this week. Sign up Genius will be implemented for book sale volunteers. Mantel and Elaine Goucher are looking into alternatives for pick up of books we no longer want. PROQUO is no longer doing this. It was suggested that bookmarks with the sale dates be put out at the Meet the Candidates program.

Len Alderman Tribute: Ann Mazeau is heading up planning for the event to be held Sunday, October 6, from 2-4 p.m. in honor of retiring town historian Len Alderman.

New Business: The town approved sending a grant application for a library expansion to the state, and Hasskarl followed through and sent in the application.

Meeting Adjourned At: 2:58 p.m

Respectfully submitted:
Sandra Hierl, Secretary

MEETING: April 17, 2013  Call to order: at 1:26 p.m.

Attendance: Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Monahan, Small, Walluk, Winter
absent: Krewalk, Lotstein, Miller Guests: Karen Selinger, Ann Mazeau

Correspondence: Walluk shared a note from the family of Helen Fabian thanking the BLA for a condolence note. Walluk reminded members that the FOCL boot camp is this Saturday and asked if anyone would like to attend to take her place. Mazeau received a solicitation from Dun & Bradstreet as well as a letter from the IRS accepting the fact that a tax report is not required.

Secretary's Report: No changes. Motion to approve: Small, Second: Monahan. Approved

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau reported he filed January and March sales tax returns and paid $3 and $4 respectively. He requested someone review last year's bank statements to confirm all funds are accounted for. Berton will review them. Mazeau presented a capital budget resolution for the annual meeting which would authorize capital expenses for a future library expansion if outlined conditions are met. The resolution was discussed and amended and will be presented at the annual meeting. Mazeau discussed line item details of the 2013 budget and answered questions about it. The total budget of $35,500 will be presented for approval at the annual meeting. Motion to approve: Berton Second: Hierl Approved

Webmaster's Report: The webmaster reported log-in total of 57 in February, 65 in March, and 73 for April as of this date. All approved minutes have been posted. The postponement and new date of the Black Forest Sale were posted. Bake sale results and thanks to bakers were posted as were staff changes. Also posted was information about upcoming events, the Book Sale and Tent Sale with links to Sign-up Genius for volunteers, and photos of staff and bake sale photos submitted by Sara LoPresti. Information and sign up link for the Annual Meeting Spring Social were also posted.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl reported that she was invited to present information about the possible library expansion to the Board of Finance. She gave a PowerPoint presentation and answered questions. Included in the budget is a capital expense of $40,000 for architect schematics and a survey. There will be a budget hearing on May 22 at which citizens can comment, and a vote on the budget on June 4. 

Hasskarl asked the board to support a bill before the legislature to compel publishers to sell e-books to libraries by contacting our representative, preferably by phone.

The Love Your Library magazine drive is going on this month. In addition to print magazines, the library has Zinio which offers online magazines.

April and May programs were mentioned and a calendar of programs for those months distributed.
Burlington Bell has offered to donate $500 to purchase books to enhance the summer reading program

Program Committee: There will be a meeting to plan the annual meeting at 2:30 on Thursday, April 25 at the library. Invitations will be sent to people who have helped with library events, to town officials, and to leaders of some town organizations, among others. There was an open invitation in the newsletter. We need help especially with food and publicity.

Old Business: Fire Safe and Shelves: Walluk purchased a fire safe which has proven to be too small. She will return it and buy a larger one. There are some magazine racks in the basement which were donated by the Avon Library, and these will be utilized as shelves for the BLA.

The newsletter was mailed on Monday at a total cost of $2074.

The April book sale is all set. We still need a few volunteers plus some for the June tent sale.

Walluk shared a copy of the notice to Region 10 teachers advising them that they can attend the Thursday book sale free of charge by showing their i.d.'s.

New Business: Ann Mazeau, Local History Specialist, told us that the Town Historian, Leonard Alderman, will celebrate his 20th year as historian in 2014. Ann is in contact with Chuck Bird and others in town to help plan a celebration to mark this milestone. She hopes the BLA will be interested in co-sponsoring, and will keep us posted as planning continues.

50th Birthday: The BLA turns 50 next year! A committee was formed to begin planning events to mark this occasion. Hasskarl, Winters, and Hierl volunteered, and others are encouraged to join. Walluk will contact Miller and ask her to chair the committee.

Hand-outs: Two articles, detailing the roles of library staff, trustees (similar to town library board), and Friends, were handed out. Members are encouraged to read these before the September meeting so we can discuss. Karen Selinger, as president of the town board, will attend the session on this topic at the FOCL meeting this Saturday.

Meeting Adjourned At: 3:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Hierl, Secretary


Meeting called to order in the Anne Walluk Community Room at 2:02 p.m. by President Anne Walluk


CORRESPONDENCE: Walluk shared information about the April 20 FOCL Boot Camp; anyone interested please let her know by March 20. Winter shared a Valley Press article about the BLA and a cartoon.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: No additions or corrections. MOTION TO APPROVE: Small. SECOND: Winter. Approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT: In the absence of treasurer Mazeau, there was no formal treasurer's report.
A discussion continued from the last meeting concerning the line item Special Events. Walluk explained that this money pays for expenses such as the annual meeting, costs associated with any fundraising, and library programs. A suggestion was made that we continue this discussion when the treasurer is in attendance, and that we consider a separate line item called Library Programs. The current line item has $3800 budgeted for the year. Berton moved that we designate $3000 for library programs and $800 for other event expenses. Small seconded. Motion was approved.

WEBMASTER'S REPORT: Website is up to date.

LIBRARY DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Hasskarl reported that she is waiting to hear from the town about the budget. The budget, as submitted, includes costs for preliminary schematics for a possible library renovation. There will be a public budget hearing in May and a vote in June. She will inform us of the dates. Hasskarl further reported that she will be paying the bill from Martin Landscaping from the library building maintenance fund. There is an old magazine rack that BLA is welcome to use for the book sale. A new library assistant, Claire Strillacci, has been hired for 12 hours/week. There were some issues with the building as a result of the recent heavy rain. The Love your Library magazine drive will be held in May this year.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Winters reported that the Black Forest Bake Sale earned a total of $710. There were a total of 25 bakers. Special thanks to Berton and Small for their assistance. Winters shared some feedback she received about the sale items. She suggested that we hold a conversation at a later date about the feasibility of continuing this sale.

OLD BUSINESS: The newsletter is set to go to the printer. It will cost about $887 which includes printing, wafer sealing, and post office paperwork and mailing.

NEW BUSINESS: Walluk will be away the week of April 10. NEXT MEETING WILL BE APRIL 17.
We need a place to store BLA supplies and a fire proof safe for important documents. Walluk proposed purchasing a safe and some storage shelves for these purposes. She asked to be authorized to spend up to $250 to buy shelving and a fire proof safe. Winter seconded. Request was authorized.

The Annual Meeting will again be a social event and include the required business meeting. Information will be included in the newsletter.

At the request of a BLA member, at each BLA board meeting Marie or another Library Board member will provide the BLA with feedback from the Library Board.


Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Hierl, Secretary

Meeting: February 13, 2013

Call to order: in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library at 1:31 by VP Pat Miller.

Attendance: Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Lotstein, Miller, Small, Winter. Absent: Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Monahan, Walluk, Guests Karen Selinger, Paul Rochford, Laurie Meheran, Janice Luise-Lutkus and David Lutkus

Correspondence: Miller shared a thank you note from Pat Small for flowers.

Secretary's report: The January minutes were received by all. Motion to approve: Small Second: Berton Motion approved

At this point in the meeting, the presenters from Aspen Dreams arrived and began their presentation.
Aspen Dreams Productions has been in business for 16 years. They have a repertoire of murder mysteries and a comedy wedding. Their ensemble consists of 30 paid actors ranging in age from 18 to 76. The show is 2 ˝ hours long, and they do all the work that night for their presentation. Janice gave an overview of the different programs, and told us that some groups give attendees an option of dressing up in character for the event. The cast greets the audience as they arrive, and audience members can interact with the cast if they want. They can work with a crowd of as few as 40 to as many as 1200. Their only requirements for the cast are a room to change in, a head table, and a small dance floor area.

Janice outlined a typical night which would begin with a cocktail hour (cash bar) and possibly a silent auction of some type to raise additional funds. The dinner would be part of the play. David provided advice about pricing the event. They have found the most successful events are held on Saturday night followed by Friday night then Sunday afternoon. Some groups have had a Sunday afternoon program with only hors d'oeuvres or dessert. He suggested that we would need to negotiate price with any venue and said we should not pay any more than $20 per person for meals. Buffets are cheaper. Also, we should have a cash bar and can expect to share in the profit from this which he indicated is typically 20%. Aspen Dreams normally charges $3000-3500 for their performances. They are willing to do this at cost $2500 for the comedy wedding, $2100 for a murder mystery. They provide press releases we might use, and they also have a list of newspaper emails. They would want a deposit, all the money by August for a fall production, and would only work with one person from our group as the contact person. They don't book similar events in an area so you aren't competing locally. They would want a commitment from us by March 15th. A few places they suggested were Fairview Farms Golf Course, Farmington Gardens, and the Torrington Elks Hall. As far as dates are concerned, they indicated October and early November are good times to hold these events.
When they left, we had a lengthy discussion about the feasibility of doing this. Pat Small volunteered to check with some places to see what they would charge. We will have a discussion at our next meeting.

Treasurer's report: There were concerns voiced about the special events budget. However, at this point we did not have a quorum so we couldn't have any discussion or make any decisions.

Webmaster's report: Berton passed.

Library Director's Report: Laurie Meheran gave a presentation of programs the library would like to have in support of the Summer "Dig Into Reading" program. The theme for teens would be READING: CAN YOU DIG IT. In discussions with the school, they identified summer as a time students lose ground and they would support efforts to bolster summer reading. Laurie presented a list of programs she would like to book for the summer, and she requested an increase from $2000 to $3000 for the summer program. The programs she listed range in price from $70 to $425, and range in topic from rescue animals to fossils to zoo animals. She is also hoping to work with Parks and Rec. In addition, she would like to purchase a sandbox for outside. Winter indicated she would speak with her husband about helping to build a sandbox and cover. Because we did not have the treasurer present, we were not comfortable making any financial decisions about raising her funding limit.
Hasskarl announced that Bob Merriman is working with Barnes Foundation and Main Street to get some funding for literacy for summer reading.

She is working on the budget, and she will let the board members know when the Town Meeting will be held.

Program Committee:
Black Forest Bake Sale will be held Saturday, February 23. Winter needs help with set up on Friday and with the sale on Saturday. Berton and Small volunteered to help.

Meeting adjourned at 3:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Sandra Hierl, Secretary

Meeting: January 9, 2013. Call to order: in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library at 1:34 by VP Pat Miller.

Attendance: Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Mazeau, Miller, Small. Absent: Lotstein, Mantel, Merriman, Monahan, Walluk, Winter. Guest: Ted Shafer

Berton announced that Ted Shafer would be joining the meeting to discuss our insurance policies. A motion was made by Miller to proceed with the regular meeting and upon Ted Shafer's arrival, begin discussion of insurance policies by Small. Mazeau seconded. Motion approved.

Correspondence: Miller announced the FOCL spring boot camp will be held April 20th and will focus on fundraising other than book sales. She also shared two relevant articles on e-books, one from the Courant, and the other from the Wall Street Journal. Mazeau reported he had been contacted by Dun and Bradstreet and told them we don't require their services or a credit rating from them.

Secretary's report: The December minutes were received by all.
Motion to approve: Mazeau. Second: Berton. Motion approved

Treasurer's report: Sales tax forms have been filed and a sales tax of $3 has been paid. The year end report distributed at the meeting is a draft as Mazeau is waiting for the final documents from Main St. and the bank. Income for the year was over budget in all categories. Year end: 57 donors contributed $3400. Total dues donations for the year were nearly $17,000. Vanguard was up $2700. Members were asked to review the draft 2013 budget to be discussed at the next meeting. Mazeau indicated we have 212 donors this year vs. 227 last year. He added the separate insurance budget line item as requested. Book sales continue to drop. A suggestion was made that money designated for the History Room be held in a fund account until there is space to purchase needed supplies and equipment.
Motion to approve: Berton. Second: Small. Motion approved.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported he posted the approved November minutes, put a notice for the upcoming Black Forest Bake Sale at the top of the home page, moved the December book sale to past events and posted final numbers for the book sale as well as a photo, and wrote up and posted Winter's text including a request for bakers for the February bake sale. There were 49 unique visitors to the website since the last meeting.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl and Board of Directors president Selinger have been working on the budget and it has been submitted to the town. The budget will be presented to a joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance on January 30th. BLA board members are encouraged to attend. The time of the meeting will be sent. The budget focus is on improving staff salaries and materials. The board is working on ways to enhance the image of the library. Sara LoPresti has been named new Teen Librarian. Two oversized chairs and an ottoman were purchased for the teen area as well as a new bookcase. The area is too small for the furniture and books. Multiple copies of books are being stored in the basement. There is a local teen group, Safe Harbor, which is working with Burlington and Harwinton teens to plan activities. The librarians are looking into ways to encourage more teens to use the library, and this group may offer a way to reach them. Hasskarl shared the January and February calendars. February 2, 10-5, is Take Your Child to the Library Day. There will be two llamas here, drawings, and other activities for children and parents. The magazine drive has been moved from February to April.

Program Committee: Black Forest Bake Sale will be held on February 9, from 10-2. Sign up sheets for bakers will be at the desk by the end of this week. Winter will need help with set up and pricing on the 8th and with the sale on the 9th.

Old Business: Insurance: Ted Shafer kindly reviewed our new insurance policies and reported that we are well covered for any activities that we are likely to hold. He has no concerns about the coverage, and he reported that we are working with an agent with an excellent reputation and experience working with libraries. He will be sharing the policies with the town insurance broker to see how our coverage integrates with the town coverage. He suggested that we inform our agent if we decide to hold events which are different from what we've been doing to make sure we have appropriate coverage. He also cautioned that we should inform our agent immediately if we receive anything in writing or verbally that someone is injured or in some way disgruntled with us. He indicated there is a time limit to report issues of concern to make sure we are covered. To that end, BLA members are cautioned to report immediately anything that is seen or heard that could result in an insurance claim (someone hurt at a program or book sale, volunteer hurt, etc.).

Ted requested copies of our minutes. We will add Ted to our minutes distribution list.

Fundraising Proposal: We will have a presentation on the Mystery Dinner fundraiser at our February meeting. Berton indicated that the Land Trust is interested in the possibility of partnering with us on a fundraising project.

New Business: Bash the Trash: Berton discussed a program presented by an environmental advocacy group, Bash the Trash, that is a family event. Instruments are made from trash and a musical presentation is part of the event. This fundraiser is being held in New Canaan, coupled with a pasta dinner, and Berton will report back with the results. The group, which has performed internationally, charges $1200. Small has reviewed their website and mentioned that the group is based in New York.
Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Hierl, Secretary


CALL TO ORDER: The Meeting was called to order at 1:34 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Community Room of the library.

ATTENDANCE: Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Lotstein, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Monahan, Small, Walluk, Winter, arrived at 2:25pm- Mantel   Guest: Laurie Meheran


SECRETARY’S REPORT: A motion to approve the November meeting minutes was made by Miller, Seconded by Lotstein.  Minutes were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Mazeau reported that from 1994-2011, the BLA has spent $425,000 in support of the library.  Income is currently $2600 over budget. A request was again made that the insurance premiums appear as a separate line item. Mazeau will include this on the end of the year budget and in the future. Membership has been fairly consistent over the years, and Mazeau is confident we will reach our membership goal for this year. Flowers will be eliminated as a separate line item under income.

Motion to accept Small, Second Miller.  Treasurer’s Report was approved.

LEVEL FOR LIFE MEMBERSHIP: Miller made a motion that we increase from $300 to $500 the amount for Life Membership. Berton seconded. This was followed by a lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of changing this amount and other levels of membership. The motion was defeated 2 to 12. Any changes to membership levels will be considered in the future.  A short review was held of the donation envelope with changes suggested to make the envelope easier to use. Walluk will make changes and send a draft for proofreading.

WEBMASTER’S REPORT:  Berton reported that he has moved the next upcoming event to the top of the home page, posted the latest approved minutes, updated the members of the Board of Library Directors, linked the old website host to the current one, posted some information about the Good As New book sale, posted a book sale ad with photo, and resolved an issue with Sign up Genius reminders. He reported the website had 80 hits this month.

LIBRARY DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Laurie Meheran reported on some of the activities in the children’s room: there was a 3 day sign language workshop for children and caregivers that was very well received, a luncheon was hosted for 16 area children’s librarians where they heard a presentation on the Common Core Standards being implemented in Connecticut schools beginning this year, Jan 15 will feature a discussion for parents on bullying, Jan. 30 a wellness presentation by Pediatric Natural Medicine will discuss treating kids with natural medicine,  Feb will feature a Black History performer, Feb. 2 is Take Your Child to the Library Day. Dec. 27 is Celebrate the Right to Read. Plans are already beginning for the summer reading. A chess teacher will be coming for 6 weeks.

Hasskarl reported that the TAC holiday party is tonight. She distributed December/January calendars. The budget is due to the town on Friday and will include an increase in materials. Jan. 30 is the tentative meeting before a joint meeting of the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen. Marie will work on salaries in January prior to the meeting.


GOOD AS NEW BOOK SALE :  A full report will be presented in January. The book sale collected $643.75; after expenses of $38, there was a net profit of $605.75

A PROGRAM COMMITTEE meeting was held last week, and it was decided to end the Civil War series. Instead we will consider focusing on major fundraising and continuing to support library-run programs through the budget. We will increase our visibility as sponsors of these events.


FOCL AWARD: Winter would like a simple statue or similar item placed near the entrance to the library with the message “Library Friends,” or “Friends Welcome You.” We will all explore options and discuss at the next meeting.

INSURANCE: Berton reviewed insurance documents and is concerned about the number of exclusions listed in the policy. It was decided he will ask Ted Shafer to look it over for us.

NEW BUSINESS: It has been proposed that we consider undertaking an annual or biennial major fundraiser. Any expansion to the library will necessitate our stepping up fundraising efforts. We will consider options and are looking into booking presentations for the January and February meetings from groups willing to come and explain what fundraising opportunities they can provide for us. Walluk is looking into a group which presents “Mystery Dinners,” and Lotstein is looking into the New Hartford music series. All ideas are welcome and will be considered.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  

Sandra Hierl, Secretary

Meeting:  Nov 14, 2012

Call to order:  in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library  at  1:34

Attendance:  Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Lotstein, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Monahan, Small, Walluk, absent: Winter    Guest: Karen Selinger, newly elected president of the Board of Library Directors

Correspondence: Walluk shared a thank you note from Nancy Winter for flowers sent on behalf of the BLA .

Secretary’s report:  A draft copy of the minutes of October 10 were inadvertently sent out, and there were several corrections: Treasurer’s Report and Amended Treasurer’s Report were both approved; last line of Webmaster’s Report word newsletter deleted; Library Director’s Report “Seat” should be “Chair;” Program Committee Third sentence should read, “We received a grant from the Civil War Commemorative Committee…”;  Pie Sale name Goncher should be Gonchar. Minutes will now be indicated as numbered drafts until the final copy is ready for distribution. Motion to approve: Small, Second: Miller. Approved with one abstention

Treasurer’s report:  We are nearly at last year’s final total and are within 60 donors of last year. The bake sale income is $700 over last year’s total. Book sale total for the year is $1520.40. Last year’s total was $1757.50. Mazeau reported he had just picked up over $400 in donations today.  Income is over in every category. $595 and $500 were paid out for insurance. It was requested that this appear as a separate line item in the budget. $3800 is left to spend this year. We will not be receiving money from Main Street as we are below historic value. Motion to approve: Small, Second: Miller.  Motion approved

Webmaster’s report:  Berton reported he made changes to minutes and posted those, listed the bakers’ names and pie sale results, changed the Civil War program from upcoming to past, and posted book sale results. Sheila was deleted from the staff page, sign up genius was changed from the October book sale to the December book sale, and a link, “Join” was added to the left. It was suggested that the next upcoming event be indicated with a headline to call attention to it.

Library Director’s Report: BLA purchased 4 personal computers. The custodian resigned, and the position is currently being advertised. Laurie Meheran is assuming custodial duties until the job is filled. Two new Board of Library Directors members were appointed by the Board of Selectmen: Sandra Hierl and Jodi Kryzanski. The net profit from the auction is $3700. The librarians would like the BLA to consider holding a big fundraiser every year or every other year.

Program Committee: Final report for book sale - Jenny and Elaine Goucher: Mantel sent letters to 20 dealers. Attendance by dealers was down, and a discussion was held as to whether the admission charge is a deterrent. Only 18 people came to the Thursday sale. Business picked up Friday and stayed busy even after 3pm. Saturday morning was brisk in the a.m. and steady in the p.m.

Comparison numbers for fall sale: ’09 $2087;  ’10 $2637; ’11 $1839; ’12 $1507.  A discussion was held as to possible changes in days, times, pricing, and purging of old books, and the book sale committee will meet to come up with ideas. Next year, the pie sale will be held the same day as the book sale. It was noted that flyers were not sent home with school children as done last spring.

Pie Sale: 34 bakers made a total of 98 pies. Final total: $1062.50.  Well done, Nancy and crew.

Dec 8 Good - as - New sale: December 8 is the next book sale, and Sign up Genius is up and running for volunteers. Mantel will be doing publicity, and Walluk will look into sending flyers home with elementary students. Help is needed to sort and price the books prior to the sale. Two teenage volunteers have been recruited. Help is needed to set up on Friday, December 7, from 3-5 p.m.

Options for 2013: The Black Forest Bake Sale will be held February 9. Program ideas generated at a program committee meeting include hiking CT, flower arranging, book appraisals, speakers from museums where we have passes, charcoal industry, and landscaping. Ann Guernsey at the CT Historical Society is a resource. Suggestions made include hosting members of the Town Center Committee and music programs.

Old Business: The insurance has been taken care of; Anne will give Len the policies to review. A decision on how to spend Nancy’s FOCL award will be discussed in December.

New Business: Miller attended the FOCL meeting and reported on topics and suggestions. A focus of the meeting was recruiting and retaining board members, and suggestions include doing a needs assessment so you know what you’re looking for, recruiting younger members, using social media, and tapping retired teachers as resources. It was suggested that every program have a prominent sign, “Sponsored by…”. Ken Wiggins, State Librarian, spoke about the impact of e-books on used book sales and discussed recent court cases involving the sale of used books printed out of the country. A Stamford library representative suggested counting what sells. Publishers are looking at e-books and how they can control access to them. They don’t like selling them to libraries. It was pointed out that e-books will be the new norm for the younger generation.

The Farmington Valley Visitors’ Association is planning a tour of 1 room schoolhouses. It is tentatively scheduled for April 27th, 2013.

The library will once again collect mittens and hats on its Mitten Tree. The teens will be having a food drive in December.

The town has scheduled the annual carol sing for the evening of December 12.

Next Board meeting is December 12.

Meeting adjourned at     3:34  p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  
Sandra Hierl,

Meeting:  October 10, 2012

Call to order:  in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library  at  1:38 p.m.

Attendance:  Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter; absent Krewalk, Lotstein, Monahan

Correspondence: Walluk has registration materials for the fall FOCL meeting to be held November 10 at Central Connecticut State University. The topic will focus around e-books, and speakers will include state librarian Kendall Wiggin and Stanford Library Board president James Benn. Anyone wishing to attend should notify Anne by the end of this week.  She will also invite Elaine Goucher.

Secretary’s report:  Two changes were made in the minutes—spelling correction of Hierl and deletion of statement that Winter was going to try Sign Up Genius for the pie sale. Motion to accept by Miller, Second by Winter. Motion passed with one opposed.

Treasurer’s report:  Mazeau reported that the September statement from Vanguard indicates the account is up $1100. We have 159 donors to date and need 19 more by year end to meet our goal. The Cat’s Meow has nearly paid for itself. Mazeau noted that all asset categories are up.

Motion to approve: Small                Second: Miller.  approved

Mazeau later reported that he filed state sales tax and paid $5 to the state. Motion to approve amended Treasurer’s report: Berton        Second: Mantel.   approved

Webmaster’s report:  Berton reported that April minutes have been posted as approved rather than draft, passwords for the website and PayPal have been sent to Walluk, and the website has been updated to add a link to the Sign Up Genius for book sale volunteers, to provide information about the pie sale, and to move the Ezra Chamberlain program to past events.  Additionally, Berton asked Diana to add that the book sale first day is free to members to the regular library newsletter, which she did.

Library Director’s Report: The “Take a Chair” auction will be held Friday, the 12th, at 7 p.m. The library will close at 3 Friday to allow for set up. Several liquor stores have donated wine, and Peter Turner is selling wine and beer at cost. He will deliver the wine and beer and will take back anything not used.  There are nearly 60 chairs representing a variety of styles. Bids will begin at $50. More than 60 tickets have been sold, and walk-ins are expected. The musician cancelled, so a new musician is being sought. The caterer is all set, volunteers will assist, and the librarians will wait until after the auction to make a decision about unsold chairs. Burlington Bell has asked for 2 chairs to use for a fundraiser.    There are a number of fall programs being offered for children and adults.   Sheila McCallum has resigned her teaching job.    The trees in the side parking area need trimming. Marie will call Public Works to come and trim them.

Program Committee: Walluk has reordered Books for Babies kits.  Carolyn Ivanoff will present Civil War Medicine on October 27 at 7 p.m.  We received a grant from the Civil War Commemorative Committee for part of the Ezra Chamberlain program fee.

The Pie Sale will be held Saturday, October 20th from 10 a.m. until sold out. Winter reported that she has volunteers baking again this year, and she has set a goal of $750. Special order pies are being baked and delivered. She has help setting up the day before the sale and during the sale. Erin and Jillian Gonchar and Nancy Monahan will be assisting.

The Book Sale will be held October 27-29. Elaine Goucher is organizing volunteers and Jenny Mantel is handling publicity. Mantel has written a letter to booksellers to encourage them to attend the sale and indicating that we have a number of new acquisitions to sell this year. After the book sale, old books will be taken off the shelves.  Pat Small will take care of signs for the sale.

Old Business:  At an Executive Board meeting held October 4, it was decided to purchase liability and Directors’ and Officers’ insurance. The proposal submitted by CNA was chosen, and Walluk, Berton and Small will be meeting with Kate Houlihan to finalize the paperwork. The cost will be around $1100 per year.  Thank you to Pat Small for all her hard work on this.

A discussion of how to use Winter’s FOCL award money was tabled.

Walluk shared the Emergency Book and accordion folder which contain copies and original documents important to BLA, Inc. She went through both the notebook and the folder which contain our permits, incorporation document, CD and Vanguard information, bulk mail permit, passwords, and other documents. It was decided that all documents will be scanned and put on two flash drives for back-up purposes.

New Business: none

Meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Hierl, Secretary

MEETING: Sept. 12, 2012

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Comm. Room

Attendance:  Berton, Krewalk, Lotstein, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Monahan, Small, Walluk, Winter and librarian Marie Hasskarl.    Absent:  Hierl

Visitor:  Ted Shafer, First Selectman

Correspondence: Walluk received a save the date for the FOCL Fall Conference on November 10th.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes approved without change. Motion to approve:  Miller, Second Small

Treasurer’s Report:   Mazeau reported that we were ahead of schedule in donations.   Motion to approve:  Small, Second Miller. Approved.

Webmaster’s Report: Berton reported the website was up to date.  He has installed Sign Up Genius and it was used successfully for Tavern Day. The book sale committee is going to use it for signing up volunteers. 

Lotstein raised the question about who else knew the passwords for the website and PayPal.  The issue was discussed and Lotstein made the motion that passwords be kept on file by the president.  Motion to approve Small, Second Monahan.  Motion carried.

Library Director’s Report:  Hasskarl discussed the upcoming chair auction Take a Seat.  Finished chairs are coming back to the library.  There should be 50 chairs to auction.  Summer Reading program was a success.  Adult participation was up.

Program Committee:  Volunteers were at Tavern Day to pass out flyers, etc.  Three of the auction chairs were on display.  Winter had a sign up sheet for pies.  Walluk and Hasskarl were there for the entire day visiting with residents and non-residents.  Gail Muri, Winter, Berton, Mantel volunteered.  The old school house was open and many enjoyed visiting it.

CSS Hurley and Ezra Chamberlain  Thursday Sept. 27th  7 PM

Old Business:  First Selectman, Ted Shafer, reported on the meeting that Len Berton and he had with the town lawyer.  The bottom line is that the association needs to get its own liability insurance to cover the group and individuals.  Shafer went through various scenarios to illustrate why this is needed.  Small is investigating possible agents and, hopefully, a policy will be in effect by the time of the chair auction.  *Even though the association isn’t sponsoring it was advised that insurance should be purchased to cover all events with which the association may be involved.  Winter made the motion that the association should purchase liability insurance on its own.  Motion to approve Mantel, Second Monahan.  Motion carried.

There was a discussion with Shafer about the money raised by the auction and if it could be transferred to the association.  Hasskarl was meeting with him after the meeting to discuss this issue. 

 New Business:    Discussion was tabled about the use of the $100 FOCL award Winter received.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,
Jenny Mantel
Acting Secretary

MEETING: April 11, 2012
Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1:31p.m. in the Anne Walluk Comm. Room

LIFE CHOICE: Anne introduced Laine Krisiunas and her daughter Tori from the Life Choice Donor Services program. They gave a brief presentation on the processes involved in donating and receiving organ and tissue transplants. There are organ donor quilts on display in the library during April which is Donate Life Month. Some of the quilt squares are in memory of Burlington residents.

Attendance: Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Krewalk, Lotstein, Mantel, Mazeau, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter. Absent: Merriman. Guest: Nancy Monahan

Correspondence: Main St. is sponsoring a workshop on the 12th: 8 Secrets of Fundraising; the CT State Friends Boot Camp will be the weekend of April 20th. Anyone wishing to attend can get the information at the front desk

Secretary's Report: Minutes approved without change. Motion to approve: Miller, Second Mazeau

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau reported Vanguard is up $1800. We have received $555 in memorial contributions this year; a request for a sales tax permit has been filed; the state has not yet posted the 2011 report. Motion to approve: Winter, second Miller. Approved.

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported the latest approved minutes have been posted, upcoming events have been posted, and the online donation page has been synced with the donation envelope.

Library Director's Report: Upcoming programs include They Call Me Lizzie on the 12th, G. Fox in the 50s on the 25th, and Chorus Angelicus on the 30th. Kim Lewis has agreed to speak at the annual meeting about the future of the library. There is some Main St. quilt grant money left which will be put toward the cost of adding protective film to the quilt. A discussion was held about the basement door, and it was finally decided that we would table any action for now. Hasskarl is applying for a Main Street Community Foundation grant for an Early Learning System which is a dedicated computer and software that would be located in the Children's Room.

Program Committee: They Call Me Lizzie will be presented April 12. It was noted that our programs presented with the Historical Society are beneficial for both groups.

Old Business: Nomination Committee- All officers are up for re-election. Winter asked to step aside as Vice President and Miller has agreed to assume that position. Other officers will continue. Winter will remain on the board. Board members Walluk, Winter, Mazeau and Small agreed to renew for another 3 years.
April Book Sale: April 26-28th. Mantel is arranging volunteers and doing publicity with Walluk.
Basement Door: No action taken
Envelope and Newsletter: The envelope is being printed. The newsletter is finished and will be taken to the printer. It will be in a new format, and we are trying use of color to see if there is a better response. Walluk will contact members when the newsletter is ready for preparations for mailing.
By-Laws: A discussion was held concerning the draft proposed changes. It was noted that our main purpose in making changes is to give the Board more flexibility. An attorney has reviewed the by-laws and made some wording improvements. Berton will make agreed-upon revisions and post the final draft online for members to review.
Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting will be held May 18th from 6:30 to 8 p.m. At this meeting, we will renew expiring terms, elect officers, approve by-laws, and add Nancy Monahan to the board.
Walluk will create invitations to Life Members who will be honored guests at the meeting. Kim Lewis and Hasskarl will speak about the future vision for the library. Hasskarl will make name tags, Small is creating a gift basket which will be raffled off to a Life Member, and Winter and Lotstein will be responsible for food and beverages.

New Business: None

The meeting was adjourned at 3:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Hierl

Meeting:  March 14, 2012

Call to order:  in the Community Room of the Burlington Public Library at 1:31 p.m.

Attendance:  Berton, Hierl, Krewalk, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Rudzinski, Small, Walluk, Winter. Absent: Hasskarl, Lotstein, Mantel.  Guest: Nancy Monahan

Correspondence: Walluk shared the contents of a letter from H & R Block inviting the Association to participate in a project to help them attract new clients. It was decided we would not pursue further.

Elaine Eberhard sent a lovely thank you note for the candy and flowers from the Board. Library Board Boot Camp will be held April 21. Let Anne know if you’re interested in attending. Pat Small shared a flyer from the Farmington Valley Visitor’s Association advertising its April 28 Historic Barn Tour.

Secretary’s report:  Minutes were accepted as presented.

Motion to approve: Small, Second: Miller.

Treasurer’s report:  Mazeau has filed the required statement since our income does not require a tax form. For 2011 we had $101,000 in assets. Of that, we have $50,000 in unrestricted funds specifically dedicated for library expansion expenses.

Mazeau had updated the resolution for expansion. He will also apply for a sales tax permit so we can sell items beyond our 5 allotted events per year.

To date, we have received $430 in memorial donations.   Mazeau presented a draft budget of approximately $37,000. A discussion was held on a few line items. Rudzinski indicated that the librarians will be asking for a donation to offset expenses for a fall fundraiser. Once we know what the expenses are, we will add this to the budget.  The final budget will be presented at the annual meeting.

Webmaster’s report:  The latest approved minutes have been posted, and earlier minutes have been reorganized to make it easier for visitors to find  them. Berton removed the staff member who left. He added a corporate matching fund option to the donation page, posted results from the book and bake sale, added a photo from the bake sale, and listed bakers along with Winter’s thank-you message. He also added a link from the home page to the sales page.

Library Director’s Report: SILENT ART AUCTION: Rudzinski reported on initial planning for an art auction fundraiser to be held in October. It is just in the planning stages, and the board will be kept informed as decisions are made. The committee has met once and will meet again on March 26th. It is expected that financial help will be needed to offset some of the upfront costs such as printing, advertising, and deposits.

BUDGET: Hasskarl presented her budget to the Board of Selectmen. It reflected a 10% increase, and she was asked to come back with a 3% and a 6% budget. She is currently working on both. It was noted that a large part of the budget increase is for higher utility bills.

REVISED TOWN CHARTER: The library received copies of the proposed changes to the town charter and it has copies available at the library as well as on the website.

PROGRAMS: March programs include a computer class on Facebook, story hours, TAC tutoring on Saturdays, the new Muppet movie, and a family fun night of games followed by a Hunger Games Trivia contest.  April programs will include the classic film Stranger on a Train, Silly Science, Zoo on the Go during school vacation week, They Call Me Lizzy on April 12 at 7, G. Fox, the 1950’s, to be presented on April 25 at 6:30, and the annual spring book sale April 26-28.

Program Committee: VACATION BOOK SALE: Walluk reported on decisions made at an earlier meeting of the program committee: A decision was made that we not hold a summer vacation reading book sale but, instead, add more books to the carts.

CIVIL WAR PROGRAMS: Three Civil War programs have been scheduled. April 12, 7 p.m., They Call Me Lizzie, a one woman drama about Elizabeth Keckly, dressmaker for Mary Todd Lincoln, September 27 7 p.m., Ezra Chamberlain and the CSS Hunley, and October 25, 7 p.m. Civil War Medicine.

ANNUAL MEETING: The Annual Meeting will be held Friday, May 18 from 6:30-8 p.m. It will be a mainly social event with a short business meeting. The business meeting will begin at 6:30 and will include remarks by Walluk as well as a 5 minute presentation on the future of the library. Refreshments will be served beginning at 7, and Life Members will be eligible for door prizes. Winter and Lotstein are responsible for refreshments, Winter for paper goods, Small for door prizes,  Hasskarl for name tags, and Walluk for invitations to Life Members.

Old Business: FEBRUARY BAKE/BOOK SALE: Winter reported that the Black Forest Bake Sale earned $881.50. Thirty bakers combined for a total of 183 items. This was twice as much as the sale earned in previous years. The book sale portion earned $356. Special thanks to Len Berton, Jennifer and Richard Lotstein, Pat Small, Elaine Eberhard, and Sami Sebastian for their help with set up/clean up. The Board recognizes the efforts of Nancy Winter in organizing this major fundraiser.

BASEMENT DOOR: Hasskarl and Craig Winter are consulting about the door.

ENVELOPE AND NEWSLETTER: Final revisions have been made to the donation envelope and it will go to the printer soon. Walluk is in the process of drafting the spring newsletter. She is revising the format to fit on a single sheet. We will look into ways of securing the envelope in the newsletter.

New Business: BOARD MEMBERSHIP AND BY-LAWS: Berton will work on drafting updates to the by-laws to change the number of board members and to eliminate the specific amounts of dues. He will present the amendments for approval at the annual meeting.  Berton was also asked to serve with Walluk as the nominating committee to renew or select board members and officers whose terms are expiring.

BOOK SALE: Anne will contact Mantel to see how plans are going for the April book sale.

PUBLICITY: Hierl suggested we renew efforts to find someone to be responsible for all BLA publicity.

BOXWOODS: Merriman suggested that we consider leaving the outdoor areas without plantings once the diseased boxwoods are removed. Several factors contribute to this being a “hostile environment” for plants. The board concurred.  Merriman also generously brought two varieties of pussywillows for board members to plant at home. Thank you, Bob.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Sandra Hierl , Secretary

MEETING: February 8, 2012

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Vice President Nancy Winter at 1:32 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Community Room of the library.

Attendance: Berton, Hasskarl, Hierl, Lotstein, Mazeau, Miller, Small, Winter. Absent: Krewalk, Mantel, Merriman, Walluk.
A letter of resignation from the board was received from Elaine Eberhard. A motion to accept with regret was made by Miller, seconded by Mazeau. The motion was approved. A motion to nominate and elect Jennifer Lotstein to the board was made by Small, seconded by Miller. The motion was approved.

Correspondence: An email from Walluk was shared with the board. She noted the resignation of Eberhard and offered a welcome to Lotstein. Walluk indicated that the program committee will meet to plan the annual meeting when she returns from Florida. Winter reported that 5 donations have been received in memory of Margaret Lewis. As requested by the family, these donations will be used for the History Room. Thank you notes will be sent to donors, and a letter will be sent to the family detailing the amount of the donations and seeking input as to how the money will be spent. Secretary's Report: A motion to accept the minutes was made by Miller, seconded by Small. Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report: Mazeau shared the nearly finalized end of year budget. He is awaiting final numbers from the Main Street account. The total donors for 2011 was 227, down from 245 in 2010. Income for the year was $30,475.73 which exceeded the budget by $1110.73, and spending of $30,475.73 was under budget by $7308.04. Mazeau then presented a draft budget for 2012. Discussion was held on the various entries, and members will look over the proposed budget numbers and come with suggestions in March. A motion to approve was made by Small, seconded by Hierl. Motion approved.

Webmaster's Report: Berton reported that the most recent approved minutes have been posted to the website. He has made improvements to the sales page, adding photos of the walking sticks, enhancing the photo of the Cat's Meow, and added its correct dimensions. Hasskarl suggested adding a link from the home page photo of the Cat's Meow to the Sales page to emphasize that other items are available as well.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl has worked on the new budget for the town. It reflects an increase of 10% primarily in the areas of increased staffing, custodian, and materials. She reported that the town allows wine to be served at functions in town buildings only when the event is a fundraiser. The library staff is planning a silent art auction fundraiser to benefit the teen and children's area. It is hoped this will become an annual event. The Love Your Library magazine campaign is underway.
The Take Your Child to the Library event was a huge success. Over 200 people attended.

Program Committee: Black Forest Bake Sale/Loving, Laughter and Living Book Sale is this Saturday, February 11. Winter will be setting up on Friday beginning at 1:30. Berton and Small will help. Elaine Eberhard will set up the book sale. Marie will clean out the refrigerator on Thursday. Monies from the baked goods sale and the book sale will be collected separately so we will be able to evaluate the success of each. Donations will be accepted all day Friday.

Old Business: Donation envelope: tabled until March. Basement door: tabled until March

New Business: Tabled until March

Meeting Adjourned At: 2:24 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Hierl

Meeting: January 4, 2012
Call to order: 1:33 p.m. in the Anne Walluk Room of the library

Attendance: Berton, Eberhard, Hasskarl, Hierl, Mazeau, Merriman, Miller, Small, Walluk, Winter. Guest Jennifer Lotstein. Absent: Krewalk, Mantel.

Correspondence: Walluk shared a holiday greeting from Kecia German. She received the FOCL newsletter and recommended interested board members read articles on whether friends' boards need insurance and a survey on fundraising. On April 21 there will be a Boot Camp with workshops on Small Town Communication, Revving Up Your Facebook Page, and Marketing Your Friends' Group.

Secretary's report: Hierl indicated she is in the process of updating the written and signed copies of the minutes. There were no changes to the December minutes. Motion to approve by Small, Seconded by Winter. Minutes approved.

Treasurer's report: Mazeau is waiting for the final year end bank and mutual fund account statements. He noted our December income was $4400. A review of 2011 income and spending shows we were over budget in income from donations, book sales and bake sales, and our spending was under budget. We will not need to use any accumulated income. Eberhard requested that Mazeau file necessary paperwork to have BLA added to the Disney matching funds list. It was noted that Walluk sent thank you notes to all donors in December who contributed $50 or more. Thank you to Anne. Motion to approve by Miller, seconded by Eberhard. Approved.

Webmaster's report: Berton reported changes to the website: approved minutes have been posted, new life members added and wording clarified on one new life member, 2012 events listed, and the "Links" page was updated. He will review the PayPal link to make sure the wording is clear to donors. A monthly subscription donation feature was added. Berton has built an online sales page which is still in draft form. Small will assist with wording on the Cat's Meows, and Hasskarl has sent photos to be added.

Library Director's Report: Hasskarl reported that she is awaiting a response to the question about serving wine at our annual meeting. Her budget will be submitted after next week's board meeting. The library did not receive any STEAP money for this coming year. The new First Selectman has asked for the library calendar so events can be added to the town calendar. There seems to be a very favorable attitude toward the library from the new First Selectman.
Hasskarl noted several programs for the beginning of the year: Challenge 365 Dare to Read to Your Child Every Day, a program encouraging parents of children ages birth through kindergarten to read daily to their children. Participants will be given a calendar, be able to post titles online, and there will be a celebration at the end of the year. February 4 will be Take Your Child to the Library Day. There will be activities planned. The Love your Library magazine fundraiser will once again be held in February, and we will have our book and bake sale on February 11.

Program Committee:
Civil War Series: On September 27 State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellatoni will present The Search for Ezra Chamberlain, a Civil War program. Application for booking is made through the Museum of Natural History which requests a donation to the museum of $250. There is a matching grant of $100 to offset the cost, and Walluk is preparing the paperwork. We will also ask the Historical Society if they are interested in co-sponsoring and contributing to the cost. Walluk was also successful in communicating with Kandie Carle regarding the program, They Call Me Lizzy. The cost of the program is $300, and, after some discussion, the board agreed it is a worthwhile expenditure. Once again, we will ask if the Historical Society is interested in co-sponsoring.

Old Business:
Website Sales: As noted in the Webmaster's report, the "items for sale" page is in process. Items will be displayed, but there will not be a shopping cart. It was agreed to take the page live after the updates noted above are completed. Mazeau updated information about sales tax. We are allowed 5 tax free sales events per year. We do not have to pay sales tax on book sales, but sales tax will be due on other items sold outside of our 5 events. He will keep records and will file the necessary paperwork and pay the taxes due.
Donation Envelope: Berton suggested adding a check-off option for the monthly subscription and making the wording consistent with the website's donation page. Lotstein suggested adding a reference to our website on the back of the envelope. Berton and Hierl will work on changes.
Downstairs door: Tabled until February 8 meeting.
Black Forest Bake Sale/Loving, Laughter and Living Book Sale: A short discussion about publicity and the feasibility of using the library email databank to send information about our events was held. Further discussion was tabled until the February 8 meeting.

New Business:
Landscaping: A committee was formed to discuss landscape options for replacement of the lilies and boxwoods. The committee members will be Merriman, Small, Winter, Hasskarl, and Carl Salsedo.

Meeting adjourned at: 3:17 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sandra Hierl, Secretary