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Burlington Library Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

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 MINUTES OF ANNUAL MEETING MAY 17, 2019 Anne Walluk Community Room

Attendance: Kristen Williams, Nancy Monahan, Pat Small, Sandy Mazeau, Sandy Hierl, Marie Hasskarl, Tricia Galvin, Len Berton, Georgia Riberdy

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Kristen Williams.

Minutes: The minutes of the May 18, 2018 Annual Meeting were read. A motion to approve was made by Sandy Mazeau, seconded by Tricia Galvin. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurerís Report: Tax returns and sales tax return have been filed. The treasurer presented his budget report. A motion to accept was made by Sandy Hierl, seconded by Nancy Monahan. The report was approved unanimously.

Membership letters will be sent out after the town budget vote June 4.

Nominating: Pat Miller has resigned from the board. Members whose terms are up for renewal are Kristen Williams, Sandy Hierl and Liane Walker. Williams and Hierl agreed to continue. Walker will be contacted.

Library Directorís Report: Final touches are being made to the building to complete the renovation. The Summer Reading Program, A Universe of Stories, will kick off June 17. A flyer describing all the activities will be made available through the schools as well as at the library. Summer reading is once again funded by BLA.

2018-19 Review: The library transitioned from construction to the utilization of the new spaces. There were several staffing changes. Kristen shared a Fundraising/Events Calendar which highlighted events for 2019. A fundraising committee is being formed and will meet on June 5.

Roundtable: A discussion was held concerning ways to promote the BLA and encourage membership and donations.  The group discussed ways to involve more community members to help with events. An email will be sent to all current members encouraging them to attend the fundraising committee meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Submitted by,

Sandra Hierl

Acting Secretary

Minutes of the Burlington Library Association, Inc. Annual Meeting
May 18, 2018
Anne Walluk Community Room

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Len Berton, Vice-President.

Present were board members Bill Butler, Sanford Mazeau, Nancy Winter, Georgia Riberdy, Nancy Monahan, Sandy Hierl, Mary Ann Labadia, Kristin Williams, Pat Small and Library Director, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl.

The minutes from the 2017 meeting were displayed. A motion made by Pat Small and second by Nancy Winter to waive the reading of the minutes with unanimous
vote of approval.

The Treasurer's budget was presented by Sandy Mazeau. A motion was made to accept the report by Bill Butler and seconded by Georgia Riberty

Nancy Winter, Pat Small, Mary Ann Labadia, and Bill Butler have all agreed to serve another term and Kathy Zabel has offered to serve on the board for a term expiring in 2020. There were no nominations from the floor. Motion made by Sandy Hierl, second by Marie Spratlin Hasskarl to elect them all to a new term. Vote unanimous.

It was reported that a bench honoring Bob Merriman was purchased with a grant of $2,510 donated by the James R Parker Trust of the Main Street Foundation, and the balance donated by the Friends. It was engraved with a tribute to Bob.

Mary Peterson, Bob's niece, representing the family, gave a warm thanks but said that Bob would not have liked to have had the attention. He considered himself an amateur rock hound and spent much time collecting rocks from his many travels. For that reason he would have appreciated the granite bench and would be happy that the bench sits at the library because of his love of literature, education and community.

Diana Rudzinski presented an emotional tribute to the extraordinary work by Marie, Library Director, in holding the workings of the library with difficult accommodations by the staff and seeing all through the 3,500 square foot addition to the library building. The Friends gave a standing thanks to Marie for her amazing work.

Marie then gave thanks to the Friends for financial help and explained the summer program
"Libraries Rock" and the Tuesday night Family Programs. She also explained the success of grants from the Burlington Community Fund and the Parker Trust in the addition of a new web-site for the Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15, followed by refreshments organized by Nancy Monahan.

Patricia Small, Acting Secretary

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Burlington Library Association

May 19, 2017

 1.  The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Pat Miller. Present were board members Len Berton, Bill Butler,

            Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Nancy Monahan, Georgia Riberdy, Jonathan Schwartz,

            Pat Small, Anne Walluk, Kristen Williams, Nancy Winter, and general members.  

            Pat reviewed the activities of the Association over the past year.  

2.   Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting

      2a.  Motion by Len Berton, second by Janet Schwartz to waive the reading of the minutes.  Vote unanimous.

      2b.   Motion to accept the minutes of the 2016 annual meeting by Nancy Winter, second by Georgia Riberdy, vote


3.   Treasurerís Report.

      3a.   Budget presented by Sandy Mazeau.  

      3b.   Motion to accept the treasurerís report by Anne Walluk, second by Richard Miller, vote unanimous.

 4.  Bylaws amendments

      4a.   Len Berton reviewed the amendments made to the bylaws by the board of directors on March 8.

      4b.   Motion by Pat Small and Richard Miller to have the general membership second the approval of the

              amendments.  Vote unanimous.

 5.   Board nominations.

      5a.   Len Berton, Ed Krewalk, Nancy Monahan, and Georgia Ribardy have all agreed to serve another term.  Motion

              By Pat Small, second by Marie Spratlin Hasskarl to elect them all to a new term.  Vote unanimous.

 6.  Library Directorís Update

      6a.   Marie reviewed the ongoing process of enlarging the library building.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:06  pm.

 Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Burlington Library Association
May 20, 2016
A. The meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM by Anne Walluk. Present were board members Len Berton, Bill Butler, Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, Sandy Hierl, Ed Krewalk, Mary Ann Labadia, Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Jonathan Schwartz, Pat Small, Georgia Riberdy, Nancy Winter, and general members of the Association.
Anne Walluk is retiring from the BLA. Pat Miller will be interim President.
The terms of the following members of the board are expiring. All expressed willingness to continue on the board:
   Sandy Hierl
   Jonathan Schwartz
   Pat Miller
   Liane Walker
   One seat is vacant.
A motion was made by Terri Foley, seconded by Ann Mazeau, to approve renewal. The vote was unanimous.
Sandy Mazeau presented the 2015 final financial data and the 2016 proposed budget. BLA assets as of December 31, 2015 were $123,164.00. Capital funds available for 2016 amount to $68,799.00. A motion to accept the proposed budget was made by Sandy Hierl, seconded by Pat Miller. The vote was unanimous.
Resolutions proposed:
1. Be it resolved that the Burlington Library Association, Inc. authorize up to $10,000.00 to be spent on the new Local History Room to be constructed in the 2016 renovation and addition to the Burlington Public Library. This resolution may be renewed at the next annual meeting if expenditures have not been made by May, 2017.
2. Be it resolved that the Burlington Library Association, Inc. donate up to $50,000.00 for possible projects connected with the future expansion and renovation of the Library. This resolution may be renewed at the next annual meeting if expenditures have not been made by May, 2017
3. Be it resolved that Patricia Miller be authorized to sign checks for the Burlington Library Association, Inc.
Motion made by Bill Butler, seconded by Nancy Winter, to accept the resolutions. The vote was unanimous.
Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary

May 15, 2015
A. The meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM by Anne Walluk.

B. Announcement by Marie Spratlin Hasskarl about the progress of the library renovation, with a request for volunteers
to serve on a Building Committee.

C. Slide Presentation (attached to this document):
C1. In memory of Robert Merriman.
C2. Board of Directors.
C3. From the nominating committee: Presentation of renewing and new members All officers are now in the second
year of two-year terms. Sandy Mazeau, Nancy Winter, Pat Small and Ann Walluk are board members whose terms are
expiring and have offered to renew. Liane Walker will fill an open position from 2013-2016. Bill Butler and MaryAnn
Labadia will serve from 2015-2018.
Motion to approve the slate by Jonathan Schwartz, second by Denis Foley, vote was unanimous
C4. 2014 Income and expenses.
C5. 2015 proposed budget. Motion by Nancy WInter to accept, second by Nancy Monahan, vote was unanimous.
C6. Assets as of December 31, 2014.
C7. Photos of 50th anniversary party of the BLA
C8. Recognition of Golden Circle Members.
C9. Recognition of designated gifts to the library.
C10. Recognition of book sale volunteers.
C11. Recognition of library volunteers.
C12. Facebook page and web site.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm.

Jonathan Schwartz, Secretary
PowerPoint Slides

May 16, 2014
The meeting was preceded by a social hour.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:24 p.m. by president Anne Walluk.

ATTENDANCE: See attached

OPENING: The meeting opened with a few remarks by Walluk. After welcoming everyone, she discussed the 50th birthday of the founding of the BLA and invited everyone to attend the celebration on November 14. She then announced that we would be voting at the meeting to change the wording of our "Purpose Statement," and to change the name of it to a Mission Statement. She mentioned that the BLA had donated heirloom geraniums to the Garden Club which would be selling them the next day at their plant sale. Finally, everyone was asked to sign the attendance sheet and to include an email address if they wished to receive periodic emails about BLA activities and events.

MINUTES: A motion to dispense with the reading of the previous year's minutes was made by Len Berton, seconded by Doris Berton. Motion was approved.
A motion to accept the previous year's minutes was made by Pat Miller, seconded by Sandy Mazeau. Motion was approved.

OFFICERS: Walluk introduced the current board of directors, and then announced the resignation from the board by Jenny Mantel. Jenny was thanked for her years of dedicated service and was presented with a small gift.
Nominating Committee Chair Pat Small presented for approval: Ed Krewalk, Len Berton, and Nancy Monahan, current board members whose terms were up for renewal. Walluk made a motion to approve their renewal, seconded by Janet Schwartz. Motion approved.

Small then presented the slate of officers for the next two years:

President: Anne Walluk
Vice President: Len Berton
Secretary: Jonathan Schwartz
Treasurer: Sandy Mazeau

A motion to approve was made by Sandy Hierl, seconded by Pat Small. Motion approved.

TREASURER: Sandy Mazeau reported that our 2013 income and expenses were $36,686, and announced we have assets of about $114,000. The BLA has offered a matching grant of $55,000 to the town to assist with the financing of a proposed expansion to the library. Motion to accept Walluk, seconded by Monahan. Motion approved.

Mazeau then presented the proposed 2014 budget with expected income and expenses in the amount of $35,800. The budget includes $11,000 for audio andE-books, $4,000 for magazines and other printed materials, $4,000 for adult and children's programs, $1,600 for museum passes, and $1,000 for the Local History Room.
Motion to approve Small, seconded by Doris Berton. Motion approved.

MISSION STATEMENT: A draft of the new mission statement was read and there were a few changes made. The final draft reads:

The mission of the Burlington Library Association, Incorporated, "Friends of the Burlington Public Library," is to support the Burlington Public Library's services and programs by advocating public support and use of the library, and by generating assistance and revenue through volunteer involvement.

A motion to approve was made by Jenny Mantel, seconded by Jonathan Schwartz. Approved.

CLOSING: Walluk closed the meeting by reminding everyone to save the date, November 14, for the 50th birthday dance party. She reminded everyone that the BLA is always in need of volunteers to help with events and activities.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:49 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Hierl, Secretary

MAY 17, 2013

In attendance: Len Berton, Jennifer Lotstein, Jenny Mantel, Bob Merriman, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Anne Walluk, Nancy Winter, Sandy Mazeau, Nancy Monahan, Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl and Assistant Director Diana Rudzinski and additionally 21 BLA members people attended the meeting. Total of 33.

Preceding the meeting was a social hour with refreshments around the fireplace. Ted Shafer, First Selectman, spoke briefly about some of the things happening in town and Safe Harbor teen initiative. Colleen Ververis spoke about "The Art Project" a local art endeavor which plans to work with the schools, library, and the community. Donna Eriksen spoke about the newly formed Burlington Garden Club.

BUSINESS: President Anne Walluk called the meeting to order at 6:50. She welcomed the group and thanked Marie and Diana for all their help.

MINUTES: Len Berton made a motion to waive the reading of the 2012 annual meeting minutes, seconded by Karen Selinger. All approved.

Pat Small, nominating committee member, conducted the election. The following board members' terms were expiring: Pat Miller, Jennifer Lotstein, and Sandra Hierl. The floor was opened to additional nominations. There were none. Nancy Monahan made the motion to accept the slate of officers and renewal of the above Board members' 3-year terms, seconded by Jenny Mantel. All approved.

Sandy Mazeau, Treasurer, reported that the 2012 budget had been met and there was $8,000 in accumulated income that wasn't needed to balance the expenses. At this time there are 213 donors. He proposed a 2013 budget of $35,500. Motion to accept the report and budget was made by Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, seconded by Pat Miller. All approved.

Sandy Mazeau distributed copies of this year's Capitol Budget Resolution. After a discussion Anne Walluk read the resolution statement. The proposal is to authorize the BLA Board to spend up to $55,000 in capital expenses for a future expansion or renovation of the Burlington Public Library at 34 Library Lane, Burlington CT, subject to certain conditions, such as pre-approval for such a project by the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance. The Resolution and Authorization will remain in effect subject to review and revision as determined by the progress of expansion plans and available resources. Motion to accept was made by Dennis Foley, seconded by Nancy Winter. All approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Mantel
Acting Secretary

MAY 18, 2012
In attendance: Len Berton, Jennifer Lotstein, Jenny Mantel, Bob Merriman, Pat Miller, Pat Small, Anne Walluk, and Nancy Winter. Sandra Hierl, Sandy Mazeau, Nancy Monahan, and Ed Krewalk were unable to attend. Also attending were 15 Life Members, 4 non life members, Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl and Assistant Director Diana Rudzinski, totaling 34.
Preceeding the business meeting, a "high tea" celebration was held around the fireplace from 6:30 - 7:05pm.

BUSINESS: Call to order and welcome guests by President Walluk at 7:20 in the AW Community Room. Anne overviewed what the "Friends" do, and was pleased to announce that we already have 5 new Life Members this year. F.O.C.L. (Friends of CT Libraries) has recognized Nancy Winter with an Individual Lifetime Achievement Award, which Nancy graciously accepted. Anne also surprised Nancy with honorary Life Membership status. A group of "Friends" will attend the presentation of her award and $100 at FOCL in Hamden, CT on June 9, 2012.

MINUTES: In the absence of Sec. Sandra Hierl, Walluk distributed copies of last year's minutes and discussed highlights. Pat Miller moved to accept; seconded by Janet Schwartz. All approved.

BY-LAWS REVIEW & APPROVAL: Len Berton gave a concise summary of proposed BLA by-laws amendments (see attached, changes printed in pink) and explained reasons for these changes: 1) to eliminate ambiguities, 2) to give our board more flexibility and increase its maximum from 10 to 15, 3) to establish a flexible annual meeting date, 4) to hold at least 8 meetings per year, and permitting electronic meetings, and 5) to establish an executive committee. Improvements in wording were proposed from the floor by Sia Bauer and Carolyn McCallum. Motion to accept with the changes was made by P. Miller; seconded by J. Lotstein. Unanimously approved.

NOMINATIONS & ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS & OFFICERS: by Len Berton. 4 terms expire this year: Pres. Walluk, VP Winter, Treas. Mazeau & P. Small. Pat Small will continue as board members, and we confirmed the election of 2 new board members: Jennifer Lotstein & Nancy Monahan. Nancy Winter has stepped down as VP after 8 years; Berton thanked her for her service. The new slate of officers now stands as Anne Walluk, President; Pat Miller, Vice President; Sandra Hierl, Secretary; Sandy Mazeau, Treasurer. Motion to elect these officers was made by P. Small; seconded by N. Winter. All were in favor.

TREASURER'S REPORT: In Sandy Mazeau's absence, Anne Walluk handed out copies of the 1-page budget report. (See attached.) She gave a review and answered several questions from the floor. Under "expenses", our capital reserve fund will receive an addition of up to $3,500 in preparation for future needs. Our estimated assets for 2012 are $104,848.76. As usual our accumulated income column is not "a need to use". Motion to approve: Dennis Foley; seconded by Pat Miller. Budget passed unanimously.

RESOLUTION REVIEW & APPROVAL: A hand-out, "Capital Budget Resolution for 2012", written by Sandy Mazeau and Mike Ragaisis, was reviewed by all. This is to authorize $45,000 for future expansion plans, which will include preliminary work by architects and engineers. Intention is to be BLA's "seed money", and is renewable annually, remaining in effect until 2013. Only to be used if Town government passes a resolution to proceed. Discussion. Motion to approve with 2 changes: (spelling of "resources" in line 12 and date change to 2013 in line 14), by Mike Ragaisis; seconded by Jenny Mantel. The resolution was approved by all.

PROGRAM: Library Director Hasskarl presented "The Future of our Library", a long-range plan to expand the library on land it owns in back of the existing building. She has met with the Village Center Committee and 1st Selectman Ted Schafer to see if, how and when the library will be part of a furture vision of our town. Committee objectives are to improve what's already established, develop needed services, and to preserve Burlington's rural "feel". Questions and discussion. Since we all have a vested interest in the library, Hasskarl asked for everyone's support. Even with the "friends" help of $45,000, we will still need additional funding help from the community, if the library's expansion plan reaches fruition.

Mike Ragaisis, LIFE member and member of the Library Board of Directors, raised a question about whether the acre of land's deed explicitly requires its use only for library needs. Marie thought not, so Mike and other Library Board members will bring it up at a future Board meeting.

Hasskarl also announced a Silent Auction will be held on Oct. 12, 2012. Old wooden chairs are being collected and will be painted creatively by local artists, 12 already committed. Various artists' leagues in Avon, Canton, Farmington and environs will be notified of the sale of the decorated chairs. Hasskarl hopes the library will be able to realize $10,000 - $20,000 for the children's room. She asks folks to check attics and engage any artist friends we know. (This will be a high-end auction, priced accordingly.) Marie delineated the library's lean, mean, operating budget from the town's Board of Finance : $310,000. She is grateful for the donations of the "Friends"

DOOR PRIZE DRAWING FOR LIFE MEMBERS ONLY: The large, beautiful gift basket designed by Pat Small, filled with assorted items made here in Burlington, was won by Mike Ragaisis.\

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Winter, outgoing Vice President
Acting Secretary

Meeting: May 18, 2011. Called to order at 7:03 PM in the Anne Walluk Community Room of the Burlington Public Library. Board members attending were Berton, Eberhard, Mazeau, Merriman, Krewalk, Small, Miller, Hasskarl, Winter and Walluk. Mantel and Hierl were unable to attend. Total attendance was 24 with BLA members listed on attached sheet.

Introduction: President Walluk welcomed guests and led the meeting with a Power Point presentation.

Minutes: In the absence of the Secretary Mantel, Walluk read the minutes from last year's annual meeting. N. Winter moved to accept; seconded by P. Miller. Minutes were approved.

Election of Board: Pat Small read the list of candidates for three positions and opened the floor to further nominations. There were no other nominations and a motion was made by Small and seconded by Eberhard to approve three year terms to Len Berton, Jenny Mantel, and Ed Krewalk. Terms will end in 2014.

Treasurer: Mazeau reviewed the 2010 budget. He pointed out that even though each year we balance the budget with accumulated income from the previous year, we made up that amount in actual income and did not need accumulated income to balance the budget for 2010. Income for 2010 was $ 31,707. Expenses for 2010 were $ 29,136. The 2011 Budget proposal is $ 37,150. Motion to approve the Treasurer's report was made by C. Winter and seconded by D. Foley. The report was approved.

RESOLUTION: Following the presentation and discussion, a motion to approve the following resolution was made by L. Berton and seconded by T. Foley: Proposal to authorize up to $45,000 in capital expenses for a future expansion of the Burlington Public Library located at 34 Library Lane, Burlington, CT. FURTHER CONDITIONS: --Expenses are to pay for architectural, engineering and related expenses needed to provide the Town of Burlington with a plan for library expansion. -No expenses are authorized without receiving a satisfactory Letter of Intent from the appropriate authorities of the Town of Burlington -- No expenses are authorized without determining that sufficient federal, state and/or other resources are available for successful completion of any proposed library expansion -- This resolution and authorization will remain in effect until the 2012 annual meeting of the Burlington Library Association, Inc. -At the 2012 annual meeting this resolution will be reviewed, updated and presented for further consideration or it will expire.
The motion was carried.

Business from the floor: Walluk invited the audience to attend the Civil War Commemorative Series being sponsored by the "friends" and the Burlington Historical Society.

Adjourned: 7:40 PM

Anne Walluk, President and Acting Secretary

Len Berton turns presidency over to Anne Walluk
Meeting: May 12, 2010 Call to order at 7:05 PM in the Anne Walluk Community Room. Attending were: Berton, Eberhard, Mantel, Merriman, Small, Miller, Winter, and Walluk. Mazeau and Krewalk were absent. Total attendance was 17 including board members and guests.

Introduction: President Berton welcomed guests and introduced BLA Board members.

Minutes: Secretary Walluk gave a brief summary of the minutes from last year's annual meeting. Miller made a motion to accept, seconded by Small. Motion was approved.

Election of Board: Pat Small, nominating committee member, led the election of Board members. Elaine Eberhard and Pat Miller were renominated for a three year term to expire in 2013. Miller made a motion to accept the candidates and Mantel seconded. Motion passed. There were no nominations from the floor. There is one vacancy on the board at this time. The following slate of officers was elected by the Board members: Anne Walluk, President, Nancy Winter, Vice-President, Jenny Mantel, Recording Secretary, and Sanford Mazeau, Treasurer.

Treasurer's Report: Sanford Mazeau, treasurer, was unable to attend the meeting so President Berton presented the report. Copies of the proposed budget were distributed. 2009 was a good year. The budget for last year was $29,000. The 2010 proposed budget is $31,950.00. *See attached for the breakdown. Eberhard moved to accept the budget, seconded by Mantel. The motion was approved.

Accomplishments: Nancy Winter summarized the accomplishments of the year highlighted by the two book sales, and the fall pie sale. The February Black Forest and Berry Bake Sale was a new addition and successful. The upstairs cart of used books does very well. Elaine Eberhard keeps it well-stocked.

Business from the floor: A question was asked about whether the library has passes to the Mark Twain House. Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, librarian, responded that we do have the pass along with other other passes.

Adjourned: 7:28 PM

"The Adventures of Tom and Huck" presented by Chris Hotchkiss
Education Program Manager for the Mark Twain House and Museum

Refreshments were served.

Meeting: May 13, 2009 

Called to order at 7:04 PM in the Children's Room of the Burlington Public Library. Attending were Berton, Eberhard, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, German, Small, Miller, Winter and Walluk. Krewalk was absent. Total attendance was 31 with BLA members listed on attached sheet. Director Hasskarl had to leave for Board of Finance meeting.

Introduction: President Berton welcomed guests and introduced the BLA Board members.

Minutes: Secretary Walluk gave a brief summary of the minutes from last year's annual meeting. Winter moved to accept; seconded by Eberhard. Minutes were passed.

Election of Board: Elaine Eberhard led the election of Board members. Nancy Winter, Pat Small, Sandy Mazeau, and Anne Walluk were re-nominated for three year terms to expire in 2012. Ed Krewalk was nominated to fill a vacancy expiring in 2011. There were no nominations from the floor. Ann Mazeau moved to accept, seconded by Craig Winter. Motion passed.

Treasurer: Sandy Mazeau reported that this was the first year the Association made enough money to require filing an IRS tax return. Web master Len Berton has posted the return on the website. Mazeau handed out the financial report showing that the Association spent $31.678.33 and Association assets at $89,208.71 at the end of FY2008. Also, a Fund Balance report was distributed.

The 2009 Budget proposal is $28,225. The Board is taking a conservative approach due to the economy and market losses. Market losses were $10,845 or -12.16%. The capital reserve fund now totals $32,600. Bob Merriman moved to accept the Treasurer's report and 2009 budget and Pat Small seconded. The motion was approved.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Berton was very pleased to announce that the "Friends of CT Libraries" will be awarding the group's Individual Achievement Award to Sandy Mazeau at their June 13, 2009 annual meeting. Walluk read the letter that Berton and Walluk submitted to FOCL to honor Sandy's years of contributions to the success of the library.

Accomplishments: Nancy Winter summarized the accomplishments of the year highlighted by the two book sales, the Fall pie sale and Spring cookie sale, and our very first "Heirloom" geranium plant sale.

Business from the floor: None

Adjourned: 7:26 PM

Following a break for refreshments, Nancy Winter introduced Dan Stevens and Chris D'Amato, award winning blues singers and guitarists who presented their Blues 101 music and educational program.

Respectfully Submitted, Anne Walluk, Secretary

May 14, 2008 Called to order at 7:02 PM in the Anne Walluk Community Room. Attending was Berton, Eberhard, Mantel, Mazeau, Merriman, German, Winter, Walluk and Library Director Hasskarl. Small and Miller absent. Total attendance was 34 with BLA members listed on attached sheet.

Introduction: President Berton welcomed guests and introduced the BLA Board members. Berton also recognized resigning Board member P. Michael Ragaisis for his dedication and years of service to the Association.

Minutes: Secretary Walluk gave a brief summary of the minutes from last years annual meeting, recommending that members go to the web site to read more detailed minutes. Mazeau moved to accept; seconded by Winter. Minutes were passed.

Election of Board: Len Berton and Jenny Mantel were nominated for another three year term. No nominations from the floor. Eberhard moved to accept, seconded by Mazeau. Motion passed. Board members then voted on officers for another two year term. President: Berton Vice president: Winter Treasurer: Mazeau Secretary: Walluk No nomination from the floor. Motion was passed.

Summary: Nancy Winter summarized the accomplishments of the year highlighted by the two book sales, the fall pie sale and the first annual cookie sale.

Treasurer: Sanford Mazeau reported that the organization made $4,376.96 over budget thanks to the successful membership drive and memorial donations. Walluk moved to accept the 2007 year end report, seconded by Winter. Motion was passed.
The 2008 Budget is $36,150. Mazeau pointed out that our organization has $89,208 in assets. Craig Winter moved to accept and German seconded. Motion was passed.

Business from the floor: None

Adjourned: 7:16 PM

A program on hiking in Burlington was presented by Paul Rochford, president of the Burlington Land Trust and Dan Casey, Manager of the Lower Tunxis Trail was presented. Refreshments were enjoyed at the conclusion after Q & A from the very interested audience.

Respectfully Submitted, Anne Walluk, Secretary

May 9, 2007, held in the Anne L. Walluk Community Room. President Len Berton called the "Friends" meeting to order at 7:06pm. and introduced board members Elaine Eberhard, Jenny Mantel, treasurer Sandy Mazeau, Pat Miller, Mike Ragaisis, Pat Small and vice-president Nancy Winter, and Library Director Marie Spratlin Hasskarl, . He commented that newly elected Secretary Anne Walluk had to miss her first annual meeting in over 20 years because she was in Denver visiting her new baby granddaughter, and that Honorary Board member Bob Merriman was unable to attend. Fourteen members of the general public were also present.

Approval of 2006 Minutes - The motion was made by Pat Small to accept last year's minutes; Pat Miller seconded. Unanimous. (First time these were not read aloud; posted on our web-site instead.)

Re-election of Board Members to 3-yr. Terms - Nancy Winter moved to re-elect both Elaine Eberhard and Pat Miller. Jenny Mantel seconded. All in favor.

Accomplishments - Nancy Winter gave brief highlights of the past year: our first ever experience marching as the BPL Book Cart Brigade in the Bicentennial parade last Sept.; our support of children's programs (Bubbles Demo noted); our major fund raisers, the fall & spring book sales & our traditional fall pie sale raised $6411. She thanked all the dedicated, hard-working volunteers who make this possible, and noted that names of all pie bakers appear on our web-site.

Treasurer's Report - Sandy Mazeau handed out detailed budget reports for 2006 & 2007. In 2006 our expenses totalled $27,680.
We provided as much money for our library as the town budget provided. Concern that the actual number of donors went down, although contributions were up. We had great income from our book sales and we had many designated contributions. "A good year! We spent everything we wanted to spend and still had funds left over! ." A motion was made by Elaine Eberhard to accept the 2006 budget. Seconded by Pat Small. Approved by all.
Sandy Mazeau presented the 2007 budget:
$36,150, very aggressive, but do-able. For example: at this time last year we had 100 donors; so far this year we have 140. A motion to approve our 2007 budget was made by Pat Miller and seconded by Elaine Eberhard. All in favor. (See 2 attachments.)

Business from the Floor - none

Solicit Memberships/Donations - Len Berton encouraged the audience to pick up donation envelopes and consider adding their names to our email and mailing address list.

President Len Berton adjourned the meeting at 7:20pm to introduce our speaker for the evening, Walt Landgraf, who presented an interesting, entertaining slide show, "Parks & Forests of NW CT."

Respectfully submitted, 
Nancy Winter
acting secretary

May 17, 2006. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by President Len Berton. In attendance were Sanford Mazeau, Pat Miller, Craig & Nancy Winter. Pat Small, Anne Walluk, Jenny Mantel, Carol Troiani, Terry Foley, Carmen and Bob Merriman, Mike Ragaisis, Lauretta Schulz, Carl and Mary Rose Fiore, and Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu.

Berton read the minutes of the 2005 annual meeting. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Walluk and seconded by Miller. The motion was passed.

Miller made a motion to re-elect board members Pat Small, Nancy Winter, Sandy Mazeau and Anne Walluk to new 3-year terms. Craig Winter seconded and the motion was passed.

Berton presented a slate of officers and the following were elected by the Board to new 2-year terms. President- Len Berton, Vice President Ė Nancy Winter, Secretary Ė Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu, and Treasurer- Sandy Mazeau. The motion was made by Pat Small and seconded by Mike Ragaisis. The officers were approved.

Library Director Anne Walluk recognized the hard work of dedicated volunteers: Jenny Mantel, Alice Taricani, Trudy Coleman, Delores Ravenscroft, Pat and Tom Small, and Steve Romanzi. She also thanked the Association for the annual donation of computers, museum passes, audio books, downloadable technology, landscaping, local history room support and the new LCD projector.

Mazeau reported on the successful 2005 year. The Association had 242 members last year. Winter made a motion to approve the 2005 Treasurerís report, Berton seconded. The motion was passed. Mazeau presented the 2006 budget at $27,680, including $1380 (to date) designated funds donated in memory of Association member and Burlington resident Paul Peterson. Kozlu made a motion to approve the budget. It was seconded by Winter and the budget was passed.

Berton added to the list of accomplishments the work recently completed by the joint sessions of the Library Board and the Association Board. A survey on "library services and community needs" is currently being completed by this committee.

Nancy Winter addressed the group with an invitation to join the Association in the Burlington Bicentennial Parade by participating in the Book Cart Drill Team.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:32pm and the group joined an audience of 85 plus waiting to hear speaker Dan Deluca, talk about the historic Leatherman.

Respectfully submitted:

Acting Secretary, Anne Walluk

May 11, 2005: called to order by President Berton at 7:00 p.m. Please see enclosed sign up sheet for attendees.

Association Board of Directors: Berton and Ragaisis were re-elected for 3-year terms.

Secretary's Report: Anne Walluk read the minutes from the 2004 annual meeting. Dale Sheehan made a motion to approve.

Treasurer's Report: Sanford Mazeau gave an overview of the 2004 final income and spending, and the 2005 proposed Budget. He explained that for the 2004 budget year, the Association met its financial targets. There was an increase in private contributions There was no deficit spending and all goals were reached. A town-wide notice was sent out to solicit contributions, and a second notice sent out later to those who had donated before. Contributions to designated areas are doing well. In the town survey completed a while back, the library was the most popular destination for Burlington residents. Terry Foley moved that the the 2004 final results be accepted, Kim Robinson seconded, and the motion was approved. A motion was made by Dale Sheehan for the acceptance of the 2005 Budget; Mike Ragaisis seconded, and the motion was approved.

See Treasurer's Report for more details.

Librarian's Report: Anne Walluk spoke about Kathy Smith and her tenure at Burlington Library. Anne said Kathy was a great asset to the libray and "Thanks for general support and contributions". Congratulations to Kathy Smith for her retirement to the Berkshires.

Introduction of Officers and overview of activities and accomplishments since the last Annual Meeting: President Len Berton introduced the board members: Kim Robinson, Gjyl Mustafa-Kozlu, Nancy Winter, Sandy Mazeau, Anne Walluk and Mike Ragaisis.

President Berton gave an overview of activities and accomplishments:

* Nine generous donors joined the Life Member plaque.
* Sonny and Perley performed.
* Performance of Celtic music.
* Parker Trust funded the music center.
* 30 members for the Birthday Club.
* Donated funds for 3 computers.
* $4700.00 raised in used book sales and bake sales.
* $2,000.00 spent on cd's and books.
* $1,600.00 spent on mulching and landscaping.
* $6,000.00 spent on books for the history room.
* Museum passes.
* Website has had two visits daily for two years.
* Funding for books decreased due to other priorities.

A move to adjourn was made by Nancy Winter, Kim Robinson seconded; approved.

May 12, 2004  (See attendance below)

The 39th Annual Meeting of the Burlington Library Association was held in the Burlington Library Community Room. The meeting was called to order at 8:54 PM. Previous to the meeting the group was entertained by a slide presentation by Dr. Larry Carlton, historian from the Collinsville Historical Museum.

A motion was made by Pat Miller to accept the minutes from the Annual Meeting of 2003 with corrections. Kim Robinson seconded. Approved.

Treasurer Sandy Mazeau distributed handouts illustrating the income/expense report for 2003 and the proposed budget for 2004. He also distributed a "fund accounting" sheet to illustrate the financial stability of the Association's investments and accounts. The income for 2003 was $24,868 and the expenses were $14,278.08. The budget proposal for 2004 was $20,600 that included a 100% increase in the amount spent on books and materials. There is also a small increase in the landscaping budget and the addition of a line for the Local History Room. Robinson moved that we approve the 2003 Actual Budget as presented. Miller seconded. Approved. Rubino moved that we accept the 2004 Budget at presented. Schulz seconded. Approved. Schulz moved that we give the Board the authority to spend any so-called " designated contributions" when the expenditure meets the conditions of the designated contribution and also meets the goals and objectives of the Library Association. Rubino seconded. Approved.

Kathleen Smith moved that the terms of Dawn Markelon and Pat Miller be renewed until 2007. Rubino seconded. Approved.

Miller moved that the following slate of officers be approved. Schulz seconded. Approved.
President -- Len Berton, Vice President - Kim Robinson, Treasurer -- Sandy Mazeau, Secretary -- Anne Walluk

Len thanked Betsy and Eileen for serving as officers this past year.

New Business: Walluk asked that the organization start thinking of ideas for the Library's 10th anniversary that comes up in October 2004.

A June meeting will be held at 7:30 in the Library Community Room to discuss ideas for an October celebration.

Attendance (at the business meeting)
Betsy Franciscelli, Kathy Smith, Terry Foley, Ann Mazeau, M.R. Fiore, Carl Fiore, Len Berton, Bob Merriman, Mike Ragaisis, Barb Schulz, Anne Walluk, Sandy Mazeau, Pat Small, Pat Miller, Dyrinda Cole & her mom, Eileen Rubino, Kim Robinson